Sunday, August 14, 2011

National Day Event Stats... Aquila server hopeless?

 Been busy and not turning on xp even to do the fact, after the patch on... wedn was it? i've not even on xp so my maple isnt even patched yet... guess i'll be back tho when LHC is out... probably... oh well.

Heard aquila got yet another rollback. my friend commented that even private servers are more stable than aquila now... indeed... that's like that 4th or so rollback in the few weeks... those that i've heard of anyway... hardly on maple and hardly on forums now so i really wont know lol.

k, that's all for now. nothing much to say abt maple since i'm not even playing now lol.

SG/MY National Day Event Stats:
Times done quiz: 25 rounds, 20 chars = 500 times
Glassed chars and stats:
Hero 3x (2 boom)
Mech 2x (1 boom, 1 3-liner)
WH 4x (2 boom, 1 2-liner, 1 3-liner)
bam 2x
evan (2-liner)
aran 4x (2 boom, 1 2-liner, 1 3 liner)
NW 6x (2 boom, 2 2-liner)
DB 3x (2 boom, 1 2-liner)
SM 1x
Semi abandoned I/L 1x
Storage DB 3x
Aran3 1x
Abandoned FW 3x
Storage bam 2x
Storage sin 1x
Storage page2 1x
Abandoned sin 1x
Abandoned cleric to be 1x

Awaiting glasses (chars that are active/will be trained in the future): my sis' i/l
Chars that will/might be trained in the future and want 3 liners: hero, db, aran, bam

Boomed: 11
2-liners: 6
3-liners: 3
Total no. of potential scrolls used:20

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