Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What I've done?

I bet you all are wondering what i've been up to... no updates on chaos... no nothing.

Yup... indeed... it's been like... 2-3 weeks or smthing? since i last went on XP. Nope, still haven patched maple... Reason? One word: School.

Been busy with numerous projects, presentations, worrying abt finding my own fyp etc... haven had the time or even mood to maple... and exams are drawing really near...

sorry, don't have anything interesting to talk abt right now...

its possible that i may only go back to mapling after my exams...

talked to saigo the other day abt HS... well it's high time i gave them some explanation abt my complete disappearance... heard that they were planning on a db revamp, to make things like keying in the info easier/more automated... its really great to hear that even after so long, they are still putting in so much effort and time into the site, you two are really superb! they've been focused on the GMS site for quite some time already, working to put in the ascension data etc... since so far msea has merely been taking the patches directly off GMS, i told saigo to focus work on the GMS site, and get Jon to make a system for easy porting of data between the two DB instead... no point having to duplicate all the data entry work on another database... all you need is for someone to check and ensure that the data is correct for msea, and make any changes if necessary....

sighz... so many dark clouds hanging over my head now. till next (next next next...) time...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mass banning in forums - trying to cover their backside?

Seems like there's mass banning in forums... mass locking of threads too... trying to surpress the truth about the situation eh? *clap* Ppl getting banned for posting abt crashes and roll backs??? WOW. GO FIX THE SEVER PROBLEMS INSTEAD DUDES.

Heard that maple accts are getting slammed with 3 year bans for no reason... i sure hope my accts didnt get banned... still have not logged in maple so...

On a side note: i cant stand ppl who pay tons of cash to buy maple items and mesos, than go ard showing off their damage. Its precisely cos of these ppl that hackers flourish. They have the 'if i dont buy, someone else will still buy' kind of WRONG mentality... really cant stand those ppl... not just the fact that they are using the wrong method to get their results... i also don't see anything to flaunt abt... its not like you did any hardwork for it... u merely paid up. trying to flaunt off your riches? go elsewhere pls.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chaos and D/I/E

Okok. I've been lazy and haven posted much here recently.... So i shall update a bit...

This is very old news. D/E and I worlds have merged. I find it really... ridiculous and unbelievable that so many worlds are merging... really shows how much maplesea has declined. Well, its to be expected for all the hackerS, crasheS, and rb incidentS afterall.

Chaos is coming... in a few days? gosh, have not logged in to maple in most than a week, and have not been keeping track of when chaos is coming.... Nothing much in terms of skill changes in chaos... Here's a list of the skill changes i complied earlier on (and forgot to post here) for the Hero's Lounge. Hero's Lounge so yeah, just Hero and SM skill changes. NOTE: i compared the skill info from that given in the extraction tables in southperry. If there are any discrepancies between the GMS skills and MSEA skills, i didn’t know abt it and i'm sorry!

Skill Changes in Chaos Patch

  • Weapon Mastery gives 120 acc at max lvl, up from 60 acc.

  • Intrepid Slash damage increased from 210% to 225% (at max lvl)
  • Enrage duration increased from 180 to 240 seconds (at max lvl)
  • Range of Rush increased from 270% to 320%. Range of the skill is the same throughout all levels (no change).

Soul Master:
  • Sword Mastery gives 120 acc at max lvl, up from 60 acc.
  • Soul Driver hit 6 mobs at 180% damage, down from 8 mobs at 250% damage. Range of Soul Driver also decreased from 250% to 200%.
  • Brandish and Soul Driver have had the ways in which they are obtained reversed. Brandish is now automatically received at the 3rd job advancement, and Soul Driver is obtainable upon completing a [Skill] quest available at Lv.100.

Ultimate Adventurer:
  • Mihile's Soul Driver damaged decreased from 250% to 180% at max level. Range decreased from 250% to 200%. Number of mobs hit at max level remains the same at 6 mobs.

Skill Changes in Jump Patch - Counterattack of the Blade

  • Power Strike damage increased from 260% to 280% at max level.
  • Slash Blast damage increased from 180% to 220% at max level

  • Power Guard removed.
  • Enhanced Basics removed.
  • New skill: Power Reflection - At max level, lasts for 180 seconds. Absorbs 30% damage and reflects 500% damage.
  • New skill: Physical Training - At max level gives 30 DEX and 30 STR.
  • Ground Smash hits 4 mobs, at 320% damage, up from 3 mobs at 300% damage.

  • Improving MP Recovery removed.
  • New skill: Self Recovery - Recovers 80 HP and 80 MP for four seconds at max level.
  • Panic damage increased from 480% to 1000%. Same 90% change to put monster in darkness. Darkness now decreases mob accuracy by 20% increase of 60%, and darkness effect lasts for 30 seconds instead of 9 seconds. Cool down time of 30 seconds added, darkness effects now affects BOSS mobs. Minimum of 2 combo counters is now needed to use Panic.
  • Chance Attack now works properly on frozen mobs.
  • Coma damage increased from 400% to 620%
  • Brandish now hits 3 mobs at all levels (previously it needs to be lvl 15 or higher to hit 3 mobs)

  • Achilles removed. All SP in this skill will be transferred to Advanced Final Attack.
  • New skill: Advanced Final Attack - At max level, Advanced Final Attack has 60% activation chance and deals 250% damage. Also gives permanent 30wa and 10% increase in accuracy.
  • Monster Magnet damage increase from 200% to 300% at max level. Number of mobs pulled now depends on skill level. Instead of pulling 6 mobs at all levels, Monster Magnet now needs to be lvl 26 and above to pull 6 mobs.
  • Intrepid Slash now hits 4 mobs, up from 3. Animation when holding axe or sword is now different.
  • Range of Rush increased from 320% to 350%.
  • Hero's Will is now able to cure almost every status effect. When a player has the skill lock status, the player cannot use the Hero’s Will skill anymore
Apart from the minor skill changes to adventurers, the professions system will be coming, together with pvp. I'm still undecided on whether to get blacksmithing or jewel crafting for my hero... and i haven read up on it over the pst week so i'm still... undecided. oh wells... we'll see when the time comes.

PVP might actually be fun, since things like ur damage and ur hp aren't really considered in pvp - so ppl with absolutely noob damage like me wont lose out. I might go in and whack a bit with my guildmates and bls for fun.

Previously sent a few iBox asking abt why my green robo cannot learn the auto buff skill when other ppl are able to get the skill on their pet. 1st i got a reply saying that they will check it out... than i get a reply saying that the auto buff skill is only available on bling monkeys! RUBBISH! how come several forumites and my bl have gotten the auto buff skill on their green robo already!!!! PFFFFTTTT! i'll continue sending in iBox queries...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

nothing much happening

haven mapled properly since my hero lvled. and now it looks like i wont have time either. haven played trickster in quite a while too...

waiting for my iOS 5 to come out... been waiting for months already and now... hopefully they'll release it ard 12 or 1am singapore time... not too late pls... the download itself will take some time, and the installation is quite long too... arghs... the new notification system <3!

no mood to say anything else but how i really can't wait for iOS 5 to come!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Forum ranking...?

AS forums introduced a new feature a while back... lvls and exp points... and awards! just got the activity and posting award so now i have 2 out of the 6 awards muahaha. its taking them super long to introduce the lvl and exp feature tho, so many ppl still don't have the feature activated yet -.-

i am now a Forum Crusader! yay! my own class at last haha! i saw someone with 30k posts and the title forum hero tho... whee, i'll be a Hero someday lol.

haven mapled since i hit 200... and haven played much of trickster too, just logging in once a day to do the daily TM quests than logging off right after that.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Third Job Reached!

Job changed to 3rd job yesterday to dark lord. yes i'm talking abt trickster, not maple.

too lazy to upload any SSes for now... maybe next week after the test and 2 presentations are over.