Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Von Leon downed!

Did two rounds of fame trading with law and flame.

Chars that pass 50 fame mark: i/l, hero, mech, evan. phew, my sis's i/l got 55 fame already

Chars in need of fame:
nw nid 6, bam nid 47, aran nid 43, wh nid 3, db nid 30, SM nid 3

SG/MY National Day Event Stats:
Times done quiz: 33 rounds, 20 chars = 660 times

Glassed chars and stats:
Hero 3x (2 boom)
Mech 2x (1 boom, 1 3-liner)
WH 4x (2 boom, 1 2-liner, 1 3-liner)
bam 2x evan (2-liner)
aran 4x (2 boom, 1 2-liner, 1 3 liner)
NW 6x (2 boom, 2 2-liner)
DB 3x (2 boom, 1 2-liner)
SM 3x
Semi abandoned I/L 1x
Storage DB 3x
Aran3 1x
Abandoned FW 3x
Storage bam 2x
Storage sin 1x
Storage page2 1x
Abandoned sin 1x
Abandoned cleric to be 1x

Chars that will/might be trained in the future and want 3 liners: hero, db, bam

Boomed: 11
2-liners: 6
3-liners: 3
Total no. of potential scrolls used:20

went to hunt dews on sat... managed to get 2 in 4 hours, super lucky... tho after that didn’t get anymore le...

sun went to chiong LKC, managed to get like... 5% after training the whole day -.-''' the stupid server crash + rb made me lose 1hour worth of training haiz. trying to chiong to lvl 198 but its so hard... like 0.5-0.6% exp per hour? like not much diff from pre-big bang zzzzzz. hope they fix the LKC pt bonus bug, that'll really help speed up my training.

got bored after grinding like 4 hours last night and went Von Leon with my bl. ad hoc pt of like 13 or 14 ppl... not bad, we managed to down with 18mins left on the timer. i was impressed that we even managed to down.... at the beginning we only have 5 members, not even enough to enter -.-''' than after waiting like 1hr managed to get a lot more ppl to come... else sure can't down de. didn’t loot tio a single thing, not even a money bag lol. died 5 times and used up the 5 free charms from event... gd thing nvr lose any exp lol. no SSes, Von Leon is quite hectic and there's the stupid SS bug anyway... f3 didn’t use that much pots, cos u can't spam pots anyway since there's a cd timer on pots. really need a bunch of warriors rushing anyway the mobs fast, we managed to let VL heal up quite a few times >< the damage reflect is a killer, as good as once reflect starts, attackers are 100% dead... so yeah, magic crash is impt, but hard to keep an organised bunch of crashes too cos there's jail - where u get sent to another map, you nid to hit the boxes and get a key to go out the portal back to the boss map (and loads of deaths). yeah partly cos of jail you don't use pots that much? my ad hoc expedition had 5 crashers, but still not enough cos ppl die/get jailed a lot... once you can get a bunch of crashes gng tho, the vl hp goes down real fast. definitely good to go VL when u are 200 or just lvl so u don't have to worry abt dying and can just spam attacks all the way... we had dk as rusher, but not quite enough... got once he couldn’t manage and the mobs went running amok... in spite of the rest of the warriors joining in to rush, we couldn’t make it in time and VL healed from like 25% to 75% sighz... that was like 30mins into the fight >< so from 75% to 0% took us 12mins only... the boss hp itself isnt much, its all the stuff like having to keep the golems away that makes the fight troublesome. once ur pt can get the castle golems away all the time, downing the boss is will be quite a fast/easy affair. easy cos... so long as you don't care abt the exp lost/reached lvl 200 already/have 0% exp, you don't need to worry about dying since you can re-enter the boss map even after you die. not like other bosses where you have to spam wheels... ><

getting bored of maple and thks to all my friend's urging, i went to dl dragon nest last night. haven install yet... and i'm wondering if i shd train hero, or play DN... haiz... still got that 1 free ap reset that expires on 2nd sept f3 -.-''' wanna wash hp with that but really hard to lvl by than...

haiz. k, that's all for now... tata

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