Saturday, August 6, 2011


last weekend before sch starts... the elective results are finally out, and i did get the biz law module that i wanted... sighz, the darn biz law module has to start on National Day! lecturer cites reasons like hard to get LT for make up lectures and having loads of content to cover as reason... sighz. gonna U/S this subject for sure...

anyone exciting over the coming aftershock? who's gonna make a UA? i guess majority of the maplers already have a 120 koc in anticipation of the bless of cygnus. if you haven yet gotten a lvl 120 koc, you shd train one... 24wa is a really superb boost!

gosh... idk why my application for adsense for this site has been rejected twice! 1st it said i had problems with my content (erm, hellow, i'm just talking abt maple stuff????), 2nd it said my site is under construction! hello robots... my site has been COMPLETED long ago! i've been using it for years... how does this site look incomplete in anyway??? gosh... o.0

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