Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Evan equip package

so i did purchased the evan cash shop package... and not just for 1 char, but BOTH hero and evan... dunnoe why i feel so generous with my $... but i guess the PERMANENT part abt the set is really too much for me to resist... com'on, a decent looking CS set - that certainly looks alot better than a scar helm or zak helm... for only 16.5k acash, and it will NVR expire... really worth it if you are into spending acash on maple... the last time i dressed up my hero was with the matrix set, as can be seen on the side bar of the blog... the whole set cost way abv 30k... and EXPIRES! got the set cos of the nice matrix effect... few sets have a nice special effect to it, you have to buy the special effect separately... :( still, one thing i didnt know abt the evan set was that the special effect is only there when you STOP MOVING. once u move, the effect disappears. you have to stand still for a few secs before it reappears. the effect is there when u stand still while riding a mount, but sadly NOT when you are sitting on a chair :( still, 33k on TWO chars when i previously spent more on a single char and everything expires... quite worth it IMO. (i'm not gonna talk abt the fundamental issue of whether it is worth spending $$$ on games... items which are essentially pixies, but consider all the $ spend on buying PSP/NDS/XBOX etc etc [the console itself, then the games], all of which i dont own... i guess there are millions of ppl worldwide throwing their buck into pixies eh?)

so now my hero and evan looks quite alike... both with the same eqs (xcept the weapon diff, and yes, i splurged and got my evan the perma wand cover too ><)... even teh same ultra ulgy looking owl mask. spend 10bucks on some CS surprise... 1st item i got was a wink emoticon - useless cos i wear owl mask and u cant see my expressions, then got a couple of wheel of fortunes and hour glasses, which are essentially useless... and got a 7 day seal, useless too... but then i got 2 CS overalls... sad cos i just got the evan perma set... but i'll still go take a few SSes in them the next time i log in and post it up nonetheless... and then i got a 7day shop and a cracked glasses which covers the owl mask and... bravo, now you can see it when i hit on wink! on the whole... i think i got my 10bucks back.. not bad i guess... and just nice, all my storage chars are full to the brim... but i've been lazy to set up a shop... so they kinda forced me to sell my stuff and lo and behold, i've already cleared quite a few slots in my storage's use inv...!

ok, finally, the pictures...
nothing much to say abt them... the pics from the CS surprise will come the next time i log into my evan... actually was hoping to get a pet on my evan but oh wells...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taipei Trip - Day 6

12:54am 20th June
So it's day 6 already and Sunday is the last day of the trip! As always, time flies, in no time i'll be back in sg again... Monday we have to leave for the airport at 8am, do yeah we have no time on mon at all.

Went to beitou and tamsui today. Loads of nice food at tamsui, bought back quite some bit of 'metal eggs'. Went to tamsui 1st, reached beitou quite late. All the gov run museums and stuff were closed alrdy, nothing much to do or eat there. The public hot spring bath... Cheap at NT40 per pax, but uber crowded in there, and personally I don't fancy taking a ht spring bath with my half burnt skin-bathing with luke warm water hurts enough already. Had previously tried taking hot spring baths in japan and Korea, but it was winter then. Taking a hot spring bath when the weather is like 30degrees seems weird to me...

Don't feel like typing much today... Oh yeah, they kinda chose a hat for me at tamsui old street, very lovely salesperson, but really I don't think I'll wear the hat in sg. It's just not me. Heck, they seem to like the idea of me wearing hats tho, for reasons I can't comprehen. The hat is gonna rot in a corner of the house pretty soon anyway, and it's too big for my sis to wear...  Wat a waste of 25sgd.... Oh wells. The hat does look nice, but not on me thank you very much.

Nothing much to eat at beitou, went back to the beef noodles stall near our hotel for dinner. Walked ard the area only to discover there's a night mkt nearby too. A stretch of food stalls selling all the small stuff, and some game stalls. Guess we will be gng there tmr night-oops I mean today.

Intending to put up loads of photos later on. Originally wanted to edit those earlier posts. But now I think I will make new posts instead. Increase my post count wahahahaha!!! Maybe if I'm bored I'll dig up some old photos and post them too. Or take some random pics and post. Said earlier that I felt like upgrading this blog posting app subject to the price and more details abt the full version which I can't check w/o Internet connection. I do know I can upload photos with the full version tho, and edit posts. Maybe that will let me blog more often- like say take a random pic on my itoy, tweet and blog abt it. We'll see. I must say I am really tempted tho.

Dad complains that I keep playing on my itoy when I'm actually typing, but doesn't complain abt my sis who's writing things down on paper... Oh wells, it's always like that... They assume and I can't be bothered to say otherwise. They don't believe me when I'm say I'm not playing anyway, and I don't want to tell them i'm writing a dairy or a blog. Too bad, things will stay the way they are. There are plently of things they keep from us and I from them. Even. Don't wanna let him see me typing on my phone again so I'll end here.

Well despite all that, I am really thankful for the itoy. Really wonderful bday prezzie, and I am only just discovering it's usefulness.

Taipei Trip - Day 5

1:19am 19 June

Ok, it's super late now and I am tired... Shall make it short and sweet, or at least try to. Went to yangmingshan from the morning till afternoon. Than went back to Keelung and had a ball of a time eating the delicacies at the night market.

Due to time constrains we only visited two sites at yangmingshan. Yangmingshan is a dormant volcanoe. Nonetheless you can still see clouds of sulphur smoking out thru vents at the xiaoyoukang area. Mudpits with boiling water, yellow sulphur accumulated at vent holes, clouds of white smoke withering in all directions before being carried away by the extrememly strong wind... The entire area stunk of sulphur dioxide aka the smell of rotten eggs. The wind there was also exceptionally strong. The ranger told us that the area also happened to be a wind pass, and the wind yesterday and today (past midnight already ah!) is ultra strong. The iPhone app of mine showed like 24km/hour of wind speed. Might be even stronger nearer the xiaoyoukang location. The weather was very nice... The wind was very cooling, felt like the temperature at genting. Sun wasn't too hot either, but cos we were high up in the mountains the UV light is much stronger and well, dive we didn't bring any sun screen... I'm now a little burnt. Not too bad tho, just a little red, not painful or anything. The wind at that location was so strong that you can really get blown forward (or backwards) by the wind. When walking away from the wind, all you need to do is to lift up your leg, and the wind will blow ur leg forward w/o you having to move. Nice eh? Cos of the sulphur, only one type of grass grows in the area. From afar, the vegetation take the appearance of sheets of moss on a rock, similarly existing in clumps, and with hairy like surface. The grass is like macro scale moss... Love how it looks when the long blades of the grass sways in unison to the wind.

The second place is a flatland up in the moutain. They let cows graze in the area, in the past and today. The view fromthe area is quite nice... Getting really tired now...

Went back to keelung for the food thereafter, since we were too full to eat like the day before. Had cream crab, sushi and sashimi, papaya with milk and watermelong with milk, friend oyster and egg, lamb and beef.... Very nice, a must go night mkt, even more food than in shilin me thinks. Ok, I wanna slp now. Shall cont next time. Nites!

On case you guys are wondering, it's 1:44am now, and unlike when I'm at hm and I do nth much the whole day, stay awake till 4-5am... Walking the whole day is really tiring. Thankfully my feet didn't hurt as bad today. Think it's frying more used to it now, but the trip is ending soon anyway... Ok nites!!!

Taipei Trip - Day 4

9:17pm 17th July
Woots! The 1st time we returned so early to the hotel! My feet are dying!!!

Went to sogo at Zhongshan fuxing mrt area. Two Sogos there. The place was just like takashimaya... Walked ard, then went to Taipei 101. Took the train to the nearest stn, and visited some shops on the way to the Taipei 101. Got some foldable fans from daiso, and saw like two muji shops. At 1st we wanted to go up the Taipei 101 to a reaturant on the 85th floor, but the min expenditure was NT800 per pax... Double the price of the ticket to the observatory on the 101st floor. However... aft seeing the view from the shanghai television tower last year... And comparing to the run down buildings in Taipei which makes up like half or more of the buildings, we decided to skip the visiting. Got some souveniors tho, got the bookmarks and my sis got a notepad. Walked ard page one bookshop for a while, the stationary are quite cute, quite alot of Japanese stuff. We saw quite alot of jap stuff in sogo too. Prices are quite ex, I think it's even more ex than borders and kino. Alot of all the high class ex shop like prada and Chanel in the area, no interest in those so we went to ximending aft that. Went to a Japanese restuarant for a super late lunch. Food was good, and prices reasonable. Nothing that really caught our fancy there, prices of stuff ain't particularly cheap. Cheaper, but not by much. And the stuff sold are pretty much the same things amongst the diff night market and shopping areas, and at similar prices. The shoe my sis got yesterday - saw it twice today, sold at exactly the same price. My dad got a pair of Clarks sandals today, his sports shoe wasn't suitable for walking long distances and it was really hurting... Well at the distances we were walkig and standing, even my feet are hurting like crap tho my sports shoe fits me perfectly. The sandals he got is very worth it IMO, looks nice, and is quite a deal at ard 100sgd - 60% off! Genuine Clarks leather sandals...

Went to buy some 卤味 back to the hotel, then went to eat 牛肉面 on the way back. Had one with the beef tendons + beef and another was a mix. With beef tripe, tendons, meat... Both were super nice, and at 9+sgd, is quite okay. Quite a large bowl, tastes super nice. The beef taste was uber strong, really really love those!

That's pretty much each for today. Sounds really unexciting now, but I'm getting tired and lazy to type more now. Shall add in more next time.

Tmr gonna wake up earlier to go yangmingshan. Gonna sleep now, once again it's past midnight already - I do stuff in btw typing like bath, watch tv, eat and such so yeah, alot of time passes in between. Ok, nite nite!

Taipei Trip - Day 3 Part 2

Gonna do a short post for now cos it's June 17, 1:02am already... Went to yeliu from Keelung by bus, visited the geopark and we took tons of pics, and I took some pica on my itoy too... Nah, some is a gross understatement, I took like 27X pics on my iPhone today alone. Not counting the canon ixus camera we have, and the nikon dsl camera my dad uses. Yeah, my dad is into photography too... Heh. The rock formations... Incredible. I'll elaborate more when I put up the pictures later. Probably will edit in the same post on the 'final product' you are reading now ain't all written in Taiwan nor at the same time. Think I will buy this blog writing app when I'm back in sg. Full version will allow post editing(of published posts) and adding photos to posts. Depends on the price of the full version of cos.

We took a taxi to jiu fen after a seafood lunch. Spent like 4 hours or so at the park in yeliu. Went the visit the jiufen old street. Shops and more shops, alot of same shops selling fashion items and food.

Taxi back to Keelung thereafter, went to the night market there and my sis got a pair of sandals. TONS of food there, but sadly we were all too full from the old street town delicacies at jiufen to eat anything else. Train and mrt back to hotel, and now it's time for me to sleep! Shall attempt to write in more next time, till tmr!

Taipei Trip - Day 3 Part 1

9:56am 16 June
Taking the Taiwan railway now. Breakfast at hotel 捷运 or mrt to the Taipei main station changed to railway aka 火车 to Keelung 基隆. Board the train at ard 9:45, will reach ard 10:25 - 10:30am. Total of 10 stops-getting off at the tenth. Quite fast, and the train... I can't quite tell the diff btw trains and mrt except that mrt is short distance, the railway goes to all parts of Taiwan. And there's toilets on the railway trains... Technology wise i think it's essentially mrt technology. Gonna take a bus from Keelung to yeliu later. Btw, train tickets... 43NT for one way per pax, we got the 2 way tickets which offer a 10% discount at a cost of NT312 for 4 ppl.

One point of interest is that the signs in taipei are in Chinese, English, and Japanese. While annoncements like on the railways and mrts are in Chinese, hokkien, Hakka(I think?) and finally English. Japanese words can be seen everywhere. When we went to the night markets the foot massage palors play type recorded advertisements in Japanese....

Okays, that's abt all for now. We've reached!

Taipei Trip - Day 2

Ok, 15th July, 10:56pm

Went had breakfast in the hotel. Not an emorous spread, but enough
choices and the food was good. Unlike in china where the food tends to
be too salty and too oily, food in Taiwan is neither, more like the food
in sg... But even tastier =)

took the mrt n a bus to the national palace musuem after that, get off
at shilin stn and take red bus 30 to the last stop. Spent like a total
of 5 hours admiring the collections... Tickets are NT160 for adults btw.
Whole day ticket, you can go out, get in an unlimited no of times in
the day of ticket purchase. Have to leave our backpacks outside tho...
Free deposit service, and very friendly + helpful staff. Ate lunch at a
cafe there... We bought 2 sandwiches and a mango cheesecake which looked
more like a fruit pie... Price was okay, those + 2 drinks n coffes was
ard 30sgd. Considering the place I think the price was okay... And the
food was good! The sandwiches are uber nice! The cheese, the mayo, and
the ham... Very nice mix, and the ham was unlike anything I've tasted in
sg. The meat was very fragrant! Normally in a big mouthful of veggies,
tomato and bread the bland ham would be lost in the ocean, but not this.
Very fragrant taste of the meat-not saltiness, but fragrance. And the
sandwiches ain't small. One set composed of 3 and the other had 4 slices
of regular size square bread. The cake was nice too, looked very
exquisite and overall taste was good, just that I like cheese cakes with
a strong cheese taste like the one from ikea. The cake alone costs NT
80, less than 4 sgd. My mum or it as a set with coffee that costs ard
9sgd for both. The coffee came with a few gold flakes on top... Very
high class cafe eh? Which was why I said earlier that 30bucks total
ain't too ex...

Ok, the museum artifects... Large collection of porcelain items... Must
say beforehand that my family are uber fond of all these stuff... Diff
types of porcelains... My dad collected quite a no. of them... My dad
did quite alot of caligraphy in the past, and my mum learned some as
well, while boh me and my sis admire the beautiful handwriting...
Cravings and such... Furniture... Yeah quite a lot of them. The
porcelain collection was bountiful, and many extremely delicate pieces
of work. Really amazed at how modern looking some of the pieces were.
They can very well fit into any home deco shop of the current age. No
photo taking allowed inside, but we got a guide book and cd from the
shop. Shall try and put in some pics and describe when I'm back in sg.
Kinda troublesome to keep switching btw typing chi n eng here cos I've
got like 5 or 6 keyboards...

We went to the shilin night mkt aft that. Tried alot of local delicacies
today... We had...

蚝煎蛋 - very nice, they plonked tons of tomato sauce ontop. The flour and
egg blended together very well, resulting in a very silky like texture.

青蛙下蛋 - essentially very milky bubble tea. With super alot of pearls.
Liked the taste a lot

炸鸡扒 - very juicy, but I didn't quite like the chilli powder.. I don't
like chilli much...

猪血汤 - gosh I miss this one! Pig blood used to be sold in sg and I
absolutely adore the unique taste and texture of the blocks of blood...
It's like uber smooth, and uber silky... Had it yesterday with the 卤味 as

蚝面线 - normally pronouced in hokkein so idk wat the name shd be in chi.
But a trademark Taiwanese dish, very nice.

木瓜牛奶 - very thick, and the papaya is very sweet. Natural taste of the
fruit, not artificial flavouribg or sugar. The drink is so thick that
when I suck hard enough for the drink to travel up the straw, the straw
travells upwards as well.

芒果雪片 - this dish has reached sg too, but here it's super nice! They've
added condensed milk directly into water, which is frozen into blocks of
ice that gets shaved into thin, snow like strips that melts the moment
you put it in ur mouth.

七里香 - chicken backside but boy they made it so well and nice that it
doesnt stink one bit

Ice cream with a horn shaped biscuit thing instead of a regular cone. We
got the choc n vanilla and it came with chocolate chips! also had the
炸奶油 thing which I mentioned earlier.

The only thing we got today besides food was the CDs... We went to the
cd shop and my sis got two arashi cd and two DVDs. The CDs were like
10-20 sgd a piece and DVDs cost ard 40sgd. Way way cheaper than in sg.
We saw the CDs

In HVM, costs like 40-60sgd each, and they don't sell the DVDs... Can
tell u my sis was absolutely delighted. I'm sure she would have bought
all of the arashi titles but despite how much cheaper it already is, it
still adds up to quite alot. Spent like ard 100bucks on the 4. I didn't
get anything, ain't fond of any particular singer and those songs I
like... I already have them... Why get the cd? Most of the time I only
know one or two songs in the entire cd anyway... -.-'''

Went back to the hotel thereafter. My feet really hurts. 1st the heels
started hurting, then the balls of my feet started hurting too. My sis
is worst tho. Her last two toes were blistering... Shoes ain't too
suitable for walking so much I guess, plus she's flat footed... Even now
my feet are acheing badly...

Sis tried out the DVD in the hotel already. No subs T.T, but very nice
still, got an animated flim of believe. I only watched halfway tho, went
to wash my socks aft that. We've pretty much handwashed almost all of
our clothes lol. Guess we didn't need to being that many clothes here...

I must say that I'm truely impressed by wat I've seen thus far. Many
very very friendly n helpful shop keepers... When ppl on the street
accidentally bump into you, they immediately offer an apology.. And I'm
talking abt youngsters on the street offering a very polite apology,
something u might very well NOT see in sg... And all the shop keepers
I've come across are very friendly, cheerful, happy to answer all the
qns we have... Even when we were only buying a NT20 fried cream stick -
less than $1 SGD - the vendor happily chatted with us, answered our
queries and warned us to eat the fried cream sticks in small mouths so
we don't burn our tougue.

Gng to 野柳,基隆,and 九份 tmr. Getting tired... It's past 12midnight now,
almsot 1am in fact gonna turn in, nite nite! Sad no wifi here haiz, u
guys can only read my posts way later :( really takes alot out of the
'feel' lol. Yeah, did some other stuff in btw the typing... But still
takes very long to type on my itoy. Plus I type alot, battery drained
like 2X% during my typing alone... Shows how long it takes. I wonder how
long is this post... I want a word count! Okok, really shd go slp now!

Signing off!!!

Taipei Trip - Day 1

as promised, posts of my trip to taiwan, as written during the trip itself on my iphone, but no wifi to publish the posts!

Ok, so I'm in Taipei now, aft a 7 hour plus travelling time including a 2 hour transit time at hong kong international airport. It's now 15th of June, 12:38am... But alas this post will only be sent much later as unfortunately this hotel room doesn't have wifi T.T. The hotel has like a main building and some rooms elsewhere. I believe only heir main builing has wifi :( sad, means I can't check the forums every night as I had hoped to be able to do... Or hunt my mousehunt etc... At least make sure I get the hourly trap checks but I guess getting online is gonna be hard.

So we reached changi airport at like ard 6am yesterday morning. Check in was at T1 row01... Nice number lol. Flight took off at 8.25am or so, somewhat 20mins behind schedue... CX710... This holiday we are flying all on Cathay pacific... Well the return flight from Taipei to hong kong takes us on dragonair, which is a subsidary of Cathay anyway... So we reached hk at ard 12noon... Walked ard the transit area, bought a bottle of evian water(abt the only brand they sell in the airport), some chocolates... Ate the milk choc digestive biscuits I got at marks and spencers the other day when I went orchrd with my sis as our lunch... And boarded the plane to our final destination at ard 2+pm. Short flight to Taipei, landed at 4.15pm or so... Than took a bus to our hotel. Travelled relatively light this time round, only 1 large luggage and a small hand carryable size luggage that was checked in(for 4 ppl!). The rest of the hand carry were just the bags we'd bring with us to go shopping... Guess it's is we aren't visitng somewhere in winter time... 1st time going overseas to a place that has similar weather to sg (at the time of visiting duh). Weather: 24-32degrees, rainy... NOT counting gng msia of cos...

But back to the flight... I was very pleased to find he all our flights have in fligt entertainment! Cathay ftw! Previously we travelled on some china airline that doesn't have in flight entertainment... In fact the only other time I had the small tv in front of us was went we took JAL when we went japan... The movies they show was pretty cool too, I watched "how to train ur dragon". Quite a new movie eh? :D watched an episode of GLEE on the flight to Taipei too:)

So yeah, we reached the hotel at like 6plus or so. Was taken aback by how wonderful the service staff were... YOMI hotel:) very nice service personal, good facilities and a very nice room. Double story apartment style room! With sink to wash the dishes, quite a large fridge, a tv downstairs and upstairs... Nice sofa... Really love the loft kinda apartment... Was always excited by double story houses and now I get to stay in one! Only downside is that the toilet is downstairs and so getting up in the middle of the night you'll need to climb the stairs... And staying in one room for the whole family... Sucks when my dad is snoring so freaking lousy like he is now... How am I gonna sleep later gosh???

Went to shida night market after resting some bit in the delightful room. Took the metro there, ate 臭豆腐 and 卤味 for dinner... Walked ard for a while before returning to the hotel... My sis got a jeans material shorts and my mum got a pair of jeans and a shirt...

Guess that's abt it for the 1st day:)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

woots, 2 posts in a day? wait... its past 12midnight...

ok, so i wanted to sort of continue on my evan story...

since i've decided to go all out on evan (and give up aran), i've also set for myself a... kinda bo liao task... to get the quest specialist medal on my evan! sure, with teleport movement speed isnt THAT crucial for mages, but some extra jump wont hurt... plus +3 to all stats is pretty neat. hoping to wear my esther shield with +2int someday (no money for anything better lah), but that means i'll need like... 7 more lk or smthing? the +3 luk will definitely help... in anycase... doing quests gives me another goal to work for apart from just the pure exp and lvl watch (oops, my char is lvl 54 already, gng lvl 55 quite soon) already i purely quested from lvl 49 to 54!

probably will take a slight break from questing and train some bit. trained at extra Ds during the short 2x exp in the afternoon (was still blogging remember?), aka showa ah lians as some ppl call it... a name that i find really funny a amusing :)

quests done so far: 331
not bad eh? almost halfway there (haven done ludi, china, kft, mulung quests yet - i've not even been there lol. orbis/aqua road quests done halfway, or maybe less than halfway haha)

been reading bryan wong's blog for the past 2 days or so. my sis chanced upon his blog to find that its amazingly updated... yes, bryan wong the media corp artise. and yes his blog is updated! with very nice pics of his travels, shows, entries on his emotions/thoughts etc... he's set up a fb page and twitter too, but his twitter isnt very updated... anyway his fb page is at

lol, why i am so random to start promoting his blog etc you ask? well honestly i've been quite a fan of bryan and kim ng... i remember the time when they hosted shows after shows after shows together... their shows were abt all that i watched on tv... and these days with the much decreased standards of many sg tv shows... bryan's shows are just abt all that i watch on chn U/8 (well almost, occasionally there are funny, worthy shows like the ѫp show and the paris and milan show where aunty lucy made her debut... oh the noose is good too, but that's a chn 5 show). esp when there are irritating hosts like mark lee. really really dislike him, idk why he is so popular/hosts/appears in so many shows...

anyway... on tv programs... aint watching any sg made shows atm lol...
hmm, back to bryan's blog... yeah, very surprised that he keeps a blog, keeps it updated, and bothers to upload all those nice pics from his trips/shows etc... very nice entries really. i highly recommend you to go read em :) quite surprised, his english is really good actually... enjoyed reading his entries, really shows the.. human/real? side of him? very interesting experiences that he shared too... was after reading his entries that kinda motivated me to come back to post smthing on my blog :)


ok, so the taiwan trip...

did some more research just now. perhaps half of the research is done already (or more)
tmr gotta plan out the itinerary... and finish up the research.

dl-ed more apps onto my phone... and i've been having quite a blast on doodle buddy. esp with the new color tone thing (now i can use just abt any color under the rainbow!) and glitter brush! gosh, i love the glitter brush! it looks so good from afar/on my iPhone! heh... doodles on mine are nvr meant to be stared at/taken seriously, mind you!

okays... so the pix!

and some random crap i drew previously w/o the nice colors and glitter tool

and on mousehunt... still discovering all that long tail has to offer... but i absolutely LOVE the new trap checks that dont require entire page refreshes... the new crafting/inv and travel page... the much more convenient trap/base/cheese change on the camp page itself... gosh i <3 all the new non-page refresh changes, THEY ROCK! MUACKS MH! really wont mind donating to the game... the devs deserve the donations... however still hesitating since i'm not yet in dire need of sb+ atm, and just remember abt my FB credits which i can use for buying sb+ later on. previously wanted to buy sb+ already, but didnt know how much to donate... the more u donate at once, the cheaper it gets... but the largest amt to donate really is quite a huge sum... plus i've spent some $$$ on buying songs for Tap Tap Revenge... so yeah... see how things goes later on.

man, when i wake up later... it'll be thurs already (i know it IS thurs now already)... and we're flying off on sunday. gosh... so little time left! guess i wont have time to start up on my new training grounds thread till after i come back... gd thing is that the hotel we booked has free wireless! so i can still check up on forums when i'm in taipei... IF i'm not too tired that is. (of cos, i <3 my iPhone!!!)

currently listening to Love Story by Taylor Swift over and over on replay on the cute mp3 speaker i won (connected to my iToy, lame i know, but if u dont use stuff, they'll spoil quite fast). i <3 that song, and can listen to it hours on end...

okays... enough for now... i think its time i update my other blog heh...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Evan storyline!

despite how i've try various apps, i still the thing to show my latest few tweets in the blogger sidebar to work properly. all you see now is a nice picture, and nothing else... T.T

using twitter as a more convenient way to just "blog" a few lines abt myself/what i'm doing now... but sadly its not quite reflected in teh blog here.

i've actually got tons of stuff to write abt... but than again not enough time.

evan was out eons ago, and i too, have happily played on the class. won some nice prizes from the evan weekly FB quiz + retweet contest... since i've uploaded the pics already.... let me go dig em out....

1st, the large orange mushroom plushie from the retweet contest!

wells its not really like... those half a body size kinda huge... but it is quite large alright --> i've placed my ez-link card on this pic for comparison

and a totally cute speaker i got from the FB contest

yeah, glad i got this instead of the headphones (not that i really need this as well, but i dont use those type of headphones either, and this is much cuter!) and no, you dont get to choose at all.

ok... before i go on abt evan... i must say this:

yup, just about the whole HERO'S LOUNGE is playing MH now... :) come join us in the lounge if u play hero or MH :)

ok... so evan came out... msea changed the encoding, the guy who helped HS extract MSEA info quitted, theres no more new extraction for msea on south perry either... thankfully there's one other msea mod alive and together we've been doing quite a bit of the evan updates. all that's lefts are the quests stuff that's done halfway. now we're only relying on gms information and of cos the own SSes that we took while playing the game. tons of missing links and such in the site... and as many have complained, aran quests are STILL MISSING! all these quests stuffs are really tedious to add, and more importantly, we have to rely on our own SSes to write the steps (or from other users). very tedious to add. i realised thailand quests arent added properly either, some are missing while the instructions of others are just plain incomplete. sighz. i didnt take note of the quest steps/rewards properly when i used my evan to do them tho :( guess i'll have to use another char to do and record when i get ard to adding those in.

so yes, i'm doing all sorts of quests on my evan. pretty much... abandoned my aran for now. although their skills do seem quite fun, training aran is a real CHORE. no have nvr and will nvr use any hacks or botting programs... and really that tap tap tippity tapping non stop really takes a toll on ur fingers and wrist. in like an hour of training my hands start complaining already. seriously not the way to go for raising the char for my bless of fairy. so yeah, i've decided to lvl my evan for that purpose instead. already spent 12bucks to sok my dear zak helm over to evan (who is now lvl 53 and happy with the wonderful WD from the zhelm) the same helm that linddy took my naked crus over to zak to pick (after throwing out like 2 others to get this 16str, 15all helm), which sadly i only used for 1 week since scar/targa was released in the same week, and just 7 days later linddy soloed both bosses for several loungers to get helmed (thank you so much! i'll nvr forget it!)

quite a waste of a zhelm to be only used for 7days, so when KoC came out, i cutted the helm over... now that my SM has reached his end (or rather, start as a storage char), i've xfered it to my evan. i promise i wont throw out or sell this helm... its really a precious gift and a reminder of the time when i 1st committed to training my crusader, my struggles of a new, unfunded warrior (and despite being super high dex, facing acc problems since i had 0 acc/dex eqs)... a reminder of those times when maple wasnt so full of meso sellers, hackers, kids scolding vulgarities like every other minute... yeah... brings back memories...

heh, the other msea mod just bugged me on msn. nowadays it goes like this: he does the quests while training his evan and adds them in at the same time. i go ard to add all the relevant links when he's done creating the quests. a win-win for both of us perhaps. adding quests is really very tedious stuff... you have to do the quests, write down the steps, find all the nodes for the places etc, then link up things like... you have to go to XX etc item, edit it, and add in which quest it is used for... go to XX npc, edit, and add in the quest they are involved in... so this way we do half of each... (and i know many quests do not have their linking done properly.... suxs)

back on evan. i really like the evan storyline. some lament on what happened to the black magician story line that was started by aran... honestly, if u look carefully, evan and aran storyline follows each other closely... just that evan, in his quest to help everyone... has unknowingly helped the black wings. well my char is only at lvl 5X, and my aran at 6X... but:

aran goes to defeat the puppeteer in the cave at the evil eye 3 map. evan comes along while doing the herb quest and finds an abandoned doll who says its master (aka francis the genius puppeteer, aint this line familiar? its used in both KoC and aran quest!) got injured (by aran i guess), and evan brings potions and tablecloths for the doll to take care of its master.

later, evan becomes a temp member of the secret society and helps them make a rapid growth stimulator, which we will know from the aran storyline was used to make ultra big neapendeaths in an attempt to make orbis sink and steal the sealed stone of orbis. the guy that appeared in the seal garden in the aran storyline will later appear in the evan storyline, but i've not gotten there yet (i know cos i've read a quest guide based on KMS, and of cos, its in the 0.92 msea quest extraction which i added into HS)

anyway... evan... the baby dragon starts of really cute... its losses its cuteness later on, but starting at lvl 50, starts to look more fierce and magnificent. the skills arre pretty flashly, and with the unique 10 masteries, they seem to have alot of skills to play ard with... and of cos, all that extra sp from quests means they get to master ALL their skills, something that no other job is able to do, making them really really cool (once u reach high enough lvl)

downside is that their bossing ability... despite some nice skills like killer wings... i believe its still nowhere near that of warrior chars (no need to talk abt even better damage dealers like NL, BM, or capt). their mg at max lvl give 70% of the damage taken as mp only, not 80% unlike gms or other mage jobs (WTH, really!) and lasts shorter. low hp is still a problem for mage classes... tho i think the crits are pretty good. they get skills that hits up to 8... but the dark fog that hits up to 15 like the rest of the mage ultis only come at lvl 160 (ouch!) and have a 20 sec CD time, making it much like pala's sanc (but palas can get it maxed at lvl 133 if they follow the sanc 1st path!) evans have to wait till 160 to even get access to the skill! i think the damage is enough to 1hko at TT though - i heard from my friend that is (which would make it better than sanc), but honestly i've not put much attention into high lvl evan skill analysis yet since i'm still quite far away.

my char is pure int too... since i dont have any mage eqs. AT ALL. so i guess my last weapon upgrade will be to maple widam... hope i can get a decently scrolled one from the anniversary event later on... hope i have time to get one done >< since...

i'm going on holiday to taipei next week form 14th to the 21st. of June yes. we only booked the hotel and tickets online this morning at like 3am... well shant go into the details right now... its already 20mins into the 2x exp time slot and i've got plenty of research to do for the free and easy trip too. you're probably sick of reading this by now eh?

signing off... till next time!