Friday, July 31, 2009

zomg, chemchem is rich!

yes, i'm rich now... but at the cost of rl $ >< brought quite a lot of keys to open the gold boxes... $3 each sio... but thk god i did get some good stuff... dragon sleve with 9 slots, dusk raven with 9 slots, a bunch of other noob eq with 8/9 slots that i've not sold out a single one, this broom witch chair which fetched me 300m, a white scroll that legendary kwanhua bought for 350m... a mushmom eraser... a chaos scroll 60% which i have scrolled... basically... its like gacha... but with a better chance of getting good stuff.. which of cos, screwed up market prices. prices of stuff like gene30 n mw20 has dropped by a ton now... only sb i got has been the bow expert30... sells for ard 9m or so... blah...

still... all in all, i now have enough for a wa 18 maple shield, with $$$ to spare. BUT hell did i spend a bunch of real life $$$ on it >< yeah its so d@mn tempting to keep opening those boxes. but i guess its abt enough for me... i've got enough meso and spent enough cash... so yeah >< gotta save up when sch reopens man ><

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


almost time for bed... slept super late last night and yet for some unknown reason woke up earlier than usual... trained at duku till i wanted to fall asleep >< made ard 10m or so meso today, then go really really bored n went mulang training center. racked up 1.5k points today and got my blue belt! +3 to all stats, and that increases my acc by 1! check strategy wiki.. for some strange reason i didnt see the avoid of the was stated in there last time >< anyways, the last mob at time temple needs 172 acc to 100% hit, so that the acc i'm striving for now. considering to make a blue/green neos pants instead of buying a pre-scrolled one. the total of 8 acc (with adv garnet) will help a lot. the trouble is that power crystals are ex and hard to hunt. garnets i still get rather easily, bye bye station mob drops loads of them. just hunting there yesterday n totday i got over 70 ores. plus with those normal jewels there's a 5% chance to get an advanced crystal when grading, compared to the mere 1% of the crystals... sheesh! no wonder adv crystals are so hard to come by (not to mention expensive!) might end up using an intermediate power crystal on my reversed 1H too. so if it really fails or i scroll n boom it i wont get a heart attack?

finally went to get my legendary spirit skill today. plan to use to it scroll the maple claws i got... hope i dont end up booming all of them ><

so that's 605 quests done... but considering that mcpq will give medals (at least from KMS info) that add 10 to each stat, i will just get 2 on my SM (unless each char can only get one then zzzzzzzz) and SOK it over... 10 to each stat is really ALOT. the luk n dex there will give 13 acc. since now i have like... 148 acc i think while wearing my spd shoe, that gives me 161 acc. the extra 12 needed can be easily covered with a bottom upgrade alone, or by getting a 10dex earring, and making a bottom with +8 acc instead of the +3 that i'm wearing now. not to mention that i will get more acc as my koc lvls up. alrighty... let's see what tmr's patch brings! aidos!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Farming time

And so the last of my monthly 2x exp has been used up, and now its time to farm for my maple shield. managed to earn quite a bit of $ today, and hunted 20++ power crystal ore (thus the reason why i'm still awake). my aim is to finish farming in 1 month... but might be a bit hard... still i hope i finish getting my entire eq upgrade package by my bday, and have my koc reach max lvl shortly aft that, or before my bday too. with mcpq seaon 2 coming out, i hope i can rush to lvl 70 before sch reopns, while still having time to farm a bit each day. aft that, lvling will be fast once i got a decent lvl of soul driver... and with soul charge n dish... gah... reaching lvl 120 can be done in the the snap of a finger, even with self training.

okay, so here's my current goal:
Before my bday:
Get a maple shield with at least 15wa
Get a reverse 1H - still undecided on whether to scroll or not and with wat scrolls
Get an earring with at least 10 dex
Get a bottom with at least 14dex
Reach lvl 12 blessing for my main char

After that, i'll save up for a... wa 15 wg? or upgrade to a n00b scrolled wa 5 cape.

chemchem lvl 149 already... lvl 29 stance. decided to go for enrage before mw, tho the prices of enrage 20 and 30 does worry me a bit. now that i'll be switching to farming mode, i hope that by the time i need enrage 30 the ht bug is throughly fixed and the prices of enraged 30 will back to the normal price. now its like... 99m for a book! crazy lah! aft that then add mw9. then maybe achilles... oh wells, still quite a ways from there yet ><

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Patch on 29th july!

there's gonna be a patch on 29th july, and got some exciting changes/events coming up. here's the patch notes:
Boss Balrog
The infallible Balrog, who was sealed up in the Underground Temple at Sleepywood by Tristan a decades ago, has been slowly preparing to be resurrected. Mu Young was emphatic in his request that YOU must prevent Balrog, who’s standing past the sealed-up door, from fully resurrected, and that YOU must be prepared to face him. Balrog should not be underestimated! Form up your Squad with a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 30 players to go against him!

Monster Carnival Season 2
Players between level 51 ~ level 69 take note! Monster Carnival Season 2 is out! With more powerful Monsters, battle out with your friends and stand a chance to win yourself with fabulous equipments! Form up a party of 2 to 6 players and talk to Spiegelmann located in various towns to participate in the Monster Carnival Season 2 NOW!

Creation of New Knight of Cygnus Character
Knights of Cygnus can now be created without the restriction of a level 20 character! You may now choose to create Knight of Cygnus Character or Adventurers from the Character Creation Page!

Window Mode
Window mode is now implemented for your convenience! You may now choose to play MapleSEA in Window Mode! Simply make your selection under System Option!

Monster Box
Treasure Box will now drop from monsters in MapleSEA! Stand a chance to get RARE items like Reverse Weapons and Timeless Weapons from these Boxes! There will be 2 types of Boxes!
Gold Box – Dropped by only Singapore & Malaysia map Bosses.
Silver Box – Dropped by all other level 20 and above monsters.
Monster Box alarm – 10 most popular gachapon item & timeless & reverse items will be announced!

Gachapon Alarm
Gachapon alarm has been implemented. Announcements will be made once you have gotten Top 100 most popular Items from the Gachapon Machines!

Master M Event (Available from 29th July 2009 to 3rd September 2009)
Help the Special Agents protect against Master M! As long as you are level 10 and above, join the Special Agents by speaking to NPC Gaga and work hard to earn what it takes to become the Ultimate Agent. Look out for what you can get from the agents and be WOW by the items you get from them!

Celebrating Independence Day Event (Available from 29th July to 3rd September 2009)Test your knowledge about History of both Singapore and Malaysia and win yourself with Independence day item!
How to win the Independence Day item?
Simply visit Joyce, the event master and test your knowledge on either SG or MY history to receive the Sunglasses with either SG or MY Flag Design depending on the test selected.

[b]Gold Richie’s Gold Compass Event [/B](Available from 29th July 2009 to 3rd September 2009)The richest man in the world of Maple, Gold Richie’s treasure has been destroyed! Help Gold Richie by talking to NPC Cassandra to find back his treasure and get rewarded!

Pendent of Spirit (Available from 29th July to 3rd September 2009)
Visit NPC Cassandra to redeem your Spirit Pendent! What does it do? You got to explore and you will definitely not regret getting it!

New items have been added to the Gachapon! – Gritto’s Wisdom Ring
(Level 70, FAME 100+, INT +2, LUK +2) – Harmonia’s Forceful Ring
(Level 70, FAME 100+, STR +2, DEX +2) – Ice Chair – Portable Meal Table – Little Snow House – Brown Sand Rabbit Chair – Amoria Couple Chair – Rubber Ducky Bath – Round the Campfire – Baby Bear’s Dream – Teru Teru Chair

Cash Shop Update
New Equipments will be loaded to the Cash Shop in version 0.78 patch.

[Equip] Elite High School Uniform
[Equip] Elite High School Uniform
[Equip] Dark Purple Rainbow Shoes
[Equip] Pluto Hero Package I
[Equip] Pluto Hero Package II
[Etc] Gold Master Key
[Etc] Silver Master Key
[Package] Pluto Hero Package I
[Package] Pluto Hero Package II

- Pluto Hero Package consists of items not sold individually and include stats. – List stats
Pluto Legend Hall – Weapon Attack +2, Magic Attack +2
Pluto Flame Cape – Speed +5, Jump +2
Neon Sign Amulet – Weapon Defense +5
Pluto Hero Suit – STR +1, DEX +1, LUK +1, INT +1

[Mesos Drop Adjustments]
Tax for Mesos dropped to the field has been added

Bug Fixed
Reported Bugs Fixed!

[Mesos Drop Adjustments]
Tax for Mesos dropped to the field has been added

[2X EXP Event on a Fresh New Month!]
Prepare yourself for the fresh new month and enjoy 2X the EXP on the first weekend of the month on 1st and 2nd of August 2009 from 1400hrs to 1600hrs.

MCPQ season 2 is finally here! apparently u can get a medal that adds +10 to all stats! GODLY MEDAL! untradeable duh... dunnoe if can SOK, cos that 10int would really help my hero... >< okay, not gonna train my sm who's still stuck at lvl 57 now. mcpq all the way!

windows mode - at last! can switch btw maple n other windows easily now.

monster box event - a good way for them to earn $$$. no idea how much they will sell their key at ><

and yes, a cash shop package that gives stats! wonder how much it will cost >< if its not TOO ex i will buy it aft all my cash shop items expire. >< that +2wa on weapon... *drools* but then again, considering the way they are, its most likely to be super ex... see how lah... changing my eqs and stuff will give more more wa than that. maybe when i'm higher lvl still then i will buy. unless its cheap, but obivously its not gonna be. somemore when buy have to get the whole package.

SS part 2

solo papu - 2nd try

This time round i managed to get some pics DURING the fight :D here's papu knocked all the way to the corner, just nice the SS was taken when he did 1/1

Clock sleeping...

here u can see my damage more clearly. not the max damage tho... hard to time my SS

body 2 of clock!

well b2 fight is much easier and rather risk free, so i took more SS :D

how low can my brandish damage go? that's ard the lowest i guess ><

after seeing the lowest, i give you the highest i managed to SS.

and the drops! i got a: red katte, green cresent boots, 49 milks, 35 power elixirs, 55 dews, ice demon 30, and 42 elixirs. too bad the monster card is wasted as i already got all 5 cards from tiank.

went to hunt jr. balrogs to get my key, as part of the enraged quest. made a mini picture guide on doing the quest in the mean time. shant repeat the pictures again, but if you want, here's the link to my mini guide.

and that's all the SS i have for now :)


Oh wow! for the 1st time ever scribefire's upload pic thingy works! anyway's that's the pic of my soloing ice knight at time temple yesterday. and basically, that's where i've done the quest up to. have not paid the 1mil bucks to die yet, cos i'm a cheapo and i still haven earn back my pot money for this round of poting. plus, it doesnt help that i already cant kill at cg regret well. so going to the red mobs now will just be super pot burn. 4k+ damage each! OUCH!

okays, let me try to upload the rest of the SS i took over the... dunnoe how long i've not posted.

okay, 1st up is LQ n her dar's wedding! 1st time i got invited to a wedding!

so sweet, 'married' on his bday! 1st time i use a weather effect:


Genesis, blizzard, metero... all 3 mage ultimates!

Photo taking session

At the bonus map thingy place. No mobs left to kill :(

At the top...

End of wedding...

Using the owl for the 2nd time, to find AC book 3

2 pages of results!

in the end i bought the book from someone else, at slightly cheaper at the mkt price. i think i paid 7 or 7.5m for the book...
hurrah! it passed!

Level 23 AC now!

some pics of me whacking at mong. was super hard for me to the an SS of my highest damage, cos i'm using a lappy and i need to press and hold the Fn button while pressing the F12 button to take an SS... while pressing my dish button too...

As you can see, i took the pics during my 2x exp.

training at duku = stunation

see how duku loves to root me to the ground?

see how many mongs i've killed? and those etc items are from only 1 night's training

more stuns from duku. soloing at duku while 3hit ko is... super stunning

stance book 2 passed in 1st try! the book was free from a guildmate of mine so yeah :)

more pics of dying dukus. told ya its hard to get an SS with me doing damage

the 1st SB i got from duku (and only one thus far) - elemental boost!

stance book 3 passed!!!

oh, a rare pic of my SM! i went to fetch the egg for the mount to hatch it, but i dont have the 10million to buy the mount :(

arh, finally, the SS of me soloing papu!

1st papu downed!

that's all for today!

wanted to upload massive amount of SS, but the blogger thing isnt working properly it seems... trained for like 5hours++ at time temple. didnt get a singe piece of time till like... at 1.45am, aft training for like... 5hours? then got 2 withing 10mins, and then no more again liao. that brings my total POT count to 4... BRAVO! 41 more POTs to go... whee >
Soloed papu yesterday, twice. took me a 17mins the 1st time round, and 18mins on the 2nd try. keep kena kb - until sometimes get dispeled too. spent ard 130 honsters per run, but thankfully the pot gains alone will pay for my honster cost. super lucky on my 2nd run, got ice demon 30, and 2 pieces of eq, oh and the monster card too. too bad the monster card is useless to me since i already got all 5 cards from tiank last time :( but yeah... cool eh? my little n00b crus has really grown up! sometimes i still cant accept the fact that my char is so strong now - yes i'm no where compared to those 16X or 18X heros, but hey, at 147, i've got dish and ac maxed, and a decent lvl of stance. basically, my basic bossing package is complete already. it thrills me when ppl ask me to go scar bossing and such, and this time i know for sure that i will be a contributor, rather than a bystander. however, thanks to the ever persistent hack shield error, i will dc from scar, zak etc... :( so basically i tried scaring but failed. sian. cant even get back my scar helm now, haiz. its great when i look at the guild namelist and realise that all those ppl who zoomed past my lvl previously thru the usage of spam service are like... either just 1 or 2 lvls ahead of me, or way behind my lvl... just realised today that... even my senior in the family system is also 6 lvls lower than me!!!!!! cool! as for my junior, who was so extremely close to over-taking my lvl, now i'm like, 19 lvls ahead of her... phew... of cos most ppl have sch already, so i hardly ever see my senior or junior online... and yeah my own sch is abt to start in 2 weeks time... but its cool isnt it? i did it all by myself! yeah, i used a monthly 2x card, and yeah pting with ringer at times really help... but no i did not pay anyone to spam me, nor did i pay anyone to pt with their ringer. and yes i do feel proud of my achievement. hehe, even my guildmaster who is in NS now will soon be overtaken by me! will try to lvl tmr, which will make me same lvl as him liao... hehehe :D

still, it'll take me quite a while to be able to 2hit skele, CG of regret, dukus, etc... quite a ways from my goal of 600m for the eq upgrades too. and now the deflation of the price of ilbis, most likely due to hacker flooding the wolf spiders hunting grounds really doesnt help. it makes me kinda wonder how i shd make my $. its hard to get a map at wolf spiders with all the hackers, plus the fact that ilbi prices have dropped lik 10m from 30-34m to 21-25m makes me feel really.... reluctant to hunt ilbis anymore. what's more that day i hunted for over 2 horus at spirit vikings to no avail, and i've hunted previously at wolf spiders for over 2 hours to get NOTHING too. haiz. hunted at d. wyverns for a while yest as well. no SB. oh wells. now dish 2 ppl sell at 48m but no one buy. guess i'll need to wait at least 1 month for enough ppl to become heros and buy the skillbooks off the mkt so that prices can start to rise. oh that time i lent my guildmate my dish20. feel so bad for him - he hunted on and off for 1 week plus, to finally get the book, only to fail it. wat's more his hero 131 already. ya i guess he leeched most of the way there (i still remember he was only a fighter just a few months back, then a crusader, than a hero, when i'm still lagging way behind!), but just feel sad when i see him hunting at d wyvern with dish 10. so i lent him the book which he passed this time around. aft that he hunted 1 back n return me... so i got another book to loan any hero in need... gah, basically i'll only lend to fellow forumers from the hero's lounge whom i'm familiar with, and bascialy only flame would need/be able to get the book (same world). see if he need bah, it'll take quite a while for the dish 2 price to go anywhere near my ideal selling price. ideally i'll like to sell the book at 100m, but if can sell for 80m or so i guess its ok le. anyways, i'm patient and i can wait >< after all it'll take me very long to get my funding for the wa shield. really ponering whether to hunt ilbis or at bye-bye now. haiz. ilbis is all see luck loh. thing is that i want to wait till the price increase back again, which once again, is not gonna happen any soon. haiz.

Friday, July 24, 2009

blogger error?

zzzzz blogger dashboard having some probs? or not compatible with the latest version of firefox? ok... it doesnt work with safari or IE either ><

gosh, all the option on changing font, adding pics etc cant be seen ><

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Target supassed!

hehehe! long time since i updated here... target of 135 before sch reopens has been surpassed long ago :D

Friday, July 3, 2009

lalala.... such good days... wish it'll nvr end

well... lvled my SM to 46 today, and collected enough coins to change for a necklace and scroll 1 slot. 1+ to all necklace... blah... but on the bright side, the marble passed :)

then aft that went train/hunt on my hero... got yet another big bang 20... gah! watever would i nid that for??? lvled, added AC to lvl 5, and scrolled my AC bk 2... BUT it failed!!! sheesh! cldnt bear to wait till my 2x exp finish, so i went to draw the book out from my storage... and thankfully this time round it passed :D gotta thank nick n jp for the 2 books :D went back n hunt dish again and... at like 1.15am my efforts were rewarded! hurrah!!!! now i got enough $ to train for quite a while :) not sure if i shd continue hunting yet more bks to sell, or to go train at dukus... wanted to go make a thread in forum to sell my dish 20... BUT i saw someone just made a thread, selling dish20, a/w at 90m!!!! eh! spoil the market leh! i'm sure it can fetch over 100m one! so no choice loh... i will hold the book for a while till i get a good offer :) so long as the price doesnt drop i can wait :D hehehe... now that i got my dish20 scrolled (brandish maxed in fact) i hope the price of dish 20 increases so i can make more profit... hehehe :D well spiders will probably make better targets to make $$$... but the exp at wyverns is better... tho not much now either... :X abt... 10 odd % per hour with 2x? i dunnoe, but i only managed to get ard 40% in 4 hours of 2x exp :X dukus wld definitly be better training targets... skeles are still way too painful :X

yups, that's abt it for now... and a few SS i took to entertain myself while training/hunting:

failed the 1st AC bk 2

thankfully it passed on the 2nd try

the hellslayer n sliver grace helmets are drop from wyverns... guess they are really nice to me today... got a total of 3 eq drops!

really wasnt expecting the dish20 to drop... thought i wont get anymore SB today since they dropped me another big bang 20 earlier on.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

erm... thks but its the wrong one Mr. D. Wyvern

okay, so aft blogging i went back to hunt/train a bit more... and decided to on my 2X drop rate from family rep. like abt... half way? thru the 30mins... Mr D wyvern pitied how i hunted to whole of my monthly 2x exp slot today w/o getting anything and decided to drop my a SB... the wrong one sadly... :(

zzzzzz blogger image upload somehow isnt working right now... :X let me try with scribe fire...

okay... doesnt work either :X i'll try again tmr/later :X

okay... i think the webby was down just now... now let me try again :X

okay, that's the bk Mr D wyvern gave me today

beside it is my AC bk2, which i pulled out from my storage in anticipation of me lvling anytime. when i lvl i'll have 5 in AC and be able to scroll the bk. this is how the 2 looks like before u pick them up...

i'm a D. wyvern killer... testimony of how many D. wyverns i killed today alone.

okays, in the end i still had to manually put in the codes for the pics from the webby... sheesh! well at least i got the screenies up now :X

sch beckons...

ok, so i've got to wake up early this friday to sign up for my next year's modules. belinda is going for all the T4 classes so i'll just follow suit. really cant be bothered to look at the rest. chances are that its just a swap of timing anyway (i have class A when u have class B, when u have class A i'm having class B) so not much to choose from... just the labs maybe... but anyways... the time table really sucks... a quick glance in the electives list aft saving in my core modules in plan 1 shows that like almost every single elective has a nice looking asterick beside it... i.e. timing clash. :X I HATE THIS!!!! ALL the business modules clash... and i NEED to clear 1 business module before i graduate! and yet it like almost ALWAYS CLASHES! how am i even going to be able to clear my elective to graduate???? gosh! my friend says she's not taking any electives cos of the clashes... but imma gonna clear at least 1 anyway... actually, i wanna clear 2 this sem :X so long as the time table permits :X shall be hard working and camp in front of the comp during the add drop week and snach any possible places :X (not of courses that i'm too ridiculously not interested/weak in tho :X, that'll make me flunk my exams and pull down my gpa) haiz.... still not decided on whether to take jap 2 or not... oh wells... the time table planner shows that it clashes, but i haven checked out every single class yet... it might only be some classes that clash (but yet they will still show as asterick... but most of the time no such luck, i really tried to open up all the electives, all the classes last sem) oh wells.... and a lot of the modules show like over 100% of ppl signing up... arghs... i hate this! still i think we are much more lucky than nus ppl... with their bidding system they might not even get thier core modules... haha!

no so good day at d. wyverns

yeah... bad day at wyverns today.... not only did ma keep interrupting me, and caused me to use more pots... but also d. wyverns was really mean... didnt get a single eq drop, let alone skill book drop... unlike yest i got like... 5 or 6 of them. only dropped my 2 monster cards, which shd mean i've gotten like 10 cards out of them so far... but nope, no 2nd dish 20... still, despite me spending like 61.5m on dish 30 whereas this guildmate of mine got a dish 30 bk at a real cheap deal of 18m... he failed his dish 20 bk today which he hunted for like 1 week pass to finally get it... :( really feel sad for him...

trained my SM a bit today... lvled twice to 44, end up i went back mcpq... cos its more fun than training elsewhere... and i get cions super fast... like i tink have 44 cions or smthing le??? super fast... can exchange for another necklace already.... :D (but that means i shd stay and collect 120 more coins to scroll it :X) if the neck got gd stats then i no nid keep xfer the neck btw the two chars le. so suay loh... i used my SM help me finish scrolling the neck i got for my fighter last time... both scrolls failed :( end up only +30hp n mp :( lucky last time my sis help me scroll it passed :D else... the neck from got a lot of value become no value liao... cos its a +2 int neck :D plays a huge role in getting my 50 (or 60 now with maple leaf) int set ok? dont laugh say y warrior want +2int neck :X its crucial to my 30k with hb plan :X

which brings me to the point that... i may not be able to reach 17/18k hp by 160 with my current int set :X in fact, my calculations shows that i cant... but than i'm assuming that i get the least amt of hp increase per lvl n per AP. so... really no idea. only at 67% on my hero... wanna train to 70% before calling it a day... and i really hope i can get a dish 200 by tmr night... hunted ard.... 7 hours thus far? cos i afked/talked to my mum just now i consider today as just hunt for 3 hours bah... same for yest... i start hunting at d. wyvern dunnoe how long b4 my 2X. but i afked abt 20mins to bath... and slacked a bit to read forums and such... even then i think 4 hours is an underestimate but well... considering that i'm killing so much faster than last time (last time nid over 6 hits, kill once at a time, now i kill in 3 hits flat, up to 3 mobs in a go) i shd get my dish much faster now... i want that 10Xm to sell badly :X imagine if i am really that patient to hunt like 5 of them... that's over 500m for me... ard the amt needed for my wa shield... so yeah... i guess that's my motivation... i mean... i'm 13X already and still using a noob 115wa dsr... i really want to upgrade le :X of cos... aft getting enough $ for the ms, i still nid to hunt piece of times and other materials... :X and yes, i've decided that an MS with at least 15 wa, and a 1H reverse (self forged) is the way to go. still, i think by the time i'm done with both i'll be 14X already at least. the 1H reverse nids adv monster cry 2 and 3, which i can get from skele drops... and from hunting a few skeles yesterday... they are super painful (3k++ laser) and i take super long to kill them... so... gah... my SM wld have a better chance at it... lol. 11X Sm can 2Hit skele already cos of the holy charge like skill... oh wells... another reason to train my SM. and a reason not to abandon it at 120 unless my hero is at least 15X by then - it can be used for farming. 2hit ko at skele = no hit by laser = make $$$... so yeah... oh wells... we'll just wait n see wat happens... i'm not gonna train my SM during my 2x slot anyways... so i guess at most, MOST my sm will be is lvl 80 when sch reopens... even then i think its a way overestimate... i think trying for lvl 70 is a bit more realistic? oh wells... we'd see :X

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


okays... so since i INSIST on maxing booster on my SM... and tho at 1st i didnt really wanna add panic/coma on SM... but then i saw someone post an SS of their SM doing 6 digit damage in skele... so that changed my mind :D so i'm totally gonna abandon FA now. i'll still have some points in it cos i got nothing better to add, cos like soul and iron body is equally useless... so yeah... i'll max booster and rage in 2nd job no matter wat. lvl 42 only... wanna get to lvl 50 fast for 1 more wa boost :D gonna migrate to truckers on the next lvl...

and hmph... my hero's maxed brandish! which means my sm now has a 13 wa and acc boost :D yay! next to max is AC! than stance... after which i'll have to take a step back and consider whether to add achilles or rush... or enrage??? oh wells... still a ways to go. but now i feel like rushing my sm... cos 1H ko at skele means good $$$! which i'm desperately short of.. but still, even tho training at SM is faster... from lvl 42 to 110 still takes a lot of time... since i'm NOT a leecher... :X oh wells... just let things be i guess... oh and since i bought another montly 2x card which means at night i WILL be training my hero... went back d. birds last night, got like 3 monster card (but useless since i maxed out already) but no dish. quite a few eq drops tho. more or less... breakeven? okay lah... not pot spamming there anymore. estimate ard... 1230hp pots per hour? still acceptable... exp not too fast tho... but i guess now that i'm lvl 130... exp will nvr be fast again (unless i leech but i will not). oh wells... back to my SM