Thursday, August 4, 2011

Aftershock coming!!!

No new glasses today...

Times done quiz: 9 rounds, 20 chars = 180 times
Glassed: hero, mech, bam, SM, storage db, aran, aran3, NW
Awaiting glasses (chars that are active/will be trained in the future): my sis' i/l, db, evan, WH
All other glasses chars waiting to get 2nd glass b4 i'll try to throw in pot scrolls...

Server maintenance today took sooo long... ended at like 3 so in the end i could only do the quiz twice today...

I realised that maple website is... bugged and wont load for random ppl... me included. sighz. can't even go on the msea website to look at the announcements -.-'''

Well many of us saw the announcement they made abt all the hackers they banned. Well some forumites managed to track some of the hackers in-game AFTER the announcement is out... EpicFail$oft pretending to do work? The mod claims there was some technical error causing the hackers to be unbanned... after they were supposedly slapped with a permanent ban... o.o wow... didn’t know such things can happen. i assume those hackers should be rightfully banned after the server check today? i certainly hope so and i certainly hope that they will continue banning those hackers. Having hackers bot up to 16x and abv is just ridiculous... considering the nub mobs they leave their chars to hack at, they must have taken days and weeks to reach such high levels... and yet they didn’t get caught for hacking? sheesh... i seriously hope that they buck up.

It seems like players are forever complaining abt AS... but seriously there are too many things they failed to do right... especially the issue on hackers... wat can we do abt hackers? the lie detector still is a big failure, the report to GM button has been there since idk how many years ago, but it has never once worked... its an utter sense of hopelessness and helplessness that players face... and needless to say its turning many players off. yes, i too have gotten sick of all the hackers taking up my training spots and stopped training... now just logging on to get my quiz done. as much as i want to train mech to 4th job asap, i just can't find the motivation to do so...

ok... on a happier note... saw this in forums
Temporary Blocking of Aran, Dual Blade, and Evan Characters Creation
Dear Player,

With the destruction brought by the Chaos, the Heroes are once again needed with a brand new strength to defend the Maple World!

In order to get prepared, we will be blocking the creation of new Aran, Dual Blade, and Evan characters from 17th August 2011 onwards after the Lion King Von Leon Patch.

This temporary blocking will not affect Aran, Dual Blade, and Evan class created before 17th August 2011.

The Heroes will come back Stronger and Mightier!

Do you know wat this means? well, it means that aftershock is coming... Well that's wat maple calls the update right after big bang.... aftershock is well... just an aftershock. not as big a change as big bang, but still exciting for many players (esp 4th jobbers) due to the introduction of a new training area.

(for some reason i can't be sure of, they always [done in kms, gms... jms too i presume, where else?] disable the creation of evan, db and aran till chaos is out, when skill changes  for these 3 jobs are released)

Here's wat aftershock comprises of:
1) Lion Heart Castle - This place is full of 11X to 12X monsters... the thing about these monsters is that... they are actually mini bosses that give great exp! Not just that... there's a special EXP bonus for partying up in there! each pt member you add gives a 50% exp bonus (like seriously, WOW!), meaning that you can get a maximum of 250% exp bonus (like WTF seriously???). yeah... it'll really make training faster than ever... and heck, a new place to train is always good for me. new place to explore... since i'm really bored of TT already... no idea how crowded LHC will be when its out, but at least even if its super crowded, that'll leave places like TT to be free for me to hunt POTs in right? well at least LHC gives me a change of routine.

Oh, there's a new boss there too... Von Leon! This boss is particularly tough with all sorts of new/weird skills... well i didn’t read too much abt him, only thing i know is that if you die in here, you do not need to spend wheels as you can re-enter the boss map! yes... that is SO motivating me to reach 200 where exp loss no longer matters... There's also a new set of equipment... you have to kill von leon to collect coins to get those eqs... something like that yeah... i've not really been reading up on GMS stuffs...

2) Ultimate Adventurers - So you get you bless of cygnus (BOC) here... meaning that my hero will now get a whopping 24WA bonus from my SM! whoo hoo! Ok here's how the bless of cygnus works: Every 5 levels your KOC gains gives you 1 lvl of BOC. While each level of the BOC adds the same stats as the bless of fairy (BOF) that we have now, the max level of the BOC is 24! (plus, its much easier to train a koc to lvl 120 than a non-koc char to 200!) BOC, like BOF, does not affect the koc char itself, it only affects the rest of the chars in the account. Only one of the two (BOF and BOC) will be in effect at any one time... if the skills are at different levels, the one at higher level will be in effect. (so you can't get a 44WA/MA boost in total, max is 24MA/WA)

For example, i have a lvl 19x hero, a lvl 120 SM, and a lvl 11x evan in the same account... my hero and evan will get a 24wa/ma boost ONLY, while my SM will get a 19wa/ma boost ONLY. hope that helps...

Ok, so now about the changes for KOC ALL characters:
They get a couple of skills/things...
1) A 20% hp/mp boost...
2) they auto gain 10% exp with every level up. i.e. you will forever only need to train 90% for each level instead of the full 100% (well unless u die)
3) at lvl 120 they get a skill that increase weapon and magic attack by 4% for 2 hours. Cooldown time of 1 day. I'm not sure if this one day means you can only use the skill once a day, or you have to be online for 24hours for the skill to CD (which renders this skill completely useless). well like i said i've not been reading up on GMS so idk wat's it like ><
4) they get a skill that enables them to wear eq 10 level abv their level. much like the piority seals in the CS.

that's all for KOC chars... now finally i'll talk about Ultimate Adventurers...
They are the same thing as adventurers... (yes, adventurers, not legends or resistance or dual blade) but with some erm... add ons?
1) they get the koc skill to wear eq that's 10 levels abv their current level.
2) they get a special cygnus skill which levels up automatically at levels 50 (at 50 they 1st get the skill), 60, 70, 80 and lvl 90 (where it reaches the max lvl 5). Warriors get soul driver, thieves get vampire, pirates get shark wave, mages get flame gear, and bm get wind piercing. The skills are weaker version of the cygnus versions tho... (until both the UA version and KOC version are tweaked later on to become identical that is)
3) they start off at lvl 50, and get a nice eq set
4) they get a medal saying smthing like XXX's Successor...

The draw is mainly cos of the free KOC skill given. Yes, normal adventurers can do quests to get the KOC skill and the skill that lets you wear eq 10 lvls abv u, but the quest items are purposely made to be RIDICULOUSLY hard to hunt... and you have to repeat the hunting each time you wanna level up the skill (as long as your char reaches the lvl requirement, you can do the quest to lvl up the koc skill...) yes RIDICULOUSLY long. like ppl have hunted for 5 hours without getting a single drop (and you nid like, 10 of the item?) well i'll definitely bring my hero item hunting for the heck of it... wonder how long i'll take to get the skills.

The main draw is soul driver i guess... meaning that you will need to make a warrior UA to get the skill. The skill your UA gets depends on which class the UA you make is, not wat the KOC was. The rest of the skills aren't the strong and enticing (to me at least...).

Some other rules abt UA creation:
1) the most basic thing is that you MUST have a lvl 120 KOC char. And of cos, you need an empty slot... that you'll need to do some troublesome things like go to Erev and do some quests or smthing... and they'll let you make a UA from there.
2) Each KOC can only make ONE UA. After the Koc makes the UA that Koc cannot make anymore UA chars for you. EVEN IF THE UA IT MADE IS DELETED. So chose your job/class wisely.

I believe it's been said that by skipping directly to lvl 50 with the UA, you lose the hp/mp gained from the job advancement... most say that the lose isnt much to worry about... but if you are a perfectionist, than just make a regular adventurer... and take your time doing the quests if you are dying for the cygnus skills.

3) Guild System Revamp - Guild skills... and some guild exp system... doesn’t really interest me much so i didn’t read much abt it XD

ok, that's all from me for now... yes, chaos together with all the personality system and evan/aran/db skill changes will be coming soon after the aftershock patch... ppl are guessing sometime ard nov/dec. oh wells... 13 more days till 17th Aug and the Aftershock!

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