Monday, November 22, 2010

and it went... KABOOM!


spent like 20m or smthing on item maker enhancing crystals etc

1st thing i made was reverse shoe. adv aquamarine, amethyst n power. stats come out average.

2nd, made a reverse 1h. adv power, diamond, black crystal. 114wa and 5str

threw in 30%s since there's no point ending up with a 12X sword, that'll be the same as my current one. 1st slot passed... 2nd slot KABOOM

since i xfer over my 1h sword attack scrolls, decided to scroll my flairgrave too. cos its really useless n just sitting in my inv for nth right now... end up... same fate... 1st slow passed. 2nd slot KABOOM

made another reverse 1h. this time with int power since i ran out of adv power liao. 110wa (note all bo use stim), 3 str... -.-''' 1st slot failed. 2nd slot KABOOM.

3 KABOOMs in a day...

total 5 reverse 1h made, only 1 survived --> DUH will survive, i only used 60%s.
2 reverse shoe made, 1 boomed, 1 clean and unpotentialed.

total 255 POTs used... wonder when i'll get my 14X sword... -.-'''

that's all for today...

really slacked the entire weekend after chionging two lab reports last week. 1 more due this week and this week got lab also, which means another lab report. quiz next week too... didnt do very well for my elective quiz last fri... oh wells. its late, time to sleep!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unleash Your Hidden Potential!

yes, the potential system is out... and i boomed my reverse shoe with a potential scroll... the only item i boomed to far tho thankfully. major mesos and cash burner. cubed a bit on my sword, nut only ended up with 6% str and 3% str. two lines only. i've banned myself from further cubing till... maybe next year? after CNY? idk. no more buying acash... i did get some permanent CS eq tho... a glasses to cover my ugly owl mask, the mp3 earrings, and a wing effect...

so i managed to get random eq like a top with 3% str n dex, lvl 60 bot with 2% str, lvl 40 shoe with 2% str... all mob drops with hidden potential... now i can finally hit 40+k even with my spd eq...! can see 45k or so w/o crit at scar b3... finally broke the 40k barrier for me lol... now i'm just a whee bit short of 1 dish 1 rush kill skeles... and a little bit from there to 1hko skeles... sigh. miracle cubes is the answer but i'm not taking that.

went scar with my friends twice... 1st time i ended up almost soloing b3... by soloing i mean the one dealing damage... left with a prz who heal only (duh, wat else can a prz do right?), flame on his 12x evan... who cant help much cos his range not far enough (compared to flame wheel), than he keep tio kb... and of cos scar keep MD up... took ard 1hour to down b3... not too bad considering the last time i solo part of b3 i took 1.5hours -.-'''
was quite stressing tho, cos flame a bit prone to dying, prz also just nice can tank scar with hb (oh, they got a lvl 6x hber)... than sometimes the db and hber come all the way to look see... keep asking them to go up -.-''' i DID rush wrongly 3 times, 1st time was in b2 and scar didnt move, or it was behind me, i cant rem... but the other 2 times happened in b3. flame saw i rush wrong side also... but thankfully both the times scar was BEHIND me. cos i walk back, didnt give keyboard/game enough time to turn ard than press rush... and was messed by the crazy skull thing that keep activating when i'm walking into position for the next rush... a while nvr go scar liao, and last few times i go all have other rushers ard, and i only rush very occasionally... i tend to save time rushing by letting scar walk onto me le than rush. else rush, walk back, if scar walks out at the same time, once u walk out already need rush again - basically u are left with no time to dish (plus i wearing damage eq, spd 115 nia!) oh yeah... actually there was a NL whacking scar b3 too, but he very weird lah, stand so close and whack... he was standing right where i was standing to whack. 1st time scar walk out, he bo fj away also... scar touched me... and him... and tomb. that was within like 1min of b3 -.-''' gotta say the hb-er really nice (well all flame guild de ppl except me), stay the entire fight just to hb, and nvr loot anything. (i mean, nice as a person... if it were me i'd be erm, bored to death?) the prz also very pro. banged into scar once n didnt die... well i've seen bishps died in scar before... this person prz only with barely enough hp n mp to tank (with hb, w/o hb will die) and didnt die... and healed well enough such that i only spent like 20-30 honsters, almost all of which was when they went to take hb. well i guess my 21k hp and the pg + archilles helps too... take 5k+ damage per hit from scar only. ard 5.2k i think.

yest wanted to help flame zak, but end up when zak summoned i see a 2arm-ed creature. dc in a few minutes after that... but still considered not bad liao. the moment zak summoned i think 3 or 4 ppl str dc lol. this patch is really cmi lah. went zak before the patch and didnt dc until this lame person decided to take an SS of my guildee's mega for reaching lvl 200. than black screen n but that was in like b2 i think. not like yest summoned a few mins than dc. but in the end... flame died... the 12X aran died and wheeled dunnoe how many times... left cow and 15X evan solo. evan damage is really pawnzor i tell u. can main cow... went scar that night, evan was there too (bs dc-ed, law dc-ed shortly after start, flame died...). his flame wheel can hit like 130k or smthing with crit... w/o crit 80k+ or so... wearing ele wand so partly why his damage so high... but that's like... the dps probably wont lose to me if we just standing on one spot spamming the attack. not to mention the range is crazy... in zak hit arms on both sides. gotta check out on evan attack spd now, but i think no have the data... and in the latest revamp on KMST i think evan attack spd was made faster... i think i can do 1.5 to 2 dishes in 1 flame wheel cast, but that's a rough estimate from the scar battle. anyway in actual bossing evans have a harder time cos they have to keep adjusting their position n keep getting kb, whereas warriors have stance. <3 stance really. pretty much the best thing abt the warrior class. also, in zak i would tank body so that i wont get stunned (cow didnt in yest de zak), but evan stay outside and will keep get stunned, lowering dps. anyway last night de scar took total 1hour... quite fast... evan powerful haha... dropped 3 helms, evan took all since i pot scrolled and passed on my scar helm... well 2 lines only and i'd rehelm IF i had pot scrolls with me, but now i dont have any. didnt drop any eq, got a spirit claw 30 (had one from the previous day's scar too, price check anyone?), and the only useful scrolls was a staff ma and a 1h sword att. quite cute, i picked up the staff ma and the evan the sword att, than we switched scrolls lol. considering the last time when i sweeped 1h sword att the CHEAPEST i found were like 3-4m, and i only spent ard 200 honsters (1.2m), i guess the run was quite worth the effort. more importantly i was wanted to go bossing for fun lol. mesos wasnt part of my consideration want to try soloing scar and krexel. i think will take ard 2hours each? considering an almost solo scar b3 was ard 1hr... yest only spend ard 200 honsters at scar... if solo say use 600 honsters? still ok lah... anyway just want try for fun and see my noob timing. went clock yest n sg boss yest and these where my timings... clock i went with flame (he hide at the side and help me take timing, thks!) before the potential system patch, best timing out of 2 rounds was 8mins 2secs. yest best timing was 6mins 17sec... sg boss took only 20secs, 8 secs off from the pre-potential timing... evan sg boss best timing ish 2mins 5 sec, lvl 104
potential scrolled helms can give u 10% chance to show a random emoticon for 10secs when hit by mobs... this one is 10% chance to FEEL TOUCHED... i so seriously need this man...

Friday, November 5, 2010

darkiller's on facebook!

yup, i'm now on facebook. not that i wasnt on fb previously, but now i've got a facebook acct dedicated to maple. posting all my maple SSes into the photo albums and such... always wanted to find a place to post all my SSes over the years, and now i finally have a place to do so!

check it out here ->

almost 200 photos uploaded now and A TON more to go...

today's a public holiday! whoohoo! but.... i've got two lab reports due in a while, and the info lit project due next week... ewwwww T.T

quite alot of things happened in maple since my last post... the halloween event belts and olivia chair... i went on cwkpq runs and didnt dc yay! the batch was really screwed up tho and... i left just after i joined... had a lounge outing to JCC for the anime/manga exhibit

Date: 23rd Oct
Time/Venue: 1pm at Orchard MRT station

Plan: Eat lunch, than walk to Japan Creative Centre, desm0njun will lead the way
Depending on how long we spend at JCC, we might walk ard Orchard a bit after that.

Those going:
cowcow aka rainier aka melon o.0
jp (wearing aran shirt)
dusis aka cat
Total: 7

the exhibit was really disappointing. unless u are going to pick a manga and plonk there and read, there isnt anything else to see really. quite alot of books for you to read alright, but not really something u'd do when going on an outing with friends. we had mos burger before walking to JCC, than went to ion orchard and slacked in BK... later walked to taka... nothing to do, than walked to plaza sg... went daiso... nothing to do... than go home! lol...

mousehunt had a halloween event too... collected the seeds and blueprint but still yet to make the trap - tho i want to collect but its kinda expensive and i wont ever use the traps since they are weaker than what i already have. (so purely for collection purposes only)

Here are the stats of the two traps:
Pumpkin Pummeler

Power: 1150 (Shadow)
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 5
Cheese Effect: Fresh

Pumpkin Pummeler
It takes one seriously evil pumpkin seed to grow a squash so steeped in malevolence, so genuinely nasty that it will sacrifice its brothers and sisters on the vine to smash random passersby... but hey, it makes a great trap mechanism. Mice come in, expecting a festive treat, (and maybe a guy dressed up as a scarecrow jumping out of the bushes), and instead, they come face to face with a real Halloween horror, complete with monster teeth!

-Pumpkin Pummeler Blueprints
These blueprints are a diagram of a unique farming process that will grow an Evil Pumpkin Seed into a mouse pummeling sight to behold!

Available at the 'Haunted Terrortories' general shop at 168,000 gold.

-Evil pumpkin seed
Available as a loot drop from the 'Gourdborg mouse'

And the upgrade:
Cackle Lantern Trap
Where did all the other pumpkins go? Oh yeah, that's right... the Cackle Lantern smashed them all. But, out of the remains of his old companions springs a new friend who understands the rigors of carnivorous planthood: a sprout of the Venus Mouse Trap. Together, these two are ready to smash, swallow, and snare any mouse that dares set foot on their trap-- just don't ask them to share the proceeds once they're done. The immense heat of the lantern occasionally increases Fire Salt drops when hunting in the Jungle of Dread.

Formula: Pumpkin Pummeler Trap
Description Qty Cost
Digby DrillBot Parts 1 404,340 / Loot
Dragon Ember 1 Loot
Obelisk Parts 1 316,350 / Crafted
Smashed Pumpkin 1 168,000 / Crafted
Venus Mouse Trap Husk 1 299,650 / Crafted
Tiny Platinum Bar 24 60,000
Total 2,224,000 - 2,628,340

Cost: 2,224,000 - 2,628,340 gold
Points Required: 29,000,000
Power: 2,200
Power Type: Shadow
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 12
Cheese Effect: Extremely Stale

some SSes...

i helped a bl of mine (actually, the guy who went ravanna with me in my last post, that's how we meet!) scar helm... with my guildmates and fellow loungers

me, law, n flame... our 1st olivia chair! cos the drop rate of the dolls was pathetic at 1st... the three of us completed the quest on 3 chars so that we can help each other get the chair. later the drop rate was increased and we chairs on 4 chars each, with plenty of time to spare before the event ended :)

the belts i scrolled... decent wa/ma... not superb, but i'm happy with it already.

my evan also went to smash sg boss... super fast down... less than 1 MG cast time gao dim...

ok, that's abt it for now... yeah go see my fb if u are free... tata!