Wednesday, January 13, 2010

550m poorer but a happy hero

pictures say a thousand words, i guess the two SS below says it all on what i'm so happy abt...

was tempted when i saw so many mw20 for sale in fm... knew i wont settle for anything till i tried passing the SB... subsequently convinced myself that i'll farm at neo tokyo 3rd map to get mesos for another book if the worst thing happened... finally decided to just go ahead with the purchase and scrolled it right away.... very very glad that the book passed! now i'l try and chiong to 168 by this weekend and get mw 19. hope to get lvl 20+ rush by the time the 3x card ends. currently able to do 50% per night at skeles soloing, with the help of some family personal 2x buffs... and yes, the spirit pendant... sadly the spirit pendant event ends next wedn... trainings will slow down quite a lot after that... still hope to hit 174 at least by 7th feb... oh wells, really depends on how the exp per hour drops off as i lvl...

hope to be able to 2hko skeles even with def up real soon, that'll mean i can anyhow rush my way thru skeles, and shd spd up training a notch. also have 4lvls of AP in hp unwashed now. hoping that will have sales during CNY... well either way i'm holding off washing out the AP till after CNY when i get some ang bao $ ><

hero left with 3Xm only... well more than adequate for my normal training purposes. gotta set up shop soon to sell the scrolls and pots though, my storage use inv is overflowing... not sure whether to sell the ele wands and eqs i got from box event now or to wait a bit longer...

amazing, just a few days ago i trained with a 194 BS - 1st time training with BS ever at skeles... the BS was apologizing that he didnt have mw20... i was thinking, hey, i probably wont get mw20 at his lvl too... and now... :D :D :D

actually i think i have enough scrolls and eq to make maybe... close to 400m? i dont know, not TOO sure of mkt prices now... would put me close to enough mesos to get a scrolled ht neck (saw one sold at 1.05b), but then a quick mental sums shows that with my str standing at 746 now (and some 20 points unwashed), mw 20 gives an extra 37 str, more than the 22 str from ht neck... so if i could pass mw20 on the 2nd try, its probably still more worth it than getting a ht neck... and since i'm rushing lvls now with the 3x card, lvling up to get sp to reach mw lvl 19 isnt a problem. of cos, the consolation that i have an iceberg (if i nvr rem wrongly?) to sell if i fail the sb and waste 550m made me DARE to even buy the book...

still waiting for the mark of narican to come out (check HS global if u dont know wat it is), but i think the next piece of eq upgrade i'm going for is probably the ht neck - unless the MoN or some other neck appears in the mean time. i mean... at the price tag of 1b, the ht neck is probably the cheapest eq i can upgrade... 1b gets only a wa16 MS now, 2wa lower than my current. i'm not sure if it can get me an upgrade from my wa12 glove, but i think at most i can get is say wa14 - ht neck adds 21str more than my mcpq neck, that's ard 4wa upgrade? top and bottom... i'm thinking of item maker + self scroll... shoes i'll still stick with spd shoes, and i dont need the dex anyway... and i'd rather item make my own shoes with power crystal... basically nothing much i can think of upgrading... cape i think anything better than wa3, str 4 would be... quite ex... would 1b be sufficient? haiz... anyways, i think i'll still go farming after my 3x ends. with the extremely slow training w/o buffs/cards i doubt i'd be in the mood to train anyway.

okays, time to sleep, nite nite!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to sch!

sch has started... as of now i'm tippity tapping on my keyboard in the sch pantry...

managed to bring hero to lvl yest after a long night... now at lvl 5 rush. in the end i went ahead with my original plans to add rush to lvl 14 or 28 before achilles, since it is highly unlikely that i'll get a ht batch at all, and apart from ht, pb and auf haven, other bosses pretty much doesnt need achilles to survive... and i guess i wont be whacking those bosses anytime soon.

anyway my rush got a 5% range upgrade, seems pretty significant even at that slight upgrade. i'll most likely go ahead with adding till lvl 28 rush then start on achilles. unless i can get mw20 anytime in between, tho that seems unlikely unless my luck changed with the monster box event... even then i may not be opening anymore boxes.

trying to get to 173 at least b4 my 3x monthly card ends. after that i doubt i'd continue with the daily 4 hours of torture and that means i wont be lvling up at all... like at 3% per hour soloing at 164... i guess it'll drop to 2% per hour at 17X... that means say 50hours of training per lvl... real hell i tell you... pure torture!

okays, going to get back with my timetable plotting. gonna do up the SM sp allocation guide soon. 2nd time someone asked for it in the past 7 days... o.o

gotta find a time allocation to do all my stuff...
1) tutorials
2) look at lect notes, other sch stuff
3) HS db additions, updates
4) training ground guide updates - i'm very far behind in my updates now, gotta give myself a dateline
5) FAQ updates
6) hero's lounge weapon comparison part
7) website mega project...

and of cos, from 10-2am everyday i'm with my hero at skeles. gosh this is getting insane!

Friday, January 8, 2010

30 day marathon...

and so a 30day, 4 hours per day marathon begins at the wrong time, due to a stupid mistake.

i sent over a 3x exp card just before the 3x exp cards was withdrawn to my hero... but just now logged in to my hero to pass stuff to my friend, after that went to do the quest to get lost rudoff card at the winter place... and then decided to start torr's quest... and so w/o thinking i went into the cash shop and bravo... the 30day menace has begun... T.T

wanted to train my other char's more 1st and use finish the hunter's luck thing - 3 free 30mins of 2x exp cards that u can on anytime. but now... gahs... my night times will be gone once again. not sure how i'll do with this + sch, but i wanted to try since this time most of my days start a bit later rather than at 8:30. so yeah... still gotta buck up alot on my work... really shd do up a time table on how much time to spd doing wat... must see alot more As this sem!!! back on mapling... training hero is really... getting... tiring... considering that i'm still going solo. its like... 3% per hour w/o any buffs or cards... that's a whopping 33hours needed to lvl up once... my guildmate intro-ed me to a BS... hope can train with the BS often than can lvl faster... which reminds me to make a post in forums looking for BS to train with ><

train my aran no. 2 to lvl 37 (almost 38) yest, and NW to lvl 63 - still 25% shy of the next lvl, and to hold the scanda... wait till next week's hunter's luck i guess... gotta train my SM soon, to max lvl asap! another friend 8 lvls lower than me got higher max damage than me! with me having more str, and both of us using mw9 and rage only... gosh this is horrible! T.T sighz... my damage sux >< but at least i can pretty much 2hko skeles now... still... exp is like... hellya slow. sighz.

okays, i go make that appeal for BS bls before i forget, nitenite!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank you Wonderfluff Friends!

So i said my goodbye to the WFF petting group, i really just, can't find the time and motivation to do the daily pettings anymore. yeah, its weird, i have time among all my HS stuff, forums and such to go hunting occasionally (clicking 1 button) on ghost trappers, mouse hunt AND fish wranglers, but not the drive to go pet the list. yeah well... i guess the list IS quite long... 70+ fluffs and counting... but still... either way its clear that i can't keep things up - i've not touched the list once (actually, i've not even visited my fluff) since i came back from the hols... so yeah. its time to go. actually, when i'm busy i dont check fb at all... these day's i'm also forgetting to log on to utopia. i guess its all maple for now, and than studies.

oh yes, must add on that even though was kinda took off the list w/o me asking to be removed, they are still very nice... sent me a gift of 200 food and let me know that i can rejoin any time i wish to. i do wish to rejoin them, but as of the foreseeable future, i dont have the time... maybe if i remember i'll set up a raffle for CNY... if i remember gosh... i dont even remember all my friends bday - i can tell u the dates and all, but when the actual day comes and passes, i wont even remember to send them an SMS... it just doesnt occur to me that XXday is XX person's bday ><

somehow i do feel that i shd have taken chem instead of bio... i shd have... but its all too late now, changing course after 1.5years doesnt appeal to me, and the 3 year electives DO interest me. i just DO need to be ALOT more consistent in my work from now on, i may have kissed 1st class hons goodbye already, but i still dont want to see so many Bs in my degree audit anymore. that just wont do.