Monday, August 1, 2011

Hairstyles spotted!

Should i change my hero's hair or not? idk... but well, was doing the quiz just now and i spotted a few hairstyles i'm sure is a result of the free coupons.
This one looks quite nice like this, and coupled with the msia face mask, looks really stylish!
afro... and the golden chinese buns... well the chinese buns still look ok when they are golden... i think it looks worst in green like wat my GM got...

if you think this is bad than...
ready for some explosive hair cut?
erm... i cut off the IGNs so... the 1st two lines is by the person below, and the last 3 is by someone else, presumable his friend (could be just some random stranger tho)
 yeah... cant help but agree, its really one big cabbage hell of a haircut. LOL.

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