Thursday, April 30, 2009


in spite saying that i can lvl up today, guess that's not possible le. cos end up today i wake up super late, almost 12 then wake up! i didnt expect to wake up so late also! woke up at 8+, went toilet, then went to back slp and the next time i woke up was 11.40++ liao! so mapled a bit, then eat lunch, aft lunch, mapled a bit more, the go west mall return book n buy acash. end up a sit in the lib n read the gypsy morph by terry brooks, i books i've been waiting for it to come out, then be avaliable in the library w/o having to reserve, since last year. wait 1year to read a book sia! end up reach home quite late le, then heck care, just keep reading the book, then dinner, read more book, then finally at 10+ then on comp, play other online games, and maple. read finish 50% of the book liaos :)

wanted to borrow brisinger by chirstopher paolini also, the catalogue say that the book not on loan, but i cant find the book on the shelves :( actually at 1st i didnt see the gypsy morph also, but later went back and found the book. but no luck with brisinger :( :( that book also wait quite long to read liao. haiz.

wanted to chiong lvl and wash my 1st lvl worth of aps to hp, but end up can only lvl tmr. and then zak tmr also cancelled cos of labour day hols, not enough attackers. oh wells... hope can get ac soon tho. but not that impt/urgent lah. since i will only start adding ac aft max brandish. say add one to ac for the 33% or watever % cant remember to charge 2 orbs at once, so that at low lvl brandish it will help to increase rate you can release coma/panic, apparently lvl 1 ac also increases panic damage by like 10k or quite some reasonable amt that i forgot, but not that critical lah. brandish30 pawns ok? finally we get to be on par with drk.

spent quite a lot of $ today. buy acash, pay my 15bucks lib fine, top up my ezlink card with 20 bucks (cos i used it to pay fine, so boh $ liao!)... blah... estimate i will spend 400bucks ++ on chem, for hp washing and use slots upgrading (completed)... not including the long term maintianence cost of buying water of life and all those pets items... ew... so much $$$... dont want think abt it liaos. add together the sum of $ is terrifying...

actually, that day i was thinking abt it, ya, us crusaders are able to hit high damage at one go with panic, but really w/o 4th job, we suck lah. compared to dks... they easily hit 10k (total) with crusher at much lower lvls when we poor crusaders at still stuck with power strike. not to mention that crusher hits 3 mobs while PS hits 1! so total they are doing 30k damage whille we struggle to hit 10k. now at 106 i can only hit 10k damage sometimes (at squids) at the low end, with the same 5 orbs, i hit 5k damage only! 5k ONLY you know! and panic? sometimes got 34k, sometimes 17k or less only. makes you feel like releasing your orbs wasnt worth it loh. coma is better lah, hits 6 for decent damage, normally 10k+ so if got 6 mobs can hit 60k plus, but you hardly find 6 mobs together for you to coma except for gobies. if not for 4th job, i'd say that i chose i really lousy job for my main char... lols. but now, drks, ya, no new attack skill for them, but if you do the calculations, with berserk30, their crusher will deal damage % on par with that of heros with max ac n dish. of cos the downside is that most ppl can only get till zerk20, but even then a 170% damage multiplier, 2gether with their already very good 3rd job skill still makes a splash, not to mention their extra 20% mastery. i also want more mastery loh, dont want to see those 5k PS -.-'''

oh wells. back to training. tmr 110% lvl 107 le lah. opps wait, past 12 o clock le... hahas.

still yet to go learn how to make videos, and haven settle my other blog de blog skin yet... slowly bah... :P now can maple i'll maple 1st hehe
short term goal: 110 by next zak session (i.e. next thurs)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Its play time!

And so exams are over... and somehow much random trail and error i've managed to modify one of the blogskins someone else made into a decent looking one of my own. (check out my other blog) however i think the back ground is a bit plain, and the header picture could be better... oh wells, i'll try and think up of smthing tmr. and then move on to THIS blog as well...

flame promised to help me zak on thurs oreadi, nid to empty out my acc again. however our darling asiasoft passport password changing serv is still down so... oh wells... i also dunnoe what to do aft that lols. dunnoe when it will be up also, down for quite long liaos... asiasoft win liaos...

trained 31% today. tmr will lvl liaos :D went to calculate le. currently have 215 mp that i can wash into hp. meaning that i can wash all 5 APs out till ard 119 or 120, depending on how much extra mp i gain along the way. that would mean that i'll be unable to press my mp pots twice like now i have 700+mp with targa hat tho... but since i got auto mp pouch i guess it doesnt really matter... i guess its decided le, i will be spending $$$ on hp washing... probably gonna buy a top up card so that i can wash the AP from lvling tmr...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Last paper tmr!!!!!!!!!

last paper tmr, then i will make a storage warrior char (since they got xtra slots in 1st job adv) for chem chem so that flame can help me zak on thurs. hope zak once then settle liao else ask him help me zak so many times very pai sei leh! then my own laptop cmi de. then lvl chemchem before thurs also, then die in zak also nvr mind :D

okies, back to studying le!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

back to training

mini games set completed! hunted the omok pink n panda teddy set completely by myself. bought some of the monster cards tho. so anyways i got both the set now, yay! (watever for, lol)

sent my char back to aqua road so its time to train when i next log in.

and for now, its time to slp! nite nite!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

maple story deluxe

yup yup, chemchem is playing maple deluxe now... what do i mean?

my husky expired today, so i went to revive it, AND brought the folowing: wing boots (previously owned, brought with maple pts last time), binoculus, auto hp and mp pouch.

now i dunnoe how much it'll cost for me to renew all these items when it expires liao... but oh wells...  too bad. nowadays i tell myself its ok to spend on acash, cos my sis also bought comic books and one of the series she bought cost like 29bucks per book. of cos she didnt buy the whole series, we where got that much $$$, and granted hers is smthing that u can feel, touch, see in real life, not some puny little card with value for virtual stuff... but maple gives me as much enjoyment and fun... so... watever... at least apart from this the only thing i spend on is food. so i guess if i dont spend so much on food (which i hardly did in uni, expt when gng out with friends), its alright to spend some $ on maple... in the long run it will still add up to quite a reasonable sum of $$$, but hey i dont go out shopping/spend much on other stuff okay...? watever... just justifying my own spending :S

and so i went ludi to revive my husky. then i saw the mini game npc. previously i collected some monster cards, wanted to make a set, but not enough. since i didnt feel like training i went to collect the omok pieces. gonna make a pink n panda teddy set one. collected 99 omok pink teddys liao, and 8X of the panda teddys, almost done! took the whole of my mapling time today till now still not done yet worhs... main reason i want the mini game set? so that i can set up a game and leave the notice there :P ok lah, the pieces drop quite fast. much faster than hunting for the stupd nlc quests to get the warrior chair. still by the time i got my pink teddys omok pieces done, i got 1000+ yellow ribbons liao. and now already have 700+ panda dolls le... too bad, i no mood to train today, and then tmr i will start studying 106 liao. paper on tuesday, this sub super a lot of stuff to remember, need start studying earlier. linddy jie's sin lvl 50 liao, can get zak helm le. she said she gonna helm this weekend, i asked her let me come along too, want to try (for a 3rd time) see if my laptop can zak or not. zak as in, stay connected till b3 is down!!!! which is what motivated me to buy the auto hp pouch. n of cos go zak is for me to get ac... haiz. missed ac twice liaos. this thurs will let flame help me play bah, at least his comp didnt dc when he got it, whereas mine dced 2 times liao! make me so demoralised okays... my laptop cant go bossing! RAWR! F5!!!!!!!!

okies, gng back to hunt the omok pieces liaos.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

one last exam paper than its play time!

yup, paper today was still okies... but watever. went to maple after that, and guess what? i was so tired that i cant maple properly! keep wasting pot by poting too early and missing the gobies when they come out etc etc. decided to stop wasting pots and stop mapling. then went to do my daily round of fluff friends petting, WFF rocks okies (go facebook and search fluff friends if you are clueless abt what i'm saying). missed 2 days of petting this week liaos. supposed to pet min 5 times a week but i might not be able to do it this week. wanted to give everyone a fluff ade today but then was too lazy to do so. it takes quite long to feed 70+++ ppl a ade each you know... then went to play super mario defence, which i have yet to finish all the lvls. quite a fun game, but could use some improvements. the 1st round start too fast and in that time you gotta look ard the new map for that stage, see what towers you can build (changes each stage) and read the tower description if its a new tower. i had to try out a few times in the beginning to not leak any creeps. the game shd also desplay how many mobs are coming out (since it changes each time), how much hp, speed and so on. since some stages have many mobs, each low hp, while others have just 1 or 2 mob, each with high hp, and this the towers needed for each stage differs. had to restart many lvls several times to try out diff strats, but still i like this tower def game, somewhat diff from teh hundreds of others that i've played/tried out. new towers/presentation... not that bad lah. still it wont make really want to go back and replay the game. anyways i played the game till i'm quite awake liaos.. LOL

if you like or want to try out some tower def games, here's a few i recommend: bloons tower defense 1/2/3. desktop tower defense (cant remember what version, they have a few) and xeno tactic 1 (i think their version 2 isnt as good). well there's a lot more games i like lah... but too many to list them all :P i've probably played thousands of online games by now lol. and yet still have not tried making a single one. you'd think with all the games i've seen i shd have graduated to making games myself by now... lols. but i'm clueless abt programming and not that good with flash yet so... oh wells... :S

not too keen on making my own game tho, more interested in making some videos. 1st up is a guide on how to coma gobies properly for crusaders. if i'm not falling asleep while playing like just now, normally 80-90% of the time i catch all 6 fishes (or how ever many that come out) with coma and at msot take 500++ damage from kill all of them. unless the house magic att me while PSing instead of doing the super WD up 1st that is. bone fish are still a pain to kill nonetheless which makes it all the more impt to clear the gobies properly else you will 1000% loss a lot of $. went back aqua yest to try n teach flame how to clear properly, but then he wasnt really paying attention... i still see tones of fish flying all abt and keep hitting him... most of the time the swim to try and trap the fly at the top but that is really not the fastest nor most efficient (pot wise) method to kill... oh wells... i think he went back black squids to train cos of the pot cost... ya i agree how much i earn depends a lot on how many morning stars/gold dragons i find, but with his method of clearing... i guess its just not possible to earn $$$ there... at 1st he told me he would shout when the gobies come out :X i know lvl 4 shout still have the 100% stun gitch (that y my shout is lvl 4 too) but the range is pathetically small. i cant wait to get max shout for that extra bit of range but then i really wonder if i'll still need to shout much at lvl 110. :S jp also said that he cant catch the timing, at msot coma 4 fish nia... that hard meh? :S another crus i trained with a while back go and release panic to break open the house... then slowly SB whilst taking loads of damage -.-''' it did took me a while to get the coma release timing right... but once you get it life becomes much easier, and you'll get addicted to bursting gobies houses. oh wells, set le, my 1st video making attempt will be on the gobies training guide for crusaders/heros with low lvl brandish.  hope my video wont turn out a failure... lols.

Monday, April 20, 2009

update on $$$ issues when training at gobies/bonefish. lost like 200k on the 2nd round but since i found 2 claw att 60 there.... ^^

chemchem still parked at msia. dun feel like gng back aqua road to train in the mean time (but then there's the zak run on thurs, dont feel like gng till the other guy got his ac, but then i shd try if my com can zak w/o dcing using wired rather than wireless. but then again i haven go find the ethernet cable -.-''' ) i dont feel like zaking again sia... so depressed aft dcing the 2nd time... linddy jie help me zak again! lol... just jk lah. i not so mean... she very bz with her work also. then also need pack her stuff...

jsut now go play bio for a while. but feel very sian. exp not as fast as last time liao. 1 mob like 0.02% only, abt the same as chemchem at aqua road loh! only thing is that overall bio take less hits to kill. if only my desktop is not so old, then i log in both char and use chem to train bio at charmers. haiz. however i think of it bio is jus too noob lah. a few lvls more than can leech nicely in msia mini dungeon, shd be decently fast exp and of cos i can farm $$$ there too.

still wondering whether i shd have thrown out my scar helm. cos actually mine was ok de, 18 str n dex, 10 spd, and 27 acc. i tan xin want higher str de so went to rehelm. cos actually its all average stats and acc higher than normal (ok lah the int n lk 17 only, i was hoping get higher int for higher mp increase but really not that impt). acc not that impt to me since i do have enough acc le, unless next time i wash out my dex, but i'd rather wash hp instead. since i already had 154 acc or so previously with the scar helm (my targa helm total acc 2 lower or smthing?) that would be enough to last me very long. since my shoes are clean de (yes depleting dropped me a 3acc snowshoe which he picked up for free, still its better than my clean rss, thks!), earring clean, bot also clean, and no owl mask, dog nose, and no ht neck, i still have a lot of places to get my acc from if i really need acc next time. though i doubt i'll be getting my ht neck unles i can ht at home, or someone give me a free slot. buying neck slot too ex for me liao (till i huat when can solo zak, or 2hit petri, as linddy jie says) so i can only join fixed squad. which 1) i need to be at least 17X or so to get accepted, and 2) not quite possible for me to go lan shop everywk, unless i cheat my parents say got lesson but i really dont want to do that.

oh n b4 i forget, thks for the ac20 jp, hope it wont fail :D (still i have yet to get ac basic and i dunnoe when i will reach the lvl to scroll ac20 lol)

hmm let me see... i hoping to reach 4th job by the time jlf come back for the hols, which is in june, and considering that my hols start from 28th april aft my last paper, its entirely possible. i guess it all depends on how much i wanna push bah... still not that hard to lvl now actually. i estimate abt 10hours of training per lvl, but since need spend time repotting, maybe selling stuff in fm when inv too full of stuff i dont want npc, maybe say 11 horus per lvl. if i play 5hours + each day during hols, 1 week 3.5 lvls liao. and unless i go out, i confirm play more than 5 hours per day de :P. okies say 1 week 3 lvls bah. on average since smtimes go out, training becomes slower etc. i'd rather be more conservative in my calculations :D
sch reopens on guess wat? AUGUST hahaha. assuming i dont get a job in the holidays that is... wah, 15 weeks... ard 45 lvls. now i'm 105. so that's 150? wah... sounds impossible leh... okies, really depends on how much i play each day. cos its garenteed that training will get slower later on. linddy says that 19X its 1% per hour sia... oh wait... forgot to ask her if that's with 2x or not :S okies. nvm, my very conservative goal will be to reach 13X when sch reopen :) and 16X by this time next year. goals subject to change anytime :D :)

and oh, i know this blog skin not veri nice, and no links up also. promise to do a blog revamp aft next tuesday :D

Sunday, April 19, 2009


went scarlion for fun n hope to rehelm, super scary sian. lq died cos she luffing at jp flying off, lucky jp enough hp to tong and manage killed off, dropped 3 helm but there were 4 of us i didnt know only haf 3 helms, cos i stand at one side nia. jp n me both hoping to rehelm, then i slow in throwing out helm, he didnt see that i say i want, n also throw out, so in the end i bo scarlion helm le. lucky thing is that i still have targa n worst come to worst zak helm... reason i say that? cos i really need the acc to train :X

PS: not entirely jp's fault also, i didnt check whether he rehelmed or not, and then i took a while to throw my helm out cos press wrong, so i guess he just thought i not rehelming. haiz, hai de shi linddy only :(

linddy being the suppper nice soul that she is promised to help me rehelm, but i feel so bah worh, make her help me so many times... zak, scarlion, targa... all she help me de leh! i bo liu n didnt  mega her when she lvl 200 :( (and yet she megaed me!) sry n tyvm linddy jie!

hope next time i higher lvl, at least 14X bah? then we have an all heros run, with lq inside of cos :D

Saturday, April 18, 2009

no turning back

for some unknown reason, my old kd monarch's prov collapsed, w/o him even leaving a word or giving any notice. i guess theres no turning back anymore, as with my old guild in maple....

anyways switch from the squids map to the bone fish/gobies map. exp a bit faster and pot cos wise abt break even bah? maybe lose a bit per round... but now i just wanna lvl faster so even if lose maybe 500k each time i go repot (which is maybe 4-5hours?) its still not that bad... watever... lol chemchem so evil. yest saw a 115 drk afk in the squid/gobies map, then i purposely nvr hit the gobies after the come out... of cos some flew to where the afking drk was at... well you get the idea :D

pted with a priest just now, at 1st i took the top of the map n he took the bottom, then i go down for hs and suddenly see he ask me to go top, got a suprise for me... then i see him swimming up with a big bunch of gobies following behind :D lol so fun n shiok! he did that another time when i switch to taking the bot of the map cos he complain below spawn too fast for him, then aft that he went off9 le :( oh wells... such a short lived fun :( ptying with a max hs priest is really good... cos even if they dont help kill much (but today the priest i pt with prefer to attack and not tag) the exp you get with max HS and pt bonus is abt the same as soloing (talking abt a 2man pt). not sure if its slightly more of slightly less, since i nvr go add up :P but so few prz want pt crus de :( :( :( haiz.

edit: 1st round of repotting done, cant remember exact amt of meso i started the round with, but at most loss 100k nia, perfectly acceptable :D

new kd

and so i found a new kd to play in, and am in the midst of deleting my old prov. not sure if i'll still get to stay in the new kd for the next age since the stay in current kd msg has already popped up. i do feel really bad and sad leaving my old kd though. there are a few promising new provs ard, but not enough of them still. and they are far from being organised enough. i really do hope that someday they will get their act together and allow me to rejoin the kd. i really do hope that someday we will meet again.

the new kd is currently a ghetto, but they've got a driven monarch with a strategy and vision. his idea were interesting and since he already has 13 prov that agree with him, i think next age will be a blast. not going to be a big kd perhaps, but i think at least we can nail a couple of wars. he's jsut started the kd in the mid of the age so i think they've got great promise. till then... will we meet again.

Friday, April 17, 2009

16 more lvls...

104 liaos. dunnoe if can make use of tonight's and wkends 2X exp tho. oh wells, at least i already meet my 1 lvl a wk goal this week... didnt expect to lvl this week actually... :P

trying to find a new kd in utopia, one that can acutally win wars :S

no title

went for zak in attempt to get ac yest. BUT 1) someone crashed our ac batch
2) we went for ffa zak and chem dced at like b2.... i think it was b2 lah, cos i dont recall seeing the red hp bar coming out yet. staring at my hp bar when suddenly the screen just froze and then the entire maple program just close. sian. maybe cos i using wireless? 2nd time dc liao. i think this laptop cmi for zak. and then since my desktop is like 8 years old or more and will dc even in mcpq... i guess bossing may well be out for me liaos... ARGHS. except my boss... arghs! if keep dc how to get ac? sobs, why didnt ac drop when linddy help me helm that time :( !

later got 2x exp to make up for the sever down time on wedn. then weekend got the good fri 2X exp event that kena postponed. wah sian leh. monday i got exams! how? then gng out for dinner tonight with my family, so i'll probably miss the night time 2X exp... oh wells, can still reach my lvl 104 target today and its gd enough for me le. brought a str 18 top a while back. 93m sia! now broke liao. didnt farm much at msia too. just chiong lvl bah... yt claims that he earns 32m per hour at wolf spiders, 2hko on wolf spiders... dunnoe if he got type wrongly or not, but 32m is super a lot sia! compared to my 2m per hour at the msia mini dungeon... even if make 10m per hour is a lot for me liaos - one day play 3-4 hours 3 days easily make 100m++ liaos which means farm for 2 weeks or so enough to get my 12X dsr sia... unbeliveable... watever lah... still long way from my brandish. need hunt for dish bk 2 myself. nowadays price shoot up to like 60m, 100m+++++. i dont even have enough $ to buy the book lah! sian....! somemore training/hunting at the wyvrens will lose $$$ de... even more sian! i'm broke already loh! haiz. just train on bah T.T

Saturday, April 11, 2009

my maple world

chionged chem quite a lot yest, had 4hours of 2X exp tho i was only on for 2.5hours of it. 2x was supposed to be for the whole wkend but asiasoft screwed up again and both today's AND tmrs 2X kena postpone. win liao...

trained for a while today then went back vic do gpq. only manage to complete it once lah, and chem managed to die at the boss fight... win...

then since i was at vic, i tot i might as well go earn some $ in msia. good money lah, abt 1.5-2 mil per hour or so? but then exp is like 1% per hour. wanted to lvl up today but now only like 93% how to lvl???

yesterday went to do all the kenta's quests, including the hog quest, now feel a bit like saving up $ to buy the hog, but then again my 20str blue neos top temps me... and then the darn exp at the mini dungeon is so low and i'm not killing the mob THAT fast yet, still 2hko nia... sighz...

then mcpqed with my sis and lq again. again we kena trashed a number of times (but got win ok?). wah sian, lq L7 damage 1k+ for 1 L7 liao. make me wonder if my lvl 60 sin even got such high damage or not... poor sin. want to train till mit and get fj (but must get sp 1st F3) and then can farm fast with meso up etc... BUT i dont have the $ to buy a decent claw for my sin. a scrolled claw i mean... sian... so end up i still go play chemchem nia...

oh wells, go back farming liao

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1st post!

lalalala, since i dont want to mix my real life stuff and gaming stuff, i shall make a new blog!

i called this darkiller's gaming world although mostly i'll be abt maple, cos i did play other games such as trickster online revolution, and might go back and play n blog abt it too, so i dont want to exclusively name this as a maple blog. besides, i play a host of other online games too. i particularly like rpg games and tower defense games. i also used to play stuff like chaos chapter/dsrpg and its other copycats, legend of the green dragon.... oh yes, and kingdom of loathing too.

still playing utopia actively, the rest not so. specialise in playing t/m (in utopia), but sux at being attacker or hybrid a/t. and i always play the rogue personality, been with my kd for maybe 7 RL years now, not a super kd or even one that wins wars, but still i've kinda bonded with teh ppl there, and although sometimes i feel like trying out being in a skd and see how its like to win wars (or at least join a kd better than my own) i've still stuck with the kd i've been with since i started out the game. the slacker gaming life sure suits me :) with a neat 1k science points per acre, 3.5wpa and 6.5tpa, oh and 88dpa (all raw values), i think not many ppl can surpass that :D 15mod tpa for a DE, how cool is that? :)

anyways, back to why i created this blog... mainly cos i have so much more to say abt my gaming stuff that rl... ya, i just had jap listening today and will be having orals tmr but still... theres so much more to say abt games...

back to maple.
mcpqed with lq n my sis today. super funnieh! my sis cant type while fighting! she cant even summon all the mobs/skills/protectors while fighting! she must go hang on the ladder than can summon! lol. chemchem lvled twice last week and got a bit sick of training. went crogging yest with flame to no avail and ended up wasting $ instead.

side info: 4 lvl 100% stun for shout is still there.
now i dont know whether to add to shout as i lvl or not... if i keep training in squids till 110, then shout is used for luring not stunning, so a larger range wld be good. in face i wouldnt want to stun them cos i want the squid to follow me <<<>>> so that i can hit the squid and the goby fish house seperately. however if i go other places e.g. go back to dgp then 100% stun is needed (still the range of lvl 4 shout is short...) oh wells........

yeah, i've been collecting a list of training spots tho i've yet to update it with the latest changed MY maps, and i have not improved on the presentation. however my guide more or less ends at lvl 110, since that's where i am now. i have ZERO idea where to train after that. ya i heard abt dukus (and i know mongs can go anytime with a tag priest n enough acc, tho after lvl 21 brandish is better) and skeles but i have NO IDEA when it good to go those places. oh wells... i can only add on as i lvl up bah.

poor bio is still stuck at lvl 60. maybe i will play enough of him for bio to reach 3rd job by... then end of the year? lols... only got 3 sets of steelys for bio so far..... poor boy :( dilemma also... whether to pump more dex into bio or not... cos now he already ver high dex... normaly dex lah actually. but later if get zak helm wont need to have so high dex le mah... but then again WHEN bio can actually get the zak helm or new my boss helm is a BIG question. since sins got such low hp they can survive zak w/o hb till much later. unless buy hp tix or wash hp. but since i olreadi bu she de wash hp for chem, bio is definitly not gonna get ny hp washed out...

okies. lab report time.