Sunday, August 14, 2011

CWK doesnt like my mech

It was a busy day today... woke up at 6+am to go to the temple with my parents since its the 7th lunar month... than went for breakfast + my sis got an appointment... after that i went home and had a short nap before going out to visit my jc teacher + her baby... didnt stay for very long, almost 2 hours maybe? left when the baby got hungry and started making a fuss... than rushed home for cwkpq...

So i finally patched my maple after half a week... just another 3 more days till Lion King comes to MSEA! no luck with cwk today at all. 1st round die cos my mech hp is too nub + somehow the potting didnt work. die before i get my MoN, how pathetic. 2nd round necked twice, BOTH wa9 MoNs. haiz. reminds me of how i necked at least 15times to get a 3 liner MoN on my hero... too bad i didnt keep track exactly how many i necked and how many pot scrolls i wasted. but we'd go two rounds each week and towards the end, i was practically necking like 3 out of the 4 necks per run O.o

Managed to get mech up to 107... and finished the cwk quests... got the marker of heroism, the map and the keystone (and finished the two optional quest too). Only have a pathetic 188 quests done on my mech so far... still a long way to go if i wanna get the quest spec medal. sighz.

SG/MY National Day Event Stats:
Times done quiz: 26 rounds, 20 chars = 520 times
Glassed chars and stats:
Hero 3x (2 boom)
Mech 2x (1 boom, 1 3-liner)
WH 4x (2 boom, 1 2-liner, 1 3-liner)
bam 2x
evan (2-liner)
aran 4x (2 boom, 1 2-liner, 1 3 liner)
NW 6x (2 boom, 2 2-liner)
DB 3x (2 boom, 1 2-liner)
SM 2x
Semi abandoned I/L 1x
Storage DB 3x
Aran3 1x
Abandoned FW 3x
Storage bam 2x
Storage sin 1x
Storage page2 1x
Abandoned sin 1x
Abandoned cleric to be 1x

Chars that will/might be trained in the future and want 3 liners: hero, db, bam

Boomed: 11
2-liners: 6
3-liners: 3
Total no. of potential scrolls used:20

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