Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dragon Nest n CZak

SG/MY National Day Event Stats:
Times done quiz: 34 rounds, 20 chars = 680 times

Glassed chars and stats:
Hero 3x (2 boom)
Mech 2x (1 boom, 1 3-liner)
WH 4x (2 boom, 1 2-liner, 1 3-liner)
bam 2x evan (2-liner)
aran 4x (2 boom, 1 2-liner, 1 3 liner)
NW 6x (2 boom, 2 2-liner)
DB 3x (2 boom, 1 2-liner)
SM 4x
Semi abandoned I/L 1x
Storage DB 3x
Aran3 1x
Abandoned FW 3x
Storage bam 2x
Storage sin 1x
Storage page2 1x
Abandoned sin 1x
Abandoned cleric to be 1x

Chars that will/might be trained in the future and want 3 liners: hero, db, bam

Boomed: 11
2-liners: 6
3-liners: 3
Total no. of potential scrolls used:20

 Finally went to try out dragon nest late last night. made an archer in westwood... the game is really fun, love the instances and stuff but... gah the 1st person 3D thing really doesnt suit me. I suffer from really bad motion sickness... and even tho i played the game for like 4 hours++ thinking that maybe i'll get used to it... it just doesnt work... like nausea and stomach churning really bad n feel like throwing up... and still feel kinda weird today with occasional spells of nausea. sighz. i guess that game isnt for me. maybe i'll go back to playing trickster the next time i get sick of maple. or maybe i'll try DN again but... heck even running ard gives me a headache already... T.T

So i've got a few more days to rack up 20% to lvl up on my hero... gng for a trial czak run tmr with my fellow loungers... jp the org is back in action! wonder how many times i'll die tmr... o.o at least the time of me getting a czak helm can be seen...  okays, that's all for now, gng to play my hero....!

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