Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Von Leon Out TODAY!

Yes, Von Leon will be out TODAY! that is if the patch doesn’t take overly long... apart from the main content patches, there's a couple of other changes too... shall summarize what excites me in this patch.

Patch notes are available here
For the main content patch, there are 4 major things that have been added:
Von Leon & Lion King Castle
• About Lion’s King Castle
• About Von Leon Expedition
• About Von Leon Equipments
• Ani Raid! (Level 70 and above)

Cygnus Knight & Ultimate Explorer
• The Awakening of Cygnus Knights
• A New Alliance
• About Ultimate Explorer

Floating Island – Chryse
• Discovering The Mysterious Floating Island – Chryse
• About Saving Chryse
• The Final Boss

Guild System Revamp
• Requirement of Guild Creation Revised!
• Guild System Interface Revamp!
• New Guild Points (GP) System!
• New and Better Guild Benefits!

There's nothing much to explain about these... since all that needs to be explained has already been done on the msea website itself.

Von Leon and lion king castle is naturally what excites me the most. Chryse is only for lvl 55-70 chars, and like... NONE of my active chars fits the bill... UE i wont be in a hurry to make... i really wonder how crowded LKC will be and how long the patch will take... oh wells, i gotta wait in sch all the way till 5:45pm for a talk... and my only class today ended at 11:30am. sighz.

Other interesting points to note in today's patch:
3 master monsters added, and you get a bonus for partying up to kill master monsters (30% per pt member, max 150% exp bonus)
fairy's pendant is back once more for the rest of the month
the tomato event that i saw in youtube in other servers is out for the 1st time in msea...

this part of the patch notes have quite some interesting things...

7. [Bug Fix and Changes] Bug Fix and Changes

1. New World Map features
  • Search function to find specific maps and monsters.
  • Search function for monster recommendations to find monsters near your level.
  • View Entire World/View Other Regions.
  • Boss monster names are now included in the list of monsters when mouse over the maps they are located.
Finally we get the revamped world map! i was quite disappoint to see that we didn’t get the new world map in big bang. really love the revamped world map when i played jms, tot it came with big bang but apparently not. i like the view entire world/other regions feature the best. now you can check out the mob lvls in other places so plan where to train at, w/o having to go the hidden street or go to that region in game to check...
2. 50% EXP increase when using Surpreme Fishing Bait (For Fishing Assistant Use Only) during fishing
    Obtainable from Cash Item “Fishing Bait Can For Fishing Assistant Use Only”
doesn’t affect me...
3. Elemental Wands and Staffs bonus attributes restored when using elemental attacks at reduced rate before Big Bang.
don't have any ele wands so...
4. Change in Expedition Time Limit on Horntail and Zakum
    Zakum Expedition : 50 minutes
    Horntail Expedition : 1 hour 15 minutes
doesn’t affect me either...
5. Improved Item drops from Expedition Bosses!
    Various new rewards are added to Zakum, Chaos Zakum, Horntail, Chaos Horntail and Pink Bean Expedition!
i wonder wat's added?
6. Lie Detector Test Enhancement
  1. Purchasing Price reduction to 1,000 meso
  2. Rewarding amount is the same as purchasing price when successfully used on a botter
  3. Repeatedly failed Lie Detector Test at an abnormal rate will result in permanent suspension
finally! however they didn’t say what's the abnormal rate... if the rate is too high it wont be useful in catching those hackers either... at least its better than what it was before though.
7. 50 fames requirement to:
• Exit Leafre Town
• Transformation into dragon to Time Temple
• Enter level 68 and above mini dungeons
• Exit Kampung Village right portal to higher level maps
• Enter Entrance to Ulu City from suburban Area 2
• Enter Ninja Castle Hallway from Inside Ninja Castle
• Enter Parking Lot from Near the Hideout
• Enter dungeon maps from Path of Time
• Enter Bigger Ben Lobby from New Leaf City (clock portal)
GGGGRRRRRREAT.. now you need to get 50 fames for all your new chars -.-''' which means that my mech needs to get more fames -.-''' i wonder if my evan even has 50 fames -.-''' seriously i dont understand why they do this.get 50 fames is child's play for those hackers... but for those of us playing and trying out all the exciting new characters, it is HARD to get 50 fames! Instead of deterring hackers, this is only deterring legit players. thank $soft. i mean really, thanks...
8. Minimum of level 15 to enter Free Market Entrance
crap... i think my ores storage char can't enter the fm now... not that it really matters, i just need the char to be stationed at el nath to convert my ores to refined ores/jewels
9. Multiple pet features (Bug Fixed)there was a bug? no idea.... anyway sadly only my alien pet is alive now
hmm... that's all there is to the patch... more chairs released in gacha etc... hmm yes, i've got stuff to add to HS now... loads of stuff >< sighz.

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