Friday, August 26, 2011

Ani Raid and random stuff!

wanted to train hero a bit just now... turned on the family 1.2x exp buff than... half way thru, the comp hanged! somehow maple (and everything else) just hanged and barely moved... sighz... forced me to restart and after that i just decided not to go back on xp... since i shdnt sleep too late today. gotta wake up at 7 tmr for class.

ended up training a miserly 0.2% exp today... at this rate i'm really not gonna hit lvl 198 by next friday. well the redeeming point is that i've got mon and tues to train since those are holidays. that is provided they don't come up with some hari raya event at the very last minute and cause massive server lag zzzzzzzz. also hoping to train tmr afternoon till evening before the czak at night. probably can get 1.5-2% from 2 rounds of scar+targa+krex.... i'll be able to make it to lvl if i pull off that full day training i did last sun again... for all 4 days... gain say 4% per day? that'll be enough to get me to lvl... guess i shd go krex everyday at least... 0.6% in one hour is pretty neat. and you use 0hp pots... and i can basically read book or play games on my phone.

haven been doing much on HS once again, tho like... that day during the weekend i added quite a bit of stuff form the lion king patch in a spurt. well more like a very small spurt. i think saigo's managed to get a gms guy to help add the eqs from the lion king patch... <3 <3 <3 XD those eq are quite troublesome, to say the least... there's all those set effects and all to add in too. wat have i been so busy with? i really don't know... time just slips by so fast... well i did play DN for 4 hours yest (and got a bad headache), and i trained my hero a bit... busy with random stuff here and there. did some random sch work here and there too... like the mol evo readings and assignments. ok, shant discuss abt that further here. assigned the source eqs in the previous patch to a new SEA mod to add... he hasn’t replied my email yet... wonder if he'll do anything at all... o.o too many mods that've been added than do nothing. some really didn’t help at all before disappearing... its like... why did they wanna be mods in the 1st place o.o maybe cos they aren't emailed and assigned work so they just do nothing and eventually forget abt the whole issue? idk... speaking of which, i think i've not heard from icemager since... pre-bb...? or just after bb. that's like... 2 months or so? tho it certainly felt like half a year or more to me ><

oh yes, some very late news... wanted to post this LONG ago but i keep forgetting sheesh. GMS got the monster book system from JMS!!! finally!!!!!!! yes, the monster book effects and the card set effects etc... the whole package!!! that means that one day SEA would get it too! yay! <3 yes, this is super super old news. but still... that means the main attraction of JMS (for me) will be coming to SEA (eventually...)! whee! happiness! lol.

ah yes... jp mega-ed me + 2 other loungers just now XD thks jp! (even tho u're just trying to finish up the megas from CS surprise lol)

yes, i had to use an external program to take the screen shot since there's that stupid bug right now that makes the SSes come out as portrait rather than landscape... zzzzzzz. speaking of which... i got some cut off SSes from my ani raid a few days ago.
you can go for the ani raid once a day... you will get an invite (a red envelope will appear on top of your head, and a line will appear in the chat window) at the hour if you have yet to go that day. Accept the quest to get teleported to the waiting room. In the waiting room all your buffs will get canceled, so you have to re-cast everything when you enter the boss map (esp impt for mages... remember ur mg!) Upon finish the ani raid, you will get sent back to town so if you happen to JUST travel a long distance to your training destination... that's just too bad (which is what happened to me once, i just reached blood reindeers at LKC and buffed up...) If you are in TT, you get sent back to the TT map with the temple manager rather than back to leafre... its like the use of a town scroll.
oh yeah, some extra info about the ani raid:
1) the 10am to 10pm thing are LIES. law went in at 11pm yest...
2) you can re-enter the boss fight map after you die
3) you do not lose exp from dying there
credit goes to law for informing me of all the abv. so yeah, there's no point in rushing the guard to the right to sabo ppl, except for the fun of looking at tombstones rain down... since the 'dead' can come back anyway (and they don't lose anything either, except maybe their... pride?)

the exp from the raid isnt too bad (well depends on how much damage u dealt to the guard of cos). players in the same CC will go to the same waiting room map, but there are different boss fight maps. i'm guess its by region, so if you are in places like say magatia where there are pretty much 3rd jobbers training there only, your run might not be able to down the boss within the time limit ><

damage dealt from the boss isnt much, like 1k+ at most? there's seduce tho, u jump to the <<< (u can't pot when seduced!) so if someone wants to see a rain of tombstones they just need to rush the guard all the way <<< (but like i said, you can come back anyway, and no exp is lost). i find that hitting the guard from behind and/or tanking the boss gives you less chance of getting SD, means you can hit the boss more for more exp. 

rewards... you get an ani's box from the npc when leaving the place (make sure u select the correct option!), so make sure you have a free use slot before going/leaving. you can get total crap from the box, but there are some nice rewards too... from southperry extractions (which will hopefully too be in HS soon)
5 x Purification Totem - 10.34%
10 x Purification Totem - 10.34%
50 x Elixir - 13.79%
100 x Elixir - 10.34%
30 x Power Elixir - 13.79%
50 x Power Elixir - 10.34%
1 x Secret Mastery Book - 0.34%
1 x Advanced Potential Scroll - 0.69%
1 x Potential Scroll - 1.03%
1 x Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll - 0.34%
1 x Equip Enhancement Scroll - 1.03%
1 x Scroll for Cape for STR - 1.72%
1 x Scroll for Cape for STR - 1.03%
1 x Scroll for Cape for INT - 1.72%
1 x Scroll for Cape for INT - 1.03%
1 x Scroll for Cape for DEX - 1.72%
1 x Scroll for Cape for DEX - 1.03%
1 x Scroll for Cape for LUK - 1.72%
1 x Scroll for Cape for LUK - 1.03%
1 x Scroll for Gloves for DEX - 1.72%
1 x Scroll for Gloves for DEX - 1.03%
1 x Scroll for Gloves for ATT - 1.72%
1 x Scroll for Gloves for ATT - 1.03%
1 x Scroll for Earring for INT - 1.72%
1 x Scroll for Earring for INT - 1.03%
1 x Ear Ornament Agility Scroll - 1.72%
1 x Ear Ornament Agility Scroll - 1.03%
1 x Scroll for Earring for LUK 100% - 1.72%
1 x Scroll for Earring for LUK 60% - 1.03%
1 x Scroll for Earring for HP 100% - 1.72%
1 x Scroll for Earring for HP 60% - 1.03%

here's some ani raid/ani box reward SSes:
yeah, the SS bug suxs. you can't even see me in the SS. or the guard. zzzzz
ah, at least u get to see my pretty face now... that's me (abv) jumping off to wonderland during seduce. (sry abt all that white space, i'm lazy to crop f3)

ok, here's some other SSes... this ones are from LKC... (and yeah, sry abt the cutoff pics... blame the bug T.T)
The following two are from doing the LKC quests...

Went zak that day with law+his gm+loli who used bs to get AR. or rather he tried to but fail miserably. all arms still intact! darn the SS bug... but still, u can see the empty hp bar over there...
went to do the tomato farm event quest cos i was sooo bored. did with a mage and this lvl 10X dk wearing a maple hat. since i felt like gng krex for the exp... i decided to just be nice and random and helped him get scar n targa helm... 
last bit of SSes that i'm gonna upload is from my hero's short stint last sat to hunt the lunar dews... sadly like the 1st SS i don't even know wat i'm trying to take... i assume that its cos the SS got cutoff... sighz.

haven gone lunar dew hunting ever since, so i'm still at 2 lunar dews... haven start hunting peridots(watever the spelling) on SM either... well i don't plan on making a UA any soon... gonna focus on my hero 1st.

kays... that's all i have for now.. tired... time to sleep... gotta wake up in like 5hrs++ time

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