Monday, August 1, 2011

SG n MY National Day Event...

NOTE: If you have enough space in your eq inv, do not throw out those mismatched weapons. They are one-of-a-kind, meaning that you cannot get back the same mismatched weapon the next time round, increasing your chances of getting a matched weapon/the glasses/masks. (you will get an error msg instead, and when you talk to Joyce again, she will give you a diff item)

ok, aquila had a server check and yet another rollback (which didnt affect me...)

went logging in all my chars and none of them had any problems with logging in... so i guess the dc bug is fixed (for now at least). didnt get any sg glasses on the 2nd round of quiz doing... aw... :(

Found the answers for the MY quiz on forums... yes, Nexon/AS screwed up with one of the MY qns...


The first National Day were held at? Padang

The symbolic trademark of Singapore takes the image of this mystical creature, which is the? Merlion

In 1967, S'pore govt introduced NS to build its own defense capability. Male S'pore citizens and PRs are liable to NS at the age of? 16 1/2 years old

MM LKY was s'pore 1st? Prime minister

Who founded S'pore in 1819? Sir Stamford Raffles

Who is the 1st President elected by the people of S'pore? Ong Teng Chong

In which year did S'pore achieved independence? 1965

Which of the following is the 1st series of S'pore currency? Orchid

Who was the composer of the S'pore National Anthem? Zubir Said

What animal was S'pore named after? Lion


Ptolemy labelled an impt straits along the Malay Peninsula as "Sinus Sabaricus". What is the modern name? The Striats of Malacca

Malaysia celebrates its independence day on? August 31st

During the Independence Day in 1970, Msians recite a pledge to foster unity among M'sians. This pledge is known as? Rukun Negara

This state was once known as British North Borneo. Sabah

This island was founded by Captain Francis Light and was named Prince of Wales Island. What is its name now? Penang

Who is the first Prime Minister of M'sia? Tunku Abdul Rahman

When was M'sia formed as a unified state? Year 1863 --> apparently the typo has been there since two years ago

What is the name of the towers in M'sia that held the record of being the world's tallest buildings from 1998 to 2004? Twin Towers

The M'sian flag was designed by? Architect

What were the rulers of Malaya called? Sultans 

Credits to BBoiz94, taken from

MapleSEA website is STILL down... WHEE!

Also... if you noticed this previously...

At the bottom is says available for 30 days (as with the announcement), but the expiry date shows that it'll be gone in a week... well let's see how long they'll take to fix this (if at all)

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