Saturday, July 30, 2011

Want a new Haircut? Use at your own risk!

As per title... i just went to nlc cos seems like ppl had gd hairstyles from there, + accessible from mirror + i super lazy so...

yeah, my hero's hair looks like he's gng NS, my bam is still not as bad as hero, but it looks pretty darn ugly too... end up the nicest one is my sis's i/l... and tho i like the blue color it was changed to, black with the gold highlights looked really really good too.... maybe i shd have left it black? idk... oh well. they were free coupons afterall, but i must say i'm tempted to buy a vip coupon for my hero now...

ok... i'm forced to crop my SSes else u cant see me at all... (cant put a larger pic cos of blog layout constrains) if u wanna see the full SS look here

Note: i used hair cut, than hair color coupon for all my chars... my hero hair color barely changed, can see the wee bit of diff in the 2nd and 3rd SS...

this is my hero's original, maple default hair... which sadly looks nicer than wat i ended up with

The haircut:

And the ever so slight color change

and my look w/o the evan CS perm hat...
 Ugly right? looks botak when i wearing my cash item. dunnoe if i'll bother buying a VIP hair coupon or not.... tempted to but yeah, my hero is reaching 200 soon (but than again, its taking forever to reach 200, and i'll still go on hero after i reach 200... oh wells, idk)

ok, now my BAM, i pick all the same hair and color for my chars... so yeah, this was my hero's original hair too.

After the haircut... happen to meet this guy who say my transformation (and so i stayed to see his too)

 Than i changed hair color..., and he changed hairstyle. blue is not bad lah, i mean i like blue, but its not really the type of blue i like... its not the nicest looking hair but still better than my hero. and damn! that guy got nicer hair than me!

 And wat's this! red + that hair style is NICE! Jealous! T.T

Than my sis's I/L, which got the nicest hair of them all... sighz. if only my hero got a nice hair instead.
This is the hair my sis picked when she made the char

it ended up like this... the gold highlight is really nice!
She got this after the color change! i think it looks quite nice too!

my GM got this haircut... so glad i didnt get this hehe... (but not like my hero is any better -.-)

ok... that's the end of the hair talk... oh yeah, the SG/MY national day event is announced. starting from 1st aug (which is sadly the day my sch starts) you can take part in an event to answer qns abt sg/my history... 5 correct answers in a row and you can get sg/my eqs. i'm definitely going to get the glasses... they are permanent gosh! 1stats to all and 1wa is nice... 7 slots too but i'm not gonna chaos them. no $ lah.. u sponsor me?

you can get this eqs from the event...
they say u can get the flag eq too... i hope its the same one as that given out a super long time ago. i accidentally npc-ed my sg flag last time due to lag... so really hoping that i can get it back T.T

for more info on the national day event, check out the official news page here.

Guess the event's forcing me to on maple lol. k that's all for now!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Are you alive MSEA?

I bet that's wat everyone is wondering eh? the SG server was down for like 30++ hours, i think it came up for a while, than it went down again... the latest info i know is this from FB/twitter...

Dear Maplers, Please be informed that SG Gateway has resumed its service at 2250hrs (GMT +8), 28th July 2011. - Maple Administrator

Now their game site is down lol. Forums was down for quite long today too...

They promised a bunch of goodies for the super duper extended server check...
1.2x EXP, 2x Drop, and 32x Lag Event coming up:

1. 2X EXP and 2X Drop Rate Events For SG Gateway (29th July 2011 to 7th August 2011)

Weekdays 2000hrs to 2200hrs (GMT +8)
Weekends 1500hrs to 1700hrs (GMT +8)
Free CS items:
1. The first character in the same Maple account in SG gateway that access the Cash Shop will be able to redeem the Hair Style Coupon (REG), Hair Color Coupon (REG), AP Reset Scroll , and Safety Charm (5).
2. You will be prompted a pop out in the Cash Shop to receive the item.
3. If you do not wish to use the character to receive the free cash item, you may choose to reject to receive it and use another character within the same account to access Cash Shop to redeem it again.
4. Character who have already received the Hair Style Coupon (REG) and Hair Color Coupon (REG) prior to the second downtime on 28th July 2011 will not be receiving it again. They will only receive AP Reset Scroll and Safety Charm (5).
5. Character will not be able to redeem the above cash items after 1000hrs (+8 GMT) 1st August 2011.

well that's the gist of the compensation they are giving anyways...  not sure if they've changed it again (originally they were giving the two hair coupons only, and the exp/drop event didn’t last so long). copied the stuff from wat i posted in FB earlier, since the website is down now...

edit: the gifts shd be for the sg gateway only, cos only the sg gateway had such a wonderful long downtime. website still not working + i didn’t log in the whole week so... ><

i'd prefer cash items to the extra lag event honestly. either way, i really hope the servers are getting upgraded as they claimed to be. AND i hope that something would be done to prevent the hacker from coming back but i guess that's just a far fetched dream. oh wells... haven mapled since i got the chairs... probably will go try logging in for the hair coupons and other stuff tmr. wonder where to use the free hair coupons and wonder wat hair my hero will end up with o.o... since i'm using the evan perm CS set, you CAN see my hair quite clearly so i hope watever i end up with isnt disgusting... gotta see if there's any info on hair styles anywhere in the forums.

dang... its been a while since i did work on HS... and still don't feel like doing anything now.... sighz.

Dying dying dead

Maple server is dying... really...

[Update] Server Maintenance for SG Gateway on 27th July 2011

Dear Maplers,

Please be informed that there will be a Server Maintenance on 27th July 2011 from 0000hrs – 27th July 2011 1600hrs (+8 GMT).

Game Service and MTS for SG Gateway will be down during stipulated maintenance timing.

Please log out before this period to prevent any game disruption.

[Update]: The Server Maintenance will be extended until 28th July 2011 0200hrs (GMT +8). A reimbursement for the extended down time will be announce in a separate web news soon.
[Update]: The Server Maintenance will be extended until 28th July 2011 0600hrs (GMT +8).

– MapleSEA Administrator
need i say more? now reaching the 27th hour and counting...

not that it matters to me tho... after getting the chair on the last day of maple attendance taking event i decided to take a break from maple. partly to try out lion OS X, and partly cos i was getting sick of training my mech. spent the last few days watching Maou, playing some games in itoy... watching other videos... reading stuff etc...

sch is starting soon... seems like i wont go back to training mech anytime soon ya...

Monday, July 25, 2011

School is starting...

sighz. sch will start once more in merely a week's time. all too soon.

i guess i did rushed a lot of lvls in maple though. more like the new exp to next lvl makes to tooo easy to hit 3rd job. WH 77, BAM 72 or smthing, mech 10X... i'm a bit stuck on where to train mech now tho... oh wells. wanna try out more places to train so that i can get a better idea on each of the mobs/maps...

stopped writing my training grounds guide for a while since i have not much experience in training at the revamped maps and mobs. simply listing out every single mob in maple certainly does not make a good training guide.

wonder when LHC will be out... at least it gives me another place for my hero to whack in. oh and i'll nid to hunt 12 more POTs from TT to get 45 pieces to make my mech's gun. really hope i'll get a decent wa gun, since i plan to throw in all 60%s. hmm... i don't think i have more than 2 60% gun att scrolls, if i have any at all... wonder how much they are in the fm now... hmm let's see HS...
Ok... this is very bad news indeed. DGP is gd to train evan on, but super duper crowded... so that's out... charmers i think is hacker filled... pink teddy spawn isnt very good... meh... guess that leaves me with the FM -.-'''.scar/targa don't seem to drop them either... only get sword/axe/bw etc att scrolls, but no gun as far as i can remember. arghs... i bet gun scrolls are at exorbitant prices now... NOOOOO! T.T

really hope i get like 5 or more passes... if the gun fails miserably i'll have to re-hunt the POTs... which would very likely take a month or more... sighz. the bad thing is that TT is not only flooded with hackers, but also has its lvl limit increased to 140 and abv. even more sighs... means i can't train mech there once i hit 4th for POTs and exp at the same time... gotta train outside till 14X. and that place is absolutely, disgustingly filled with hackers. you really CANNOT train with multiple hackers occupying every chnl. we need lie detectors that can actually DO something, like slapping those hackers with a perma ban. yeah, that'll be really harsh for legit players if they get slapped with one, but if its not a perma ban, the hackers will just wait out the ban, and come back once the ban is over. considering they have soooo many chars... its just too easy for them. that's why i mentioned in my previous post a time frame of 5 lie detector fails in a day... i'm not sure how bad the problem of lie detector abuses is, since i don't train at crowded maps... gah. hackers, hackers everywhere. the game is starting to need all those anti-botting games like in runescape -.-'''

got some long over due work of updating the mob stats in HS. started and stopped previously cos the multiple copies of the same mob (but with diff stats) in the game files totally confused me. realised that i probably used the wrong stats to update some of the mobs... dang. gotta go back and check my work.

blah. now waiting for my Lion OS X to download on my mac. its taking SUPER long. like more than an hour has gone by already, and i still have 2.5 hours+ to go. sure the file is big at 3.7GB, but somehow i feel that the internet is much slower than it should usually be. sighz.

hmm... keyboard looks really dirty... since i'm waiting for lion to load i shd clean my keyboard....

Saturday, July 23, 2011

maplers n forumites these days...

This is probably reflective of the spoon feeding education system, and all the parents over protecting and spoiling their kids... or cos the materialistic and result oriented society we live in...

so many rude maplers n forumites these days. here's wat i cant stand abt maple these days... so much so that i'm very tempted to remain the solo-ist hermit that i am, and rather not join all those boss runs for all the 'riches'...

1st we have those idiotic brats who just refuse to use the search button in forums, or read the stickied threads. expecting to be spoonfed everytime. ppl make multiple threads asking the same thing, or worst still ask the same qn when it's already answered in the faq on the 1st page of the thread they posted in.

than we have those talking to others as if ppl owe them a living. expecting to get help when no one is obliged to even notice their existence. like i've got an ex-guildmate who have been MIA for ages, than suddenly logs in, and the 1st thing he says in the guild chat is demanding that someone help scar/targa helm his other char. dude, i dont even know you, why the heck shd i even bother to reply you? let alone lift a finger to help you? he logged off right after asking and getting no replies too... needless to say he was kicked out right after he logged off.

in forums someone came barging into the lounge, and in this 1st posts asks for ppl to escort him to do zak jq. like hello? at least try to get to know the ppl in the lounge? we dont even know how you are, and in the 1st place you looking at all the wrong place to post. all i can see things going is that you're gonna ask for help, get ur way, and leave w/o another word.... heck the thread is a discussion n chatting thread, come in if you got some thing to discuss about, or just chat and make friends. you want to ask for help? at least get the sequence right, you make friends 1st, than ask for help.

its not like we are unfriendly to outsiders, but you got to get ur manners right to begin with.

than there are those rich kids/adults braggers. those who dont hesitate to spend tons of $$$ on the game and tell the whole world abt it. wat really irks me is that those guys are taking the shortcut, buying off everything with their wealth, and still can be so happy abt it. yeah sure, its ironic that someone who too, have spend $ on the game to be saying this... but i still find it distasteful for ppl to go ard saying hey, i just spend $200 on a new eq, or hey, look, i spend $15k SGD or more on the game so far for all my eqs. its really, really annoying and idiotic. yeah, you're rich, i'm poor, and so? if you are so rich, donate them to charity thank you. i dont think throwing so much $ into a game is tasteful or anything to be proud of.

as bad are those who take advantage of serious glitches (like the hammer slot glitch last time), and have the guts to deny it and better still,  accuse others of wrongly accusing them when they have admitted to glitching... know someone who blatantly admit to glitching in bl chat, than accuse me of malignancy in forums. if they are willing to swoop this low for a game, i cant imagine how low they can get in real life, where even more is at stake.

some claim that i'm just saying all these crap cos i'm jealous of those with the $, those with high damage etc. let me get this straight... i dont see anything to be jealous abt. sure i dont mind it if you donate me eq or $ so that i can get better damage. but i really cant be bothered to throw tons of $ to BUY better damage. now the game is all abt BUYING damage, i dont see any satisfaction in that. everything is becoming too easy, all you need is the $. there is not more hard work involved. its the tough process that makes the reward sweet at the end. i've always enjoyed the process more than anything else. and to those glitchers - its just distasteful, like i said earlier, its just goes to show how low one can swoop. its a matter of morality, even criminals have morals, but do you? its just like how hacking the game makes it pointless to PLAY in the 1st place, and how private servers get boring real fast since you lvl to 200 multiple times a day... everything becomes boring and pointless... and maple is certainly reaching that point fast.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Urgent Aquila Server Maintenance!

Ah... urgent server check starting in 2 minutes... 3:45pm till 5pm... and i was gonna head over to ludi... in fact till on the air balloon... 40 secs more to edelstein. oh wells... gotta log off once i reach. guess i'll be watching my shows and all now... maybe attempt to do my mech guide which i've done till 2nd job only thus far... thought of a lot of things to write when training just now... ah wells. phail server!

Edit: the notice on the website is finally out...

Urgent Server Maintenance for Aquila on 22nd July 2011

Dear Maplers,

Please be informed that we will be having an Urgent Server Maintenance for Aquila on 22nd July 2011 from 1545hrs – 1700hrs (+8 GMT).

During the above stipulated timing, Aquila will NOT be accessible.

Kindly log off from the respective worlds before the start of the maintenance to prevent any loss of data.

Thank you.

– MapleSEA Administrator

Aquila Server dying!

Yet another server crash + slight roll back in aquila. heard that bootes got it too... was training at mongs than got real bored, went out to ellina and npc-ed the items... went for to make tea and voila! i dc-ed. took a while before i could log in any char, and when i'm finally back in, im back at mongs again whee! server dying cos of too many hackers?

ok... so since i'm realy bored of mongs now, i'm still wondering if i shd head to ludi, or to leafre to train... ah... maybe i'll go watch my show that i let it load since last night...

read a bit of manga recently... caught up with bakuman, and read naruto properly from the start till the latest chapter... finish reading rounin kenshin yesterday too. must say i really like bakuman and kenshin... read death note a while back... that was good at the beginning, but later on the story got really boring... the dialogues became so long that  it was a real chore to read them. been reading some fanfic recently too... some were really really good... i really wish i could write like them.

ok... back to training mech. or if i'm really bored... hunting POTs in TT...

Mechie Mech!

So i decided to try and get the black belt on my mech. Have a wa7 (or smthing like that) witch belt in my evan, but i've not decided if it shd go to mech or my future UA pala. (and i dont even know if i'll be as enthusiatic in training the pala as compared to my mech!)... so decided to get the black belt in the mean time.... + the str is useful since i have like no str eq (basically i didnt prepare any eq for my mech) and i'm aiming for lvl 100 armours and the reverse gun. Rushed 3k points last night (1.5k points a day limit), and now left with 700 points to go after the clock strikes 12midnight later.... took me really really long to get those 3k points, esp after midnight and i was getting really sick and bored of the whole thing already... ><

base str 50 mech... quite high, but i dont care... pretty much pulled the stopper on funding my chars already... so i dont think my mech will have any decent eq ever. already have enough str to wear lvl 100 eqs, the only problem is that i DONT HAVE lvl 100 eqs that i want to wear anyway. now i'm happy with my spd bathrobe and shoe... thinking of using item maker to get those lvl 100 eq done and put in some spd and jump... gotta take a look at my total spd and jump etc though... now thks to the lvl 100 robot legs that add 8spd/jump, i've already hit 140% spd (darn the limit, i've more than that!) and 110% jump. heh, ever since i bought and wore the 11spd jump shoe on my crus for the 1st time, i'm obsessed with obtaining max spd and jump. managed to do it on my hero already, so now its my mech's turn. i'll probably have to do the quest spec tho haiz... that 10jump is god darn useful! and a MoN would help too, but my guild has everyone gone MIA now so guild runs MoN seems kinda impossible now. darn, the 5 spd and 5 jump! *drools* either way gonna wait till i hit 4th job todo the item maker quests and settle my eqs...

oh yeah, gotta thk loli for helping to scar/targ helm my wh, tho its still stuck at 77 only... and psy for helping my mech scar helm... 20 str helm! XD grrrr... evan damage si buay high... he took like 70% or less than the time my hero to to down scar! yeah, he's rich and scar's fire weak but still...! you cant deny the fact that hero definitely got the short end of the stick. (else explain the re-re-balancing patch in jump?) and yes, mech is even more over powered still... if i didnt get seal/darkness, 1 siege mode ALMOST kills franken (in mltc). it really makes my doubt if my hero can even do that -.-'''.

guess i've not mentioned it yet... after spending like 40k in mts for carabellas, i finally got a 121wa flairgrave - all 60%ed... used the two free hammers i got from the event last time. 3 liner so... okay lah... guess at least my pala will have something to wear. if i even train it into a pala... i bet there'll be tons of bandwagons next time haiz. maybe i'll make the pala when all that bandwagon craze is over or smthing... maybe... but than again, maybe not. the overall damage range is lower than my reverse, but dps wise, its a wee bit faster. took like 3 mins lesser to down b1 n b2 krex or smthing. not much, but still a lil bit faster. at least the 10% darkness and 5% seal (this one from pot stats, not sure if i'll re-cube tho) will be a bit of a help to activate chance attack when whacking at TT.

speaking of TT, i nid to hunt 12 more POTs to make a reverse gun.... gonna throw in 60%s so i really hope it'll turn out well. like a decent no.s of scroll passes... 5 out of 7 pass? :P well my flair was 5/7, and both the hammered slots went in! was quite surprised it turned out so well. previously hammered 3 times, two on gloves and 1 on shield, all failed.... used the vega's scroll on the shield one too -.-''' sighz.

ok, that's all for now. haven  been training mech for a few days cos i only did mltc. tho i DID gain over 110% exp yesterday from 7 hours (including bath time, watching videos etc) of MLTC last night. till next time!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wow, another urgent server maintenance...

wow. after having a nice lunch i wanted to log in maple... than realised i cant... went to the website and saw this...

Urgent Server Maintenance on 19/07/2011

Dear Maplers,

Please be informed that there will be an Urgent Server Maintenance on 19th July 2011 from 1030hrs – 1230hrs (+8 GMT).

Game Service will be down. Please log out before this period to prevent any game disruption.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

• Gaga Blast of Celebration Event for Aquila World will be changed to be held from 1700hrs to 1800hrs due to the Urgent Server Maintenance.
• MY Gateway resumed service as of 1230hrs. Server Maintenance for SG Gateway will be delay until 1400hrs. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
• Gaga Blast of Celebration Event for Bootes and Cassiopeia Worlds will be changed to be held from 1500hrs to 1600hrs due to the delay of the Urgent Server Maintenance.

– Maple Administrator

joy joy...

Lie Detector - Epic fail as expected

So in the last patch, the lie detector was re-introduced as a very round about and unhelpful way of letting players get rid of hackers.
Quite thankfully i've yet to get any players throwing lie detectors at me... but perhaps that's just cos i purposely avoid all the crowded maps when training. However the lie detector as it is now doesnt even slow down the hackers... let me explain how the lie detector works 1st.

Players can buy lie detectors from just about all potion shops, and they cost 8k mesos each. You can right click on the hackers and click save name and than crlt-v to paste the hacker's names into the lie detector (double click to use) so you dont have to slowly type out their weird IGNs. A line in the chat will appear saying that XXX has taken the lie detector test. When the hackers fail the test (note to legit players: you have 1 min, and 2 tries before getting sent back to town), they will than be sent back to town. If they come back to the same map again, the lie detector popup box will re-appear and they have to pass the test or they'll be sent back to town, again. Oh yes, you get 7k mesos 'refund' from the hackers when they fail the test... so the lie detectors cost a net 1k mesos. And if you happen to have lie detectors get used on you and you type all the letters in the capcha correctly, you get 5k mesos as a reward.

However... these days many hackers have programmed their bots to LOGOFF the moment the lie detector box appears. They fail the test before the 1min is up, and /find shows that the chars are offline. Than they relogin, go back to the same map, same cc, and continue on their ways.... leaving legit players to either use another lie detector (very irritating for mechs, we have to dismount gosh!) or find another map/channel to train on.

In JMS and KMS, players got fail lie detectors get slapped with a ban (at least in KMS was the auto lie detection appearing in mini dungeons, not sure if they have the lie detector item too). In JMS, you get a quest daily that gives out 3 (if i didnt remember wrongly) lie detectors... so that prevents abuse of the lie detectors, PLUS the JMS community are NOT filled with inconsiderate, vulgarity throwing BRATS like in MSEA. Some tweaks to the lie detectors need to be done in order for it to be even remotely useful. I see evan hackers reaching 16X at AF androids in edelstien... gosh, how long have they been hacking there already???

For one, the lie detectors should give a better reward, AT LEAST let players earn back the mesos used to buy the darn thing. We are doing the GMs a FAVOR for god's sake! Getting rid of those hackers shd be a GMs job... and aquila's GMs are all but doing theirs. I suggest having the lie detector reward like 10k mesos, and deduct 1 fame from the hackers and adding it to the player. That would help legit players get our freaking 30 fame needed to enter mini dungeons, and sorta help prevent hackers from getting into those mini Ds.

2ndly, hackers who fail the lie detectors 5 times in a day should get slapped with a permanent ban. Legit players should never get slapped with the ban since 1) the lie detector cant be used on you if you are not attacking, that means even if you afk in the map full of mobs, they cant use the lie detector on you. 2) you have 4 times to figure out what that lie detector is about, and get the thing right.... and its 5 times failure in a single day before you get banned dammit... any dimwit can also get that right yeah??

Really... lie detectors as it is now is just so pathetic that no one bothers to use them. The hackers just keep coming and coming back. We need more action taken sheesh.... sleeping GMs -.-'''

Monday, July 18, 2011

Breaking News! MapleStory Thief Edition (iPhone app) is now free!

To all maplestory fans who own an iPhone:
Go Download the MapleStory Thief Edition on the iTunes store now! Its FREE now (usual price 5 USD! which is what i paid for ><) in conjunction with the release of the new MapleStory Cygnus Knights Edition, which is on offer at 99 cents USD.

I got the thief edition one quite some time back and finished the game as a hermit (and played halfway through as a bandit...). Its not exactly worth 5 dollars... but i was really craving for maplestory than and bought it nonetheless. Its free now so you should go get it right away... its FREE so there's really nothing to lose... except for the time spend playing the game i guess.

You can play as either a sin/hermit or dit/chief dit. The max lvl is 99 so there's no 4th job... storyline is not bad. could have been a bit longer, especially considering that it's usual price is 5USD... but the mob variety is actually not too bad. There's vic, there's a bit of orbis, there's a bit of el nath. Wat irked me the most during gameplay was 1) no auto save. 2) only FOUR miserable quick slots. No auto save... sucks to the max, you gotta keep remembering to save up manually, or else if you die, or accidentally quit the game etc... good luck XD! (you can revive in town if you die, but u lose some gold and exp... i normally try to get round that by saving often and starting the game from the previous save point instead... unless i forget to save up... which actually happened quite often ><)

Having only 4 quite slots is probably the most epic failure of the game. 1 slot for hp pots, 1 slot for mp pots, and you're left with 2 for skills only. There isnt a super huge variety of skills to pick from in the game, but still you end up being unable to use the less high damaging but still good skills... simply because you have no space.

Still, the game was quite satisfying for me, considering i love maple so much. You can hunt eq from mobs, or collect jewels to get the npc to make the eqs for you. You can buy scrolls from npcs to scroll your eqs... not too bad at all really.

I've purchased the cygnus knight edition already. not tried it out yet... hope they did not repeat the mistakes from last time ><

ok, that's all for now, cya!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hot Time event!

wasnt in the mood to maple today, esp cos its the weekend and things were lagging ever so badly as always. still, i had to go online for the attendance taking and hot time event.

didnt get anything special from the hot time event as usual... just the sp and ap reset. thankfully, i took a closer look at the sp reset and noticed the orange 'inter-account transactions available' words. COOL! now i can reset out the 8 sp i put into double stab and dump them into nimble body instead on my dual blade.... which was what i did.

had a fun time reading fanfics today... wonder what i'm gonna do tmr tho... since i have no mood to play on weekends now that the lag is ridiculous... nothing more to say for now... oh, did i mention that my mech finally hit 3rd job? had fun fooling ard with their 3rd job skills... ok, that's a short update from me for now. till next time.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Attendance Taking Event Round 3

Reminder to all: Attendance Taking event (yes, its just a repeat of the earlier one) starts TODAY. yes NOW. gogo get your cakes NOW. at the end of 10 days you 'll get to pick either the crystal chair or the bday cake chair. speak to maple admin than grendal the really old  in ellinia everyday for 10 days to get the final chair.

lazy to upload my own SSes so bleh. mech needs 3 more lvls to hit 70... wonder if i can do it later... or maybe i'll head off to bed 1st. gonna try and get mech to 4th job asap. which would make it my second char to hit 4th job if the plan succeeds. yes... 2nd char only. how pathetic. (i wouldnt count my 120 SM, since KoCs dont have a 4th job) even flame's evan has hit 4th job long ago while mine is still stuck at lvl 114. and now i've stocked up soooo many dews for my evan to use... like almost 2k dews. abt 1k of each type -.-''' at the rate i'm going i'm nvr gonna finish it.

same goes for HS... i haven done any properly updating in days... ever since before saigo went on holiday. back packing in japan like OMG! can u like pack me in ur suit case with u lol. speaking of which... none of the other hs-sea mods are alive. chaos is here in gms so saigo's gonna focus on the gms database after this... sighz. which means i'm on my own now... which is fine considering that apart from some skill changes i really cant say that i've helped much. only thing was that i didnt disappear like the rest did. simply missing in action. okays. i made myself a promise to finish up the boss WA/MA and WD/MD changes before saigo's back from his backpacking. trouble is, i forgot when he'll be back... so i guess i'd better get creaking REAL soon ><

okays... shall attempt to get my 3 lvls so that i can play with the 3rd job skills.

oh yes... before i go... another reminder: there's the gaga hot time event thingy this sat. the boxes will be given out at 2pm sharp (you mustnt be in cash shop/mts or on any form of transportation). log in earlier to prevent cases of not being able to log in and... pray that you wont dc :P

k... off to train my mech!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What I've done...

Didnt post although i had wanted to.

It all begin on friday just after midnight, when my guildee suggested we try zak. it was almost 2am... so i thought i'd give it a go.

Blah. all 4 cc had ppl waiting outing side the altar. We gave up...

Pissed at having traveled all the way to zak for nothing, the next day after server check i went back for revenge....

Things were bad from the start. my sis's dying lappy took like 1.5hrs to get maple installed and patched (patching x2). Than i finally formed my own expedition and got going...

Bad move, the patching took way too long, there were ppl waiting outside zak already... after waiting 1.5-2hrs i finally got in the altar... by than is was afternoon like 3 or 4pm already... my guildee started complaining abt the lag.... ><

Arms was fine, i keep worrying abt whether my nub damage will allow me to finish zak in an hour... but in the end, maple decided it for me

b1... about halfway through, i went out of tanking the body cos is had super WD up... Than i got stunned... for as long as 2 mins... pg etc... my buffs were all running out. When there was a break in stun i rushed back to body to tank in the hope that i'll stop getting stunned. i was wrong. still stunned, i could only watch as i got knocked around hopelessly, taking the touch damage from zakum. Combo timer ran out... than it all happened... a silent killer... the lag... with my char still stunned, i saw my hp drop from almost full (34k) to 1k. and than it immediately tombed. GREAT. I was stunned all along so i couldnt tell from my attacks, the mobs were still flying about wildly so it didnt look like it was lagging either... and no, no animation for 1/1 and heck i was tanking body dammit... and 1/1 would leave me with more than 1k+ hp anyway! STUPID LAG!

That really really pissed me off. my 1st ever zak run ending in epic failure cos of the incredible lag. Wasted several hours, 1 eye of fire... and 1 safety charm. I still stand by the fact that i HATE going zak.

Didnt maple the entire weekend after that. Went to read naruto instead... finished all 526 chapters of it now. Finally went back to training my mech late last night... after flame n law dragged me to scar/targa with them. Mech lvl 52 now... lazy to post SSes as usual, haven even posted my SSes of bam hitting 3rd job on my facebook lol.

Mech is really pawnzor... and i really <3 my lvl 19 bof. my mech has DOUBLE the attack range of some guys i id mcpq with earlier even tho i didnt prepare any eq for me mech. oh well, i did get a wa52 gun from scrolling the king pepe gun with the king pepe scrolls tho. SUPER lucky, 6 slots passed! it certainly made up for my mistake in forgetting to take the boxes and capsules for revo gun and exp. Was so depressing to see ppl speed lvl with the capsules which i forgot to take zzzz. Didnt have much use inv space that time so i left it till later to take... only that i forgot to take it on the last day of the event haiz. sianz. and i chiong wh to lvl 70 for the box, thinking that it was the same box as the one i missed out... only to find that this gives lvl 50 mech parts instead... oh wells.

Now skidding ard in el nath killing hectors... much slower exp than drakes... but drakes is kinda... crowded... maybe not at this time tho, but i feel a bit sick of all the rude ppl i encounter there... and after training bam and WH there... bleh.

maybe i'll head over to ludi instead... or something...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MSEA epic fail as usual

Warning: You may this post as a random, and boring rant.
Patch, server down, minor patch... bugs... hackers...

delays in releasing the patch notes, than subsequently (always) updating the patch notes...

30 fame requirement that will do nothing but force legitimate players to buy fame... those hackers are like an organisation, with many comps hacking+botting at the same time. they just need to spend a bit of time using their chars to up each other's fame... whereas like all my new chars have less than 10 fame -.-''' zzzz

lie detectors... its just not gonna work in msea. i can imagine ppl will be spamming lie detectors at other players in maps like mp3 to steal the map -.-'''
or at the other party who is trying to bot zak for example. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

either way, i'll have to clear a slot for lie detectors for sure...

Than there's the English School Party Quiz event. The NPC goes:

Hi, I'm Mr.P. Do you think the English hard to study?

Are you bawling and rolling in laughter now...? if you think that's intentional... than perhaps you shd read the notices they post. just to quote a few examples...

Please be inform that a Minor Patch will be required to update your Game Client version from v1.06.1 to v1.06.2
It shd be please be informed, for those who didn’t realise.

ok, the 'til' is probably just a typo... but i can't help but say that just about every sentence in the patch notes is phrased in a... strange way. can't they get someone with better English to write the damned thing?
Due to popular demand by Maplers since December 2010 til now, Permanent Decorative Cash Item Sales is BACK!

and it shd be, from Dec till now. if they want to use the word since, there's no need for the 'till now'.
We hope this clear up some misunderstanding on this issue.

It shd be 'we hope this will clear...'

the above was only taken from the minor patch notice, and reading a bit of the patch notes...

Singlish is fine in casual settings, like chatting with friends on facebook or forums... or writing personal blog entries.. i use Singlish a lot more than i'd care to admit... but for God's sake, get someone who can write in PROPER English to do the site announcements! And get a spell checker.

they repeated so many events over and over... the golden temple, monster box is back for the Nth time... gacha stamp... mini dungeon crystals... pathetic lack of creativity really. merely repeating those events that earn them big money like the gacha stamp and monster box over and over. over and over. Anniversary celebrations? this year was the worst ever. the drop rate of the eq boxes was crap, and there was not other way we could get our maple eqs. the boxes were pretty much monopolised by hackers or something? i didn’t get more than 10 boxes despite training for hours... items from the boxes was also rather lousy. didn’t get the eqs i wanted. aw come on! kms had such exciting anniversary events... jms has nice events too that really really temps me to play back... if not for the language barrier haiz.

GMS has gotten chaos patch already... and than we're finally getting mechs... i'm gonna give $$$soft another nickname. i'm gonna call it phail$oft.

bad news for some ppl, saw this post in the forums (pala's mystic bar, posted by WadIsMyName):
The New Boss Re-Balance has already been implemented as tested by me during scarlion today.
Before patch scarlion B3 deals me only 1 dmg (body)
After patch scarlion deals me 70-100+ dmg (body)

the changed info was already in their patch... so if they didn’t remove it later on... i believe the change will still be implemented? let's see... another patch to change it back or just go ahead with implementing the change or...? the guy who posted this is a pala tho, so he's got WD aplenty. saw some posts in the GD... seems like the boss damage got increased already.

i'm afraid i can't help but agree with what this guy says though:
Originally Posted by BanglaSin:
im not an elite myself but i do agree bigbang has removed the challenge in most bosses.

Papu. no chance of dying as long as HP above 3k. body 1 for range attackers just stand far and keep knockbacking. Bombs deal less than 1k, compared to 8k dmg before bigbang. papu = baby boss now

Scarlion and targa - b3 body damage from 7k to 3k. range attackers now wont die, can hug body even. no need to find a warrior rusher.

anego - no 10k touch and 18k slap damage. gun from 5k damage reduced to 2k damage. anego is just a free bunch of exp. really no challenge since bigbang arrived.

samu - i heard lightning from 8k damage reduced to 2k, no chance of dying = no challenge.

BGA - no more 18k touch damage - reduced to 3k damage. any job can solo it now with sufficient damage. no challenge too, and good bunch of exp.

experience coming from 15x NL. Honestly the bosses have became easier but i wont want them to be as "imbalanced" as before.

imbalanced meaning ranged attackers such as NL BM and captains need to wash hp and get HB JUST to survive.

and i want my DHB back (although i know its impossible)

v1.06 - full of problems... as usual

as expected, the patch was full of problems. didn’t plan to patch today, and at the rate they are going, i wont get to even if i wanted to.

Aquila down... than minor patch... and patch note updated...
Boss Monster Re-Balance will not take effect during Mechanic patch and delay until further notice. Thank you.

and than the minor patch:
Minor Patch on 06/07/2011

Dear Maplers,

Please be informed that there will be an Minor Patch on 6th July 2011 from 2030hrs – 2200hrs (+8 GMT).

Game Service will be down. Please log out before this period to prevent any game disruption.

Please be inform that a Minor Patch will be required to update your Game Client version from v1.06.1 to v1.06.2
Please be aware that you will need to auto-patch to v1.06.2 after the Minor Patch on 6th July 2011.

Minor Patch update include:
• Fixing of Keyboard Setting Bug

– Maple Administrator

hurrah for MSEA!

forums also down... i bet most of the lie detectors will be used for all the wrong reasons (like stealing legitimate player's maps etc)... whee!

MapleSEA v.1.06 - Mechs and more

ok, so the mechanics patch is scheduled to be done soon. barring any extensions... knowing msea + AS tho, there probably will be. anyway the patch notes were finally out this morning... thought i'll discuss the patch notes in brief here.

For the full patch notes, please see HERE.

1) Mechanics are here blah blah blah... another new job as well all knew already. nothing much to say here.

2) Mech support event, resistance rings, boxes and capsules... the usual stuff.

3) Evolving ring event is back. those who missed out on the earlier ones, go get urs now and quick. char who have the ring in their inv already will not be able to do the quest. you have to xfer the ring out... i'm probably not gonna get any ring this time round. got enough rings already.

4) Attendance check event is back, once again a re-run of the previous event, giving the same two chairs over a 10-day event. The difference is that you get to pick one of the two chairs... meaning that you can only get 1 of the chairs per char and not both (since there's only one round of it this time!).

5) Monster box event - another old re-run event. for those who want to 'donate' acash to $$$soft only.

6) Sheep ranch event - sounds fun and worthy of a few rounds of my time. i wonder what kind of reward you can get though. if the rewards are lousy, i'm not gonna be doing it beyond the sake of trying it out and taking a few SSes.

7) English school party quiz. sound fun, the rewards aren't bad... except that they are time limited. cos of the time limitation i probably can't be bothered. masks with 4wa or 4ma (lasts for 30 days) and medals with 2wa and 4ma (lasts 60 days) aren't too bad tho.

8) perm cash shop items. if u wanna decorate ur char... its not too bad a deal... that is IF u wanna spend the acash tho...

9) Boss mobs revamp! this is the point of... anger for many i guess...
current scar b3 stats
Weapon Att.:3,990
Magic Att.: 3,957
Weapon Def.: 570
Magic Def.: 1,020

new scar b3 stats
W.Att : 5985
M.Att : 5936
W.Def : 1197
M.Def : 2142

so from 4k wa to 6k wa... i'm actually glad for this change tho. scar/targa is getting too easy now... and krex that hits me for 1 damage? that's such a joke! as if krex wasn’t easy and boring enough before big bang already... hopefully this will lower the number of ppl scarring and targaing. the skill books from those bosses were getting worthless way too fast. not to mention that pots are sooo cheap nowadays f3. elixirs and PEs from the fm are like cheaper than honster from NLC! wat the hell! no more buying of honsters... i'm gonna dig into my stock of elixirs and PEs... even PEs are cheaper than honsters... like wut! didn’t realise it till last night. slow, i know.

10) MoN - new ones will become one-of-a-kind... something that shd have been done from the start.
CWKPQ becomes an expedition. watever... it just means we don't have to use zak or watever expedition when doing cwkpq.
Lie detector now on sale again. like wat i said to my guild mates some time back... needed to sort of help with the hacker situation. but we darn need a freaking SOLUTION... not a round about. knowing msea ppl, there's gonna be hell a lot of misuse coming up >< haiz.

11) Gacha stuff. like watever.

12) Cash shop update... like watever.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Rawr... rushed ludi pq with flame for the cracked glasses the yest and the day before... but it boomed with pot scroll... both of out glasses boomed -.- wasted the time and effort haiz.

mech is coming out tmr... i'll probably make a mech tmr, late a night where there's hopefully fewer ppl around. or i might wait a few days before i make one... idk. hope there'll be a free slot given... else i'll have to... buy a char expansion slot? >< i want my mech with my hero for ease of sharing items... in future there's things like the bm legend and warrior resistance chars too... my hero acct is already reaching the max 15 chars... i guess those will really have to go with my NW or smthing... and i want a pala UA with SM... rawr... the max of 15 chars in 1 acct is NOT ENOUGH! i think i'm up to like... 11 chars in there already? RRAWRRRR which reminds me... i shd still go out tmr... needa get a bit of acash to buy the char expansion slot. i'll have to find stuff to xfer to another acct so that i can delete and remake a char or smthing... i already dumped all my skill books to another acct but my use inv is still full or scrolls! >< wanna make a flairgrave, pot scroll it, hammer 2x with the free gift i got in all the wrong accts, and than dump in 60%s... oh and i got 2 free cubes too... problem is the lack of dragon carabella in the market. yest did an owl search (the free items once again) and found none. later on a shop sprang up (thks flame for letting me know) selling at 200m... kinda steep... mts i saw one for 14.5k tho, tempted to get that >< oh wells. i'll restrain myself for a while longer and see how it goes. want a flairgrave mainly cos it is tradable. since my hero is reaching the end soon and i hope to train a pala next time... making another reverse for my hero seems... not very wise (plus, i dont have enough tp). sighz... why the freak are dragon spirits/scales such a rare drop item... u need 20 each to make the sword too at that!!!

okays... that's all for now... gonna... cont training my evan. in desperate need to get rid of all the dews my hero got from bossing lol. wat a nice way to motivate myself to train my evan. lol.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Are you ready for mech?

Mech is coming out in like 2 days! Are you ready for mech? Excited? or cant be bothered?

i'm all ready for mech... nope, didnt prepare a single pirate/mech eq, but i've finally trained my bam to 3rd job and gotten the ring and box... so that i can concentrate on my mech later on. i dont think my mech or any of my resistance will make it to 4th job any soon. still have to train my hero to 200 and that's taking a really really long time. wanna play a pala too, esp when UA comes ard... been wanting to play pala for a really long time, in fact i have two lvl 30 knight created long long time ago. wanted to play palas way before the dual charges or big bang changes were known, but nvr found the time to do so. my hero will always still be my main, and i wont train other chars much till my hero reaches the end in terms of lvling up...

all the new classes/jobs are more over powered than the previous one... mech is a super over powered bad ass who takes barely any damage cos of its super high def, but deals TONS or damage. played a mech merely to 4x in jms before i could not long stand the lag + my exams started. its... ok, fun but nothing too special in the early stages... definitely over powered tho. with 0 bof, all clean eqs, i could 1hko all the mobs i was hitting, something my bam cant do -.-'''. guess my mech will be kicking ass with lvl 19 bof and wa12 gloves... that's ALL the eq i have for my mech tho. its ok... i wont be training it to 4th job anysoon i guess, and even then i'm not really rich enough to go buy superb weapons for my mech. slowly it does...

well that's all for now. going grind ludi pq with my bl for the glasses to potential. tata!

Friday, July 1, 2011

No mood to maple...

tried to train my BAM a bit last night, but it was SUPER LAGGY!

i'm still going to have to rush 12 lvls on my bam before mech comes out... which doesn’t leave me with much time at all but... ah wells.

gng out with my family to the asian civilisation museum later, so don't feel like gng on maple now. instead i've updated my other blog with like tons of post so far today... see my twitter feed for the links...

no mood to train hero either. training is still as slow as ever, and like someone has been cleaning out my toads (see previous post)... haven had the mood to even go scar/targa even tho my char is still parked at kumpung. probably cos sch started and there is hardly anyone on9 in guild... no one coming with me to boss and piggyback on the free helms... :( i solo mostly cos of the scroll drops. and i can get a whee bit of exp... every little bit helps after all.

here's some math for... fun laughter and joy. sure, exp is reduced by a lot, but there's no more coring and... for non-hardcore/motivated players like me, it's still gonna take eternity to lvl. i just hope i can lvl up before the free ap reset i got from some thank you mapler event a while back expires. so that i can wash 1 ap to hp... just for the sake of doing so after the big bang patch.

To lvl 198
from my last SS of my hero, i'm at...


ok... total exp needed from 197 to 198 is... 983,538,205... so i'll need 524,940,368 more exp.

so that means i'll need to kill (all soloing)...
73946 Chief Oblivion Guardian aka Chief Guardian of Oblivion before big bang
261 Scarlion/Targa boss from b1 to b3 (if i go kill the bosses every single day, 4 or them each day, that'll take 66 days, only that i don't go whack em everyday ><)
157 Krexels, b1 + b2. that means 79 days if i go twice every day.
30 Toads, b1 + b2. now u know why i was so despo to look for toads, and why the toads were all cleared out -.-'''

i could try all the NT bosses, as i wanted to the other day... but i couldn’t find enough ppl to help me bot... darn.

guess i'll have to stick with scar and krexels, with the occasional training and hunting at time temple. maybe attempt to find toad when i'm free...

too lazy to count how many i'll have to kill to reach 200. maybe next time.