Monday, August 8, 2011

School's Back

Sighz... school's starting tmr (or rather, today)... i dont have any classes tmr, but i decided to drop by a lect in the afternoon just to see if its interesting, just in case i decide to change any of my modules i signed up for later on...

The biz law elective i signed up for (no choice, gotta clear a biz module -.-''') starts the 1st lecture on national day. Yes, NATIONAL DAY. 2:30 to 4pm... -.-''' the course coordinator wrote us an extremely long welcome message, with an extremely long winded explanation of why lect on tues goes on as usual... smthing abt sch schedule packed, darn hard to book LTs and all... oh wells... not that it really matters to me. Haven been finding the national day parades an extremely interesting affair for quite some time already... still remember when i'd be enthusiastically singing the songs while watching tv when i was in kindergarten... that was such a long time ago... hmm when did i stop being enthusiastic? it was probably the time when i got into a quarrel with my mum and she disallowed me to watch the tv till quite some time after the parade starts. of cos i was in no mood to watch it anymore... think i wasnt very keen on watching the NDP from than on. that was probably when i want pri 3 or pri 4? cos i rem it happening at my old house. wow, that's even before pri 5 when i got the watch the NDP rehearsals with the sch... (which was my 1st and last time so far seeing the NDP, rehearsals or otherwise, live). I wonder if my friend is still up for dinner outing on nat day... really hope she's willing to have dinner with me :P

Maple wise... well i managed to train during the 2x drop/exp event today. well most of it anyways. it was interrupted by my dad as usual... luckily i didnt lose the map cos of that. gained abt 3.7% exp on my hero, not bad... the POTs (as in piece of time) wasnt that nice tho... only 7 today... compared to 9 and 11 (or was it 12? i forgot) respectively last weekend, 7 is kinda sad... oh wells, i have more than enough POTs to make ONE reverse gun now, i just have to level up my mech to 4th job... managed to get my mech to 106 today... gained a pathetic 1 level... dont think i'll train mech much either in the following two weeks... and after that LHC will be here and i will be clearing LHC quests and grinding in there with my hero so... oh wells, guess my mech will be stuck at 10X for a long time...

Also, with sch starting, i'll only be able to go the nat day quiz once or twice a day... oh wells... i hope i can get a 3 liner glass on my hero...

SG/MY National Day Event Stats:
Times done quiz: 21 rounds, 20 chars = 420 times
Glassed chars and stats:
Hero 3x (2 boom)
Mech 2x (1 boom, 1 3-liner)
WH 3x (1 boom, 1 2-liner, 1 3-liner)
bam 1x
evan (2-liner)
aran 4x (2 boom, 1 2-liner, 1 3 liner)
NW 4x (2 boom, 2 2-liner)
DB 2x (1 boom, 1 2-liner)
SM 1x
Storage db 2x
Aran3 1x
Abandoned FW 3x
Storage bam 2x
Storage sin 1x
Storage page2 1x

Awaiting glasses (chars that are active/will be trained in the future): my sis' i/l
Chars that will/might be trained in the future and want 3 liners: hero, db, aran, bam

Boomed: 9
2-liners: 6
3-liners: 3
Total no. of potential scrolls used: 18

Ok, that's all for now... nite nite!

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