Sunday, December 27, 2009

back to maple

so i'm back from my holidays a couple of days ago...
went to chiong SM and hero... SM lvled up 5 times to lvl 100 2 days ago, and hero made it to 159... now i'm 1 short of the world of 16X, and 4 short of my 163 bossing package completion. after 163... i guess i'll get rush 1st, then achilles. doubt i'll ever get a ht neck or mw20, but of cos if my luck changes then i'll leave the next 3 lvls of sp for mw20. also went to train aran to lvl 52 today - the keyboard smashing is really not to my liking. tapping tappity tap on my keyboard - dam freaking noisy - my parents wont even have to peep into my room to know that i'm playing T.T

going to work on hs sea updates before i the 2x drop and exp later at night where it'll be time to train hero.

also intending to start work on a brand new website of my own to host my guides and so on... but then again i'm wondering abt my abilities... my website building techniques is non-existent yet i've got a really grand website in mind... -.- will it ever be fulfilled? o.o

got a lot of additions to my training grounds guide to be made - and then they split the forum section for arans and warriors, so whether i will make another guide for arans... well i really dont know though for now i'm thinking not to.

okays, gonna start adding some medals to hs... tata

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Time not enough!

oh gosh! i just realised, today is friday already! and we are leaving on sunday night! that means that at most i'll have till sunday afternoon to do my stuff. and i'll have to finish up my packing tmr! oh gosh... stuff to do on HS, stuff to do on my guide... not enough time ><

Thursday, December 10, 2009


hmm... haven mapled at all today, did some stuff like utopia, petting all the WFF fluffs and caroling (the xmas event)... oh the mousehunt ginger bread base blue prints are out! but i've yet to catch the mice that drops it since the prints came out :( already got the GB house trap, but wanna collect the base now!

edited in a teeny weeny little bit of the arans part in my guide... was doing packing n went to the mkt just now with my mum - and that took us pretty long. i promise to finish that up before gng on holiday tho, so i gotta get working!

also, my sis found my clip on sun glasses thing, it was hiding among a shooe box in which she keep all the old spectacles... ha, knew it was with her! oh wells, doesnt matter so long as its found now... :D

our hard working saigo finished all the neo tokyo quests like... yesterday or smthing? anyway i think there isnt too much that the HS sea is lacking now... oh yeah the aran maps arent completed yet - the rien maps shown on the site are only limited to the maps normal adventurers are able to explore - jon brought his priest there to explore haha! No priests allowed in there! in fact, some maps are just like maple island beginning few maps - no turning back there, there's a portal forward but no portal back. the only way to explore those is to make a new aran char. speaking of which, those 'no turning back' maple island maps were just added in to hs sea. the rien stuff shd be coming soon i guess - someone was just assigned the aran quests a couple of days back... i already did my part by sending all that tons of SS and short steps for the aran quests over... those very limited bit that i know that is.

after all that furry of activity in terms of HS sea updates, things have quietened down somewhat, oh the string of quests and stuff related to the balrog boss have just been added, but i dont see a lot of stuff that still needs working on... oh wait the last i saw, there are a lot of scrolls that needs to be disabled, not sure if its been done yet... but oh wells, i'm feeling oh so lazy now. nah, i shd get working on my guide... heh, there are ALOT of those extra stuff that i wanted to add... all undone whee! -.-

okays okays, i'll continue working on aranifying my training grounds guide.

the holidays begins

no more exams, gotta try and squeeze out some time to do up the guide in stuff...

hero lvled up today! lvl 158 now... mw9 at last :D can 2hko skele ard... 80% of the time w/o enrage le. not bad :D reach 17.1k hp already. haven wash out the 5ap i just added into hp today - waiting for the YES (year end sales) to come, hope i wont start and end while i'm away T.T

great, i just realize i cant find that sunglasses clip on thing which i'll need for the holiday trip since we're gng korea and china, and the itinerary includes a day of skiing... it'd better show up soon or else... >< i'll be in deep trouble... T.T

pretty much neglected my fluff on facebook - still wondering if i should leave the 'daily petting group' i'm in... they are such nice ppl... and it saddens me to have to leave... but... i haven been petting the list for like wat? half a year now (yes they are such nice ppl they have no kicked me out of the extra munny list)... not sure if i can keep to the 5times a week petting when sch reopens, but i think i'm willing to give it a try. miss so many of those fluff book events - totally didnt bother abt hte halloween event, missed those art contests... didnt know there's a xmas one till today... or did that event just start i have no idea...

these days maple i pretty much all i do... i can even forget to log in to utopia for like 2 days or smthing... if i'm really bored then i'll go play some games on kongregate... occasionally check fb games like MH and stuff... well MH is the one that i play the most extensively i guess - and by that it was like... at most 3 logins per week previously. now MH has the xmas even gng on so yeah i'm more active on it now. gotta thk ahboy aka law for alerting me to the xmas event even... and the previous halloween event too!

oh yeah, forgot to mention that... xiaokang kindly spared me a zak helm today! +15 to all stats and 20 acc! i spons the sok of cos, but he didnt charge me a single cent! so now my aran has a zak helm too! and he's got like... 135 acc or smthing... very nice acc for a lvl 51 :D no maple weapons too. anyway, it means i can start training my aran already! so many things to do, still wanna train SM to lvl 120 for that 3wa bless. i just want the koc char at max lvl anyway - a discussion with my bl this afternoon also reminded me that i still haven found out if koc FA that stacks with dish hits 1 or 3 mobs. the info i found on other forums says the damag eis spread out over 3 mobs... but well... anyway i sitll want my SM to reach lvl 120. can be done pretty fast but now i aint got much time to play. my parents were so mad at me just now for not helping with packing for the trip and stuff... but seriously i dont see much to pack for... except for that sunglasses clip on thing that i misplaced -.- >< T.T maybe i'll check with my sis tmr... MAYBE its somehow with her or smthing >< bleh, i can only hope. i've search my table and its pretty much unlikely that i have it with me. no idea where else it can possibly go to... haiz.

started working a little bit on the aran training grounds... then started wondering if i shd have a seperate section for them... decided probably not to... got really tired.. came to blog... and now i guess i'm gng off to bed... tata!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hidden Street - the DB takes flight

it feels so nice and privileged to be part of the HS team... only been on the team for a short 2weeks and a few days but there's quite a lot that i've changed/checked... all the adventurer's job names and skills, the 4th job skill books, all the weapons... all the mobs except neo tokyo ones... added in some of the sg extension mobs, added in the portals for the time temple (or rather, timeless temple as its officially called in msea) mini maps... added in thailand mobs... added in china mobs and still adding the drop location for the stuff dropped by the china mobs...

still HAVE NOT checked ninja castle maps as saigo asked me to >< got fed up with that place after i got lost trying to find the merchant guy to take SS with. have no returned there since to check the maps. walked map by map of TT to check the portals, mob names, etc drop names and description though. and then i've happily promised to add in the red/blue dots for the thailand maps... wells... at least there are a lot fewer maps to change compared to TT, even though i only changed the blue and red maps of TT, it was SUCH A CHORE! and path and the lounges... confusing names really! actually, many of the stuff is alot more irritating than it is hard... hmm not really irritating... what's the word? its just that for each step u have to do it tens of times over that it gets frustrating just looking at the number of  drops u have to add the mob dropping the item to for eg.

seriously... i dont know how the 2 of them managed the site in the past... the old site everything was done manually and there were only 2 of them! now there's so many of us... (jon says there are 5 db mods working on the monster cards alone) yeah i guess with all the new items in game and rapid updates they do need more ppl on the team to help. these few days after the site went 'live' the updates are being pushed out really rapidly. i guess nobody wants visitors coming in to see a half done site - i for one hated it when i saw ppl compiling in the GD section of msea forums abt how "there are no new updates" and thailand/china/neo tokyo aint in yet on the day the site went 'live'. i think that'll will be fixed pretty soon tho, our dear saigo is working on neo tokyo mobs/mas/quests at an amazingly rapid pace, the world tour maps and mobs are completed (more or less...) and all that's missing as far as i can tell are the world tour quests. and of cos the aran quests are still being worked on but at least the aran skills and maps are up... lol, i just realised the rien maps arent completed yet... at least the skills are up and that's the most important thing IMO. i realised the drain skill is diff for msea tho, we get a drain with higher drain %... not a problem to me :D (oh HS sea has it updated already)

to me... i think the quests are the most irritating thing to work on, its not written nicely what's a sub quest of wat in game, u gotta figure them out when writing everything out. anyway i'm not working on that now so that's fine :D

i really wanna start working on my SP allocation guides after my exams on tuesday...

wanted to submit my training grounds guide to the HS site but after some consideration... i guess not... they dont have things separate for msea and gms, and msea training sites are much different from gms, that and the naming differences... i guess its not pratical to submit my guide and future sp allocation guides... well i do wish to submit those sp allocation guides though - i think that those ppl in the HS forums are so... not informed when it comes to that... just feel that i can come up with better guides than what they already have, but once again, gms and msea are quite different, esp when it comes to koc chars... so there.


I really like this video made by this guy who played GMS... he quited like 2 and a half years ago or longer, and even deleted his char :( godly eq with godly damage! really the inspiration of many fighters and crusaders....

CHUBB519 ~ 150 Crusader (Vintage)

The song he used:

Band: Edguy

City lights are calling
slowly coming back to life
Speeding in the fastlane
Mama let us waste no time

Devil in the doorway selling any kind of hell
We're just coming out to play the game

We never cry for love - we're superheroes
We are back where we belong
We never cry for pain - we're superheroes
Make a stand where we belong

Way too long I've tried to be
what I could never be
For too long you've rolled the dice
but you can't control me
I ain't talking 'bout romance
you may fiddle I may dance
Anyway it's just a game we play..

We never cry for love - we're superheroes
We are back where we belong
We never cry for pain - we're superheroes
Make a stand where we belong we're superheroes

You gotta move to stay alive
We're gonna rock the bash tonight..

Cry for love-we're superheroes
We are back where we belong

We never cry for love...

Another video of his, i like it more for the song rather than the content itself, but once again, godly damage... like wat... 39k or smthing per dish if i didnt remember wrongly? GODLY! at 16X too. and that was like 2 years ago w/o all the stuff like bless of fairy and so on... O.o

CHUBB519 ~ Holding out for a Hero (Vintage)

and his good bye video, with the famous, inspirational lines that every hero knows and other warriors class tried to adapt to fit their own:

CHUBB519 ~ A Heroes Farewell (Vintage)

The Famous Lines:

Born a Warrior
Grow as A Fighter
Live as A Crusader
Die A Hero

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Gosh... after like what... half a year? or waiting... finally the BRAND NEW HIDDEN STREET SEA SITE IS UP!

well not totally brand new since its the same format as the global site which was released much earlier. and of cos, since i'm now helping out as a DB mod i've been looking at the site when it was not yet 'live') from quite a while now (13 days to be exact). but gosh was i excited when i saw the announcement about "welcome to the new site" and then Jon telling me they were making it live NOW (at that point in time). yes... i literally waited since like... from may when they announced they were working on a new site and showed some teaser web pages... and now its wat? DECEMBER ALREADY! and i'd nvr imagine i'd be part of their team too... haha... glad i didnt wait for them to come out with the new site before doing up my training grounds guide... -.- imagine the time difference... -.- i've already gotten over 15k views on my old training grounds thread and over 10k views on the new thread...

still there is alot to be done on the HS site. thailand and china are very obviously missing, and mushroom shrine, ninja castle and neo tokyo arent completed yet. and mobs... they are NOT done yet! only 1 - 40 was checked by me last night (i'm not sure if they removed all the extra mobs yet) and then i'll do 61 - infinity later or tmr (oh noes... i haven study finish! gotta type faster!) yeah. i know all the time temple mob names need changing... they are called... smthing real funny in GMS... oh gosh... those weapons i've asked them to remove aint all taken out yet ( i think cos they haven remove some parts that msea doesnt half altogether, eg the glimmer man forging at NLC)... arghs... come one... those shd have been done b4 the site went live... >< *smacks forehead* oh wells... wah... masteria isnt removed yet either *smacks forehead again* oh wells... i'll make sure those get done soon else i'll go bug them again abt it :P

okays okays. time to go back to studying!