Thursday, August 18, 2011


Asiasoft surprised me (pleasantly) today when they fixed the dc bug in the middle of the night. For once they resolved it rather quickly. But than again if u consider how long they already extended the patch...

Wonder if i shd just do a mad dash in hero to 200 or do a side track and get the soul driver quest done. I think just rushing to 200 would be better, since the soul driver quest is gonna take weeks n months to finish... Wonder if I'll side track a bit halfway through though. At least I must lvl up before sept when my free ap resets expire. Gonna have to train another 30.3% more. Gonna party up with my bl n guildmates to train tonight... See how much exp I can get per hour. Soloing there doesn't feel any faster, tho you might feel happier since ur exp obviously moves more per kill. For ppl with noob damage like me tho, we take so many hits to kill that there isn't much diff whether I'm whacking at TT or LKC. So it'll only be the pt bonus exp that's gonna make a diff.

Okays. That's all for now. Off to sch for class.

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