Monday, August 1, 2011

SG n MY National Day Event - and how AS fails yet again

ok... let's talk about how fail$oft strikes again 1st...

since their website is down, i can only refer to the forum...

Epic fail 1:
As quoted from

How to win the Independence Day item?
• Simply visit Cassandra to test your knowledge on either SG or MY history.
• Answer correctly all 5 questions in a row to receive a random SG or MY in-game equipment including Eye Mask, Sunglass, and Independence Weapon!
• Quest is repeatable every 6hrs.
Minimum level 20 is required to participate in the event.
Yes i distinctly remember Cassandra being mentioned on the AS website too...
In actual fact, you have to talk to NPC Joyce in the event map to do the quiz -.-

Epic fail 2:
As quoted from
Dear Maplers, Please be informed that Maple Trading System in SG Gateway has resumed its service.

Thank you for your patience and kind understanding towards this issue and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Happy Mapling!
 However... i still face dc problems when using MTS... some of the eqs which are MTS-able cannot be put in MTS... sometimes after putting an eq in MTS, the eq does not go into MTS, but disappears from your inventory... ie. the eq is GONE for good. i already lost 2 piece of eq this way -.-'''

Epic fail 3:
Horrendous DC problem when trying to log into aquila... you can see all the complains here.
Yes, i had to re-log in over 20 times in all, just to get on a few chars to do the SG/MY event.
Basically after picking a char and typing the 2nd password (or clicking no if you dont have a 2nd password), you get DC-ed and the game auto closes... -.-''' EPIC i tell you. I took SO LONG to just log in a single char. Its not even funny.
(Note: seems like aquila just got yet another roll back... phew none of the items i got in the event were gone... i didnt have any trouble logging back in after the server crash, but maybe i'm just lucky... some reported being unable to log back in after the crash)

National Day Celebration 2011 Event
ok... on to the actual event details... as stated, you have to answer 5 qns from Joyce and you will be rewarded with random eq. You will be given 4 choices for the qns, and the questions are REALLY easy. Just for fun i've included the qns and answers for the SG history (sry MY peeps, i'm from SG so... >< but the qns are really easy! i'm sure you wont have a problem with them f3) below. You get to pick at the start whether to take the test on SG or MY history. Correspondingly, the eq you get (although random) will be of the country you picked to do the quiz on. I've gotten 3 face masks so far and they are all of diff stats... lasts 30 days only though. The weapon is entirely random though, so a mage can get a warrior eq which they cant even wear ><... and oh yes, the quest is repeatable once every 6 hours... enjoy and gd luck!

 My SM got the mask...lasts 30 days only... so might as well take a screenie before the thing disappears lol
 Hero got a 2h sword! mentioned in my previous post that i wanted to get back my sg flag... the one i had previously was a 1h sword... hope can get that back still
 its the same old flag with the same old look... but boy did i miss my flag.
 aran got the glasses... and its the only char out of ALL my chars that got the glasses. oh wells, wish me better luck next time!
i find it weird how the crescent moon and stars switch sides when you face different directions... oh wells... not like its the 1st maple eq to have this special property.
 another one with the mask...
NW got a claw XD
well its 
yet another mask. 4 masks in total and all 4 with diff stats.

Ok, now for the questions. After doing the quiz on like 10++ chars i saw a total of 9 type of qns... correct answer boxed up.

Ok, that's all i have for now... oh yeah... just happily realised that sch starts on the 8th, 1st orientation and no classes -.-''' epic blur. oh wells, its gd to be mentally prepared to study earlier... -.-''' till next time.

NOTE: If you have enough space in your eq inv, do not throw out those mismatched weapons. They are one-of-a-kind, meaning that you cannot get back the same mismatched weapon the next time round, increasing your chances of getting a matched weapon/the glasses/masks. (you will get an error msg instead, and when you talk to Joyce again, she will give you a diff item)

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