Friday, September 30, 2011


Yes. IT IS DONE. Thks to all who grats me. Just Heard that Cass crashed at 12:45am... heng not aquila... relogged to hopefully 'save'  my character... and now i'm stuck at hackshield zzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, September 29, 2011

All i need is...

Hero only managed to train till 46% on tues... yesterday break from maple... went trickster yesterday... did the nora big hunter quest like a total of 85 times, also did some drilling to complete some quests that give TM exp... managed to lvl from like TM lvl 107 all the way to 120! Now i've gotten the lvl to job change, need to get the ITEMS for job changed. drilled a while for scared water late last night than got sick of it... ended up buying scared water at 80k, alexandrite at 300k, and ticket of the valiant at 150k... sold 10 nora key cards at 100k each during the night which more than made up for the purchases :P couldnt find any adamantite for sale last night, hope i can get one tonight!

back to rushing hero today with the 1.5x coupons just out in cs... 55% now... hope i cant make it tonight!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So close yet so far...

yes... decided to call it a day even tho i'm just 2.5% from 199. everyone gng sleep liao... exp slowing to a crawl... might as well just take a break. i really hope the server stays up tmr... found a pt to train full day with, and we're even gonna invest pt bonus exp cards >< sians. stupid server check just now, else i'd certainly have lvled! end up i was stuck w/o a pt during 1.5x exp... towards the end finally managed to form a full pt, but HS makes a lot of diff yeah... plus half the time it was just a 3 man pt... zzzzzzzz

i'm expecting to be able to get something like 70-80% exp tmr if all goes well... unfortunately that means i'm putting my trickster on hold... wondering and doubting if i can gain enough TM lvls before the event ends... oh wells...

on top of that, i've got a test on monday to study for... and group presentationSSS to work on. haiz.

Monday, September 26, 2011

WTF is up with maple???

1st they give 'compensation' for all the down time by giving 1.5x exp, than they announce a server maintenance that eats up half of the 1.5x exp. gg lah. really crap...! i went on9, found that my bl was training with his friends and got last slot left so i joined them... we all got ready to chiong... i bought a 1.2x card and serveral of them bought 1.2x cards and even the pt exp bonus cards... train for like 1 hour than the notice pop up say got 3 hours of urgent server check. PRO. i was still thinking its 'safer' cos its weekday + they purposely give 1.5x exp slot... -.-'''

seriously if i wasnt that close to my goal, i wouldnt bother playing maple at all... managed to train till like 84% just now... so close yet so far zzzzzzzzz! if i can get a FULL day of lag free, crash free, maintenance free training, i'll be able to gain like 40-50% already....! sianz. back to trickster. everytime i maple, i regret doing so later on zzzzzzzzzz. but wat to do? i want my lvl 200 and be done with it.. the rest of the chars can rot as they are forever and ever...

anyway... made a mistake earlier on trickster... 3rd job is at lvl 130/120, not 140/120 as i wrote previously... f3. that means my main lvl is almost done liao... gng to hit lvl 129 already... so gotta rush hunter quests that give TM exp... wanna get my job change fast, gotta do it before 5th oct too to get the event rewards!

Rep Points n Power

Went on maple for the sole purpose of the paint event and ani raid... finished hunting paint for the rest of the event on hero and sm... already done so on evan and UA so no more hunting till the event ends! still have not made up my mine on which char(s) to next... already got one for my UA and that's all...

Anyway... AS forums enabled the rep points and rep power options... here's how they work. Rep points is something like fame in maple... just an indication of how popular you are... You are up someone's rep by clicking on the weighing scale on the bottom left hand side of their post and selecting the 'I approve' option. You can only give out reps 3 times a day, and you have to give some no. of ppl rep before going back to give rep to the same person. Still no idea how much that number is.

Rep Power comes into play when you increase the rep of other's. How much their rep increases by depends on your rep power. If you have 4 rep power, their rep will increase by 4 correspondingly.

vBulletin lets the admin set how rep power is counted etc... previously i had 30 rep, but than they changed the rules and now i have only 7 rep... here's how rep power and rep points work. Info posted by mod Enstryne in this thread:

Rep Power:
Default New Member Rep Power = 1
Default New Member Rep Points = 50
Every 365 Days (After Joined Date) = +1 Rep Power
Every 1000 Rep Points = +1 Rep Power
Every 10000 Posts = +1 Rep Power

Rep Points and the green blocks
Disabled = Black Rep Block
~0 = Grey Rep Block
1~99 = 1 Rep Block
100~199 = 2 Rep Block

And so on until 1500~ = 11 Rep Block (God Mode)

Mods can change their rep and the rep of others at will so... yeah...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Maple - Crashed!

Found on their facebook page

Dear Maplers, We have been informed of the service disruption to both our official website and SG Gateway. Relevant department are working on resuming both services as soon as possible. We would like to apologize for the unexpected downtime and hope to seek your kind understanding on this matter. Thank you.
Indeed... even the maple forums are down since this morning. I didnt train yest either, heard there were loads of server crashes. There was once when all the sg gateway crashed except for aquila... that didnt last long tho, aquila crashed later on... basically maple is getting unplayable. So much so for me wanting to hit lvl 200 during my sch hols lol... now i'm still quite far away from 199 -.-'''

Nevermind... been having some fun in trickster... shamelessly spent some cash (paid thru paypal) and got myself a 90 day adventurer cape... which i comped with HP... something desperately needed by a 1441 dragon... now i have a neat 7.7k hp XD

Currently at lvl 126/104... wanna hit 3rd job before 5th Oct so i can get the rewards...! 14/16 more lvls to go! gotta prepare all the job change items too... cant wait to hit lvl 170... promised myself the myshop eq set so yeah... motivation for me to reach that lvl i guess! cant wait to max out my dark barrier too, that would help tons with my survivability... ah and i guess i'll be going for gravity crash right after dark barrier... its really a pain to have to kill the mobs slowly one by one... since i'm not into pvp, i think gravity crash would work great to help me take care of those pesky mobs. heck, now i'm even wishing that i had skills like mana ring, or mana storm. gotta lvl more... drill and drill... loads of drilling to do for the quests...!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Maple Pro!

1st, there was urgent server maintenance two days in a row, back to back... than there was server crash and rb...

Apparently the server crashed this morning, 9 mins after the maintenance ended. pro... my friend valuable scrolls cos he was transferring stuff when the server crashed.

Czak just now was even worst than last week. For me i didnt really lag, but a lot of ppl were dc-ing... PLUS there were some batch members that mia zzzzzzzzz tried two times and gosh... it was just... pathetic. like there were so few ppl left at the end of our 2nd attempt... ppl died and wheel or just out right dc-ed till even bs also tio SD. that we even managed to down one arm was quite a feat in itself. i really must thank my thick hp, else i would have died no doubt...

after that sianz... deicded to go lhc train a bit... than what happened? DC! server crash? maybe 20mins pass liao, still cant log in. heck, even the forums are down... trained till 68.60% just now... sian... dunnoe will tio rb till where. worst is that i just transferred my wa glove and shield (and two ancient rings) from my UA to my hero. though just now did relog once before czak... if rb and somehow my items gone than... seriously no need to play liao... zzzzzzzz

at the rate things are going... i really dont know how i'm gonna reach 200... sianz. jp wanted to train at 4+ tmr... was hoping to hit 199 tmr de... starting from tmr they giving out some crap 1.5x exp event somemore... i think that'll make the lag, crashes and rb even worst zzzzzzzz! i was still hoping to train to 200 next week since its my holiday... zzzzzzzz! epic sianz.

forums are up, but maple still cant in... zzzzzzzzzz! pls let my items be there!

EDIT: heng, no roll back... just server crash only... server restart from 1-3am... managed to train a bit just now... hope that tmr i can lvl up!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SSes and more

Oh yay... found this free application called Qumana that lets me blog from my mac... w/o having to use the troublesome blogger interface (with a photo uploader that... nvr works on firefox - my defualt and preferred browser). bad thing that i've noticed so far is that... when it allows me to insert tags, i can't see all the labels that i've already created on blogger :(

ok... wat's there to say... didn’t train much on hero... on mon only trained like 5% at LHC. went zak after that since there was, most amazingly no lag. luckily there was no hacker too... law managed to get his ACB (since he got the SOK from the event last time). i wanted ACB too but too bad it didn’t drop on the 2nd round. my pet managed to loot me a magic mastery tho... at 1st i wanted to throw it out cos i thought i had it on my evan already... thankfully i didn’t, cos what i had was flame wheel and not magic mastery! i'm kinda lazy to do the zak jq and got zak... so maybe i'll SOK that over next time too >< but 1st, i need to get my evan to 4th job f3

So on Mon night after the short LHC training i went bossing on my hero... scar/targa/krex/sg boss x2... for fun and for potions. Think the damage increase from the 2nd MoN i'm wearing helps A LOT. Didn’t exactly time, but i think the scar and targa run went much much faster. Actually i got the pendant expansion slot cos i got czak batch, but so far miss 3 weeks in a row already. 1st week internet tio cut halfway, 2nd week my dad bday, last week cmi cos of lag. Hope this week's run will go w/o a hitch... i do want my czak helm you know... ><

lvled my evan when hunting for paint yest... went from 114 to 116... just 4 more lvls to 4th job! was so blur lah... trained for over 1.5 hours than realised my int cape is still with my hero! train for 1 hour already than realised i didn’t use my SP... 9% increase in damage from dragon fury is A LOT of diff zzzz from like 50% 1hko to about 95% 1hko... guess it's been too long since i last leveled... i DID level like 2 or 3 weeks ago on my hero, but i only had to allocate AP (actually, i washed 3 points of ap too, with the free ap resets). My hero got too many SP sitting ard with nothing to do already...

missed the lvl up moment when i hit 116 :(

A curious thing happened yesterday... opps... i just happily uploaded the SS w/o editing... i hope he don't mind me posting his ign haha. i just lvled my evan when this guy who was passing by the map happened to see and grats me... after that he asked... well you can read the convo from the SS right? haha
its been so long since anyone last linked my hero to my forum username... no one ever asked for my evan or any other chars before IIRC. In fact, I only clearly remember being asked once on my hero, when i was lvl 14x or smthing and still training at duku. now that's a long long time ago... feels so nice to be recognised although the fact that i got stalkers is a bit scary haha. I mean, he even knew my hero just lvled o.o... Plus the only time I post my ign on forums is when I post an SS, and it's been a while since I last did that... Maybe he reads my blog too... If u're reading this, thks n u jy with ur hero too.

[ok... its not very convient to post pictures using Qumana... oh well, it still is a free program afterall... haiz... guess i'll stick to using blogger on chrome]

ah... lecture is over... guess i'll head home 1st and cont. the post later... gonna upload a bunch of SSes too :P been slacking off on the SS updates on my blog... its been so boring with just text and more text hehe... haven upload any SS to my FB in ages too.

Haven played trickster much, been on a bit in the afternoon to do some quests here and there... i think my dragon is now lvl 121 and TM lvl 99 or 100... smthing like that... still some way to go from 3rd job adv... oh well... one step at a time... ok... i'll go dig out some random maple SSes to post... i took a bit of SSes on trickster too, but i guess i'll put those on another post some other day.

Random SSes of me whacking in LHC with my BLs

 After the training we went for 2 rounds of zak...

 how to make ur robo animation stay forever - get stunned when you are using the robo skill!

 i love the animation of that mech skill, very elaborate and pretty.

Mech laser blast! 

Powered by Qumana

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Happiness is when after DAYS of drilling... you finally get the 100 items the npc asked for... turn it in, and realised that the rewarded TM exp is enough to lvl your TM from lvl 93, 53% all the way to lvl 95, 34%! whooooohoooo!!! now i can get my dark lance!!!!! happiness!!!! XD

not too sure how the maple training will go later... wont be buying the 1.2x exp card already... some members are missing and jp wont be training at night... and i'm more excited abt trickster than getting my hero to 200 ASAP. lol.

The end is near...?

Trained a whopping 40.5% at LKC today... full pt with HS... for like.... 11-12 hours with loads of slow/slacking periods in between... and oh yes.... i bought the 1 day 1.2x exp card...

gonna train again tmr, and i'll buy the card again (unless there's stuff like epic lag or smthing). Now at 52%... quite amazing that i DID manage to reach my target. At like 5 or 6pm i was still at 35% or so... and i was thinking i wouldnt be able to hit my target already.... still, managed to make it before the network maintenance. hope there'll be less lag tmr... while its trainable on my hero, there were still some times when the screen froze for extended periods of times... the most dangerous one was when i 'woke up' from to lag to my my hp at a mere 3k... that's like 90% of my hp gone... if it was other mobs, or in boss, i'd probably tomb already. thankfully the blood reindeer do like... 8XX to 9XX touch damage to me only, and thankfully i didnt tomb. i'd soooo totally kill myself if i tomb... i'll probably make me stop training there and than... kept my charms for czak last night and didnt take them out.... till the near death incident that is. 10% is like... 5+ hours of training gosh!

wonder if i can repeat the 40% exp gained thing tmr... than i'll hit a whopping 90% exp..!

since now i'm focusing on training my hero, i dont really have time for trickster. still logged in to do the daily tm quest for like 17% TM exp... and drilled a bit... wanna get to TM lvl 95 asap so i can get dark lance! 160% TM exp to go...! wonder when i'll get that done tho... since i want to get hero to 200 asap... get the training over and done with ya know... after that i'll probably play trickster more than maple... till professions are out perhaps? trickster really has so much more to offer in terms of content to me... so many quests... plus i'm still a nub at lvl 118... haven even reached the 3rd job yet... i promised myself i'll get some MyShop eq for my dragon when it hits 170... or watever the lvl requirement of the highest lvled eq in MyShop is... that'll take me a long time lol... there's those advanced pets stuff and... i think those pets can use skills and attack mobs with you or smthing? the bad thing abt trickster is that there's too much content, and not enough info available in the wikis... or shd i say... the info in the wikis isnt complete....

okays... imma tired... gonna sleep liao, nite nite!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Welcome to the World of Lag

Epic lag in maple today.... czak was a big failure... use pot? lag. use skill? lag. Haven even scratch czak arms and ppl were tombing because of the lag... gave up shortly after we started.

I only learnt afterwards that there was 1.5x drop/exp... no wonder the lag was sooooo bad... but still, the lag didnt go away after the 1.5x event at 10pm so... yeah server fail.

Went training at LKC instead since czak cmi... gained a total of 10% in ard... 4 hours? not too bad, but than again there's like 1 hour of 1.5x... and of cos that's with a full pt plus HS. gonna try and rush hero to lvl 200 asap... jp promise i'll have his 20 megas if i make it (before they expire) on the 4th of Oct lol... i think that'll be a bit hard but... still gonna try and train the whole day tmr... might buy a 1.2x exp coupon and try to gain 40% exp tmr... not sure if i can do it or not but yeah.... gonna try.

Saw a noob bandwagon pala showing off his pathetic char handling skills with a video on youtube... so as i was hunting blue paint for the 'Picture of a Popular Monster' event quest, i struck upon the idea of making a video in mockery of those pathetic bandwagers. While i personally feel that there is nothing wrong with creating a UA pala... most of the ppl creating UA pala simply made it cos they heard it's powerful... they dont know shit about the job or their skills, then they go around PRETENDING they are a pro. -.-''' i'd vomit blood if ppl go mass bandwagoning UA heros too.

Was training my mech the other day and i really really craved training my hero... guess 1st impressions of the game stays... still prefer a warrior char somehow... demon slayer's coming in the future... but somehow i think mine will still end up stuck ard lvl 100 or 110... not sure if my plan to switch to pala after my hero 'ends' his story will work - they are still many fundamental difference between hero and pala, but hopefully it'll suit me better than my mech. i'll definitely miss my monster magnet for sure.

mech is fun alright, but i really dislike having to summon all that stuff... buffs i'm ok with it... but having to constantly summon the mosquito buzzer, the door, or the robot to make mob moves faster is really really tiring... really puts me off training the char... (or i dont use them at all when training... which happens most of the time simply cos i forget...)

ok, enough crap, here's the video.. its just random snippets of me hunting for blue paint. and since i'm just randomly hunting for some quest items, my char handling is as sloppy as sloppiness can be, and i'm sliding abt + lagging anyway. YES. its freaking LAGGING in the middle of the night. Hurrah for maple! i totally didnt know wat i was doing at LKC earlier on... the mobs that i rushed would bounce right back and stuff. Hurrah for lag!

truth to be told... i just haphazardly put the video together... still haven watched it in its entirety lol...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Diary...

Random Dear Diary posts i made... for fun... for post counts... for wateverz...

14-Sep-2011, 04:43 PM

i'm sleepy and don't wanna do hw!
14-Sep-2011, 07:25 PM 

i wonder wat we'll do in tutorial tmr
Yesterday, 11:08 PM 
i wonder if i'll get a new rank at 25k posts.

i hope they let us change our custom user titles once more... being a regular member is so boring... its so unfair! my CUT got changed to the default one while others got the keep theirs...
Today, 09:30 AM 

no few ppl ard in the forums in the mornings...
Today, 09:59 AM

i'm bored... why are we learning stuff i learnt years ago all over again? make the lectuer teach smthing else leh...

LKC Exp Bug Fixed!

Wow... totally didn’t think they would fix it... but they did. A pleasant surprise for once... czak tmr, hope everything goes well so that i can get my helm. The LKC bug fix does make me a little more tempted to play maple... but than again, i'm craving for trickster even more... heh.

hmm... on 2nd thought, maybe i shd not train hero tmr... save on charms since i'll probably tomb in czak ><

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New AS Forum Look

The AS forum mods went tinkering with the forum features.. and we got some changes to the forums which made the lounge abuzz with activity for quite a while...

New features/look and bugs?:
- The avatar and username etc are all one the left of the post in a neat column rather than on top of the post... basically it now follows the standard look on most forums.
- User titles are now available/back. The mods had some trouble deciding which rank 24k posts or more users should belong to though.. more on that later.
- Custom user titles got removed for some users... (like me T.T) but it stays for some other ppl. Can't find the option to change the custom user title in User CP... seems like it has been removed
- You can now add other forumites as friends
- You can now change the color options on your public profile
- You can now leave visitor messages on other ppl's profiles
- PM function is finally available. However you get a misery inbox space of TEN messages ONLY.
- There's this thing called social groups, which allows you to add forumites to a group you make just like in facebook. The group can be public, invite only, or moderated (i'm guessing this means ppl can request enter the group?). The only group feature that is working now is the discussion board though... there seems to be features like photo, but it says i don't have the authority to access it... so i guess its not on. Made a group for the lounge but its pretty much redundant.
- Your total posts is now displayed below your avatar.
- You can once again see the WP of other forumites. sighz... my stupid 0 out of 5. T.T
- Rep system is back, though right now it doesn’t do anything (except for letting users with 10 rep have a green box below their avatar)
- Stickied threads are now Maroon and in Italics

Well the mods were playing around with the forum features and stuff.. the Stickied threads changed from blue and FLASHING (at least its flashing when you view from firefox, its doesn’t flash when you view from chrome and safari tho), to bright red, to finally Maroon. The flashing one was really horrible... very distracting.... red was better than the flashing text, but a bit too bright. i guess the mod was reading users' comments and stuff, cos as we complained, he changed.

User titles too... for those with lower post counts it didn’t change... but for me with 24k post counts... it changed like this: Forum Wizard --> Forum Archer (stay at archer for quite a while than suddenly...) --> Forum Rogue (than in less than 5 minutes) --> Forum Spearman (stayed for just a few minutes at most too, than back to...) --> Forum Wizard.

Still hoping to be called Forum Hero or Forum Warrior. So far after he finally settled on wizard it hasn’t changed tho. Noticed the rest of the titles are still around, but for users with lesser number of posts. Saw someone with 29k posts and the same rank as me... so Forum Wizard is probably the last rank available? Unless there's a new rank at 30k posts? i don't know... not gonna hit 30k posts anytime soon so yeah...

two screen grabs of my (changing) forum title...

i'm quite sad that my custom title is GONE... it just says 'Regular Member' now... sighz... so boring...! give us back the option to change the user title pls!

heh... i guess the forums will not be migrating anymore eh...? which is good i guess... i do want to keep my 24k posts record :P

EDIT: new rank! i'm now a Forum Priest. Now where's Forum Hero? thought they were done with playing with the ranks yest but guess i was wrong
EDIT again: ok... seems like Forum Inquisitor is the highest rank... wonder how many posts you need to get that rank... 30k posts? 50k posts? o.o

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chaos Patches dates out

Well i'm not 100% sure if the dates are correct, but i believe it to be 99% true...

19 October 2011: Return of the Hero
Yet more skill rebalancing. Skill changes are mostly for the legends, dual blades, and resistance though... not much changes for adventurers

9 November 2011: Technological Age & Super Fight 
Professions, and PVP...

23rd November 2011: Ice Knight 
Another PVP mode, ice knight

not gonna be writing guides on professions... that's wayyyy too much work plus there are already many nice guides out there. not too decided on which two professions my hero shd get... oh wells... let's see how the hacker and server stability issue goes 1st.

Quite happy playing trickster now, just lvled up my main and TM lvl twice to 118/91. 4 more TM lvls till i can get dark lance! Just managed to kill Don Giuvanni... been stuck at that man's tears quest for super long... still died a few times before i managed to succeed... the hell fire + wicked flames combo is really amazing... the fight would have taken WAYYYY longer w/o those skills. ok... 2 more mins till its night time and i can proceed on with the next episode 2 quest. After that i'm gonna head back to ghost blue to finish my ghost blue key quest/other quests 1st tho... 2 more ghost blue stickers to go...!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The end is near... for MSEA

2012 wont be the end of the world, but it will be the end of MapleSEA
Yes, i think MSEA is really gonna die soon. Heard from my fellow loungers that some hackers have posted in some forum that they wanna work together to bring down the whole MSEA. Well i'm not sure if they are serious... but the hacker situation in msea has certainly gotten from bad to worst to hopeless.

1st we have those botting (mostly) evan hackers, than there's those who hack themselves into boss maps and loot all the drops... than there are those hackers who use DC hack to dc player going into/past their map... and now, hackers are using some kind of erm... hack to fill up the fm stores of legit players so that others cannot enter their shop to buy stuff, forcing players to buy from hacker shops...

Pretty much the entire general discussion is filled with talk about hackers and hacker only. Haven played maple in more than a week, and wont be playing except for my czak runs till maple either dies, or the hackers are removed. i think the former is more likely to happen tho...

Check out how many urgent server maintenance there have been in the past two weeks... 12 in the month of sept so far... win!

will definitely not do any guide writing for maple till the situation gets better... not gonna log on at least till there isnt like a server crash a day... not sure how long i'll stay away from maple... but for now, trickster is occupying my attention just fine.

tried trickster yesterday, very fun! still lagged during certain times in the evening, but in the afternoon it was soooo much smoother. i'm thinking its thks to the new router... either way, i'm back to play trickster! esp now that i can top up cash for trickster using cherry credits IF i ever choose to. So far i've not spent a single cent on trickster. At least hacks and hackers are not abound in trickster... i did see a mega advertising trickster currency selling tho :( but definitely not like maple where you see botters spamming the same lines over and over again. Apart from that one mega i didn’t see any other galder selling advertisements though. No KS wars (there's PVP tho, but that's a totally different thing!), no vulgarities... interesting quests and storyline, LOADS of events (like there's some event going on throughout the entire year), unique drilling system, compounding, refining systems... too much to name. i really enjoy the game... guess i stopped to maple last time, and than just didn’t play back anymore. so far i've only got 1 char. well i did try out almost all the other jbos and trained each of them to like lvl 15 or smthing, but that's pretty much it.

Playing a 1441 dark dragon on trickster. Going to be a pure dark lord next time. Hybrid grants you a ton of skills, but i think i'll stick to being my dark lord. i can always continue with the sheep and light dragon-to-be i made last time if i wanna play with the other skills :P. picked dark dragon for the power, and indeed mana arrow + arrow rush is a wonderfully overpowering combination. the downsides of playing 1441 (pure MA of cos) is obvious tho. My HP sucks to the core. got a chocolate shield from event last time with 4 slots, which i comped with HP... now i'm running around with like 5k hp during training. Got a halloween hat with some hp comped in it too, but during training i'd rather wear my witch hat with some MA. i bet all my gears are super outdated now, since the last time i played was YEARS ago... just checked the forums, like the last time i was active there was in 2008... o.o there's been loads of changes now, new quests and all... which is good. 1441 build is like a glass cannon powerhouse, so you have to train using the kiting method. its not that hard since i pretty much 1hko everything.... BUT i still get killed quite often, esp when i just started playing back trickster.  i keep pressing the number keys instead of F1, F2 etc, which changes my quickslot selection and i end up dying since i can't cure myself in time. than theres the lag. once there's lag AND one or 2 mobs hitting at me, the chances of me dying becomes really really high. dying isnt a big deal tho, i don't think you lose any exp. its just irritating when you die when doing the hunter quests... you'll have to start all over. 

trained up my dragon some bit last night, gained 3 levels to hit 116 and gained 2 TM lvls to hit 89. my TM lvl is still a long way off to the 110 needed for the 3rd job change... think there's this daily quest from the star gazer than i can do to get a neat bunch of TM exp... i'm wondering what to do next tho, so many quests to do and all.

okays, enough for now, class is gonna end... till next time :P

Thursday, September 8, 2011

hackers hackers everywhere

even cwkpq is not spared...

really not gonna maple for the time being already. crashes, roll backs, and daily 'urgent' maintenances...  just saw a twitter msg pop up saying that A world maintenance got extended till 12pm. i think there was already two downtime yesterday...? like watever lah. seriously no point playing maple now. i haven played since sun and i'm not regreting anything.

wanna go try playing trickster again someday... but i always end up not having enough time to on xp lol. oh wells. nothing else to say but the hacker situation getting really hopeless.

oh yeah... HS... haven updated anything since the weekend. gotta thank saigo for dragging his bro in to help us... makes me feel so guilty each time haiz... maybe i'll go add in a few mobs before i start my research for sch work.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

maple... hopeless...?

so many server crashes... roll backs... i've given up on using the 1.5x exp/drop rate this week...

even with the new router, maple is still lagging real badly... well basically the server is screwed. else there wouldn’t have been so many crashes and roll backs... and urgent maintenances.

just realised that this fri is my dad's bday AND i have czak... think i cmi for czak liao. no helm once again... and ah.. the influx of hackers now... hackers invading all the ht and pb runs etc... many of the organisers have stopped their runs... basically the hackers just hack into the boss maps, and camp there till the boss is down... than they loot and run off with all the drops... there's even hackers using... erm hacks to down the boss.

would go and try playing trickster again but i'm lazy to even on XP (once more...) hopefully it no longer lags with the new router...

hm... got my hero up to lvl 198 at last sometime back... and my mech up to 110. feeling too lazy right now to post the SSes.... ah heck, i'm even too lazy to do my homework. sighz.


Friday, September 2, 2011


czak today was at 8, as usual.... was already late cos my dad ask me to help my sis install the stupid printer drivers on my sis's comp. like wat's soooo hard abt downloading the driver from the website and installing it??? been asking my sis to install it herself for literally YEARS and she couldnt do it right.

than my dad come in at like czak b2... see me maple and of cos scold. than cos he bought a new router in the afternoon, he just unplugged the modem. cos he dont approve of me playing any sort of games anyway. sighz.

and yes, i could have gotten helmed today....

very sadded right now. wat to do?

in other unrelated news, i made a UA late last night.... yeah... that's all... no mood to say anything else now.