Saturday, July 30, 2011

Want a new Haircut? Use at your own risk!

As per title... i just went to nlc cos seems like ppl had gd hairstyles from there, + accessible from mirror + i super lazy so...

yeah, my hero's hair looks like he's gng NS, my bam is still not as bad as hero, but it looks pretty darn ugly too... end up the nicest one is my sis's i/l... and tho i like the blue color it was changed to, black with the gold highlights looked really really good too.... maybe i shd have left it black? idk... oh well. they were free coupons afterall, but i must say i'm tempted to buy a vip coupon for my hero now...

ok... i'm forced to crop my SSes else u cant see me at all... (cant put a larger pic cos of blog layout constrains) if u wanna see the full SS look here

Note: i used hair cut, than hair color coupon for all my chars... my hero hair color barely changed, can see the wee bit of diff in the 2nd and 3rd SS...

this is my hero's original, maple default hair... which sadly looks nicer than wat i ended up with

The haircut:

And the ever so slight color change

and my look w/o the evan CS perm hat...
 Ugly right? looks botak when i wearing my cash item. dunnoe if i'll bother buying a VIP hair coupon or not.... tempted to but yeah, my hero is reaching 200 soon (but than again, its taking forever to reach 200, and i'll still go on hero after i reach 200... oh wells, idk)

ok, now my BAM, i pick all the same hair and color for my chars... so yeah, this was my hero's original hair too.

After the haircut... happen to meet this guy who say my transformation (and so i stayed to see his too)

 Than i changed hair color..., and he changed hairstyle. blue is not bad lah, i mean i like blue, but its not really the type of blue i like... its not the nicest looking hair but still better than my hero. and damn! that guy got nicer hair than me!

 And wat's this! red + that hair style is NICE! Jealous! T.T

Than my sis's I/L, which got the nicest hair of them all... sighz. if only my hero got a nice hair instead.
This is the hair my sis picked when she made the char

it ended up like this... the gold highlight is really nice!
She got this after the color change! i think it looks quite nice too!

my GM got this haircut... so glad i didnt get this hehe... (but not like my hero is any better -.-)

ok... that's the end of the hair talk... oh yeah, the SG/MY national day event is announced. starting from 1st aug (which is sadly the day my sch starts) you can take part in an event to answer qns abt sg/my history... 5 correct answers in a row and you can get sg/my eqs. i'm definitely going to get the glasses... they are permanent gosh! 1stats to all and 1wa is nice... 7 slots too but i'm not gonna chaos them. no $ lah.. u sponsor me?

you can get this eqs from the event...
they say u can get the flag eq too... i hope its the same one as that given out a super long time ago. i accidentally npc-ed my sg flag last time due to lag... so really hoping that i can get it back T.T

for more info on the national day event, check out the official news page here.

Guess the event's forcing me to on maple lol. k that's all for now!

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