Thursday, April 29, 2010

sad... i want my SSes back!

okays, since i dropped by, i might as well make a post.

3 more papers down, 3 more to go. since this site is supposed to be abt gaming... i shant bore u with details of my last horrible, horrible paper.

apparently i burned my VGA card again... quotation from acer was way too steep, my dad sent the lappy for repair at some shop in sim lim... everything is working fine now, but becos windows recommended me to restore the system to an earlier save point in a failed attempt to repair the comp... TONS of my maple SSes were wiped out T.T

TONS... like 2-3k of them... alot of those were quest information, pqs information, lvl up SSes, my flairgrave making... my SM reaching 120... all gone T.T

esp the pqs... i took a ton of SSes... my policy is to take pictures 1st, then sort them out later when i have the time... and i have not sort out any in a long time so... haiz. its like i'm not even very sure of the extend of SSes i lost. T.T

have not looked through at the SSes i have left, but i really hope the subway pq information is still there - all my chars save for the storage guys have over leveled for the pq already... and gotta bring my aran1 or nw to the ghost ship pq again since those SSes are definitely gone.

hmm... dont think i mentioned it here... but finally all my arans have reached lvl 50 and collected their lirin's ring! gd gd... evan's out next... hmm... wonder what extra's will be coming out with evans.

so for my maple CNY resolutions i made long ago:
NW to 3rd job - exceeded
hero to 16X - exceeded
SM to 120 - reached
obtain 3 lirin's ring - completed

got a paper tmr morning... but blah, i just feel like typing out smthing more today.

plenty of HS updates to do after my exams are over. have not completed adding in stuff for v0.92 yet.

got loads of projects planned for maple related, admin stuff. (copy and paste and edited from my lounge post)
The Training Grounds Guide by darkiller - needs a revamp, loads of new pqs and mobs to add in
All-In-One Warrior's Calculator by darkiller - In Progress! yup, still in progress. calculations of all hero's attacks for every lvl or combo/AC and every orb is out, but i've got sooo much more things planned for the calculator that i have no idea when i'd finish it.
All-In-One Warrior's FAQ by darkiller - In Progress! yup... this, and the two guides are all part of my website plan... but i think i'll focus on the projects abv 1st. gotta make a new 'Show your damage' thread too.
Soul Master Skill Guide by darkiller - Almost Complete!
Hero Skill Guide by darkiller - Pending Start Date!

and yes, the hero's lounge is now a MH lounge, and flame has made a mini guide which i've put up on the 2nd page. shall think of how to make the guide better and more imptly, not a repeat of the many guides out there/the MH wiki. pointless to have a copy and paste of other websites isnt it? waste of space really.

hmm... in game wise... well i got my 3 rings... nothing much other than that. hardly training/playing cos of exams, save for the daily 2 hours of fishing. yup, started fishing now so that at least my exp will move even if i dont train. these days seeing my exp increase by 1% during training is like a real big achievement... an hour at eruwaters gets me slightly more than 1%... and that's with spirit pendant. blah, i dont keep track much of my exp % growth over time... no point, it'll over make u feel depressed and not want to train. anyway i estimate i get an average of 1.5% per day of fishing, so that's ard 60days per lvl... i'd really have to put in a lot more time training is i want to reach my goal of hitting 200 before i graduate... solo training is so slow... T.T so close yet so far. last 20 levels but when will i ever get there? right now my goal is just to catch up with my guildie + fellow lounger who has stopped training... 6 more lvls to go. also going for max achilles too, lvl 16 now, 14 more sp and 5 more lvls to go... after which my level up SPs wont be used at all... the very same guildie kindly spared me his extra achilles 30, which i passed in the 1st try (sadly for him, he was trying to clear stock)... and that marks the very last skill book i'm going to scroll... possibly in my entire hero career. (oh dam, i lost the SS of me passing achilles 30!) the only books i have yet to scroll are mw30 - which is SOOOO hard to get and very far beyond my reach, monster magnet - well who the heck adds this skill???? and blocking - i dont really like blocking since i'm a 'rusher'... my rush is at max distance and i use it extensively in training/hunting, esp bump rushes. blocking will cause bump rush to fail like 15% of the time (at max lvl, but if i save my points for mw30, i will only be able to get blocking 27, leaving mw at 29, rush at 28)... not something that i look forward to... can also cause deaths in scar runs... so yeah, most likely no blocking for me though that might change if i go bossing often later on.

thinking of getting a macbook, dual boot with WINDOWS XP and attempt to go for HT runs on windows xp. VISTA SUXS TO THE CORE. with maple at least. cant even go zak properly and have to change graphics quality from 2nd lowest to lowest etc at every part of the run. heard ppl say in forums that they've gone zak, ht on macbook + xp with no problems... so that might be an option for me, but we'll see. there's always the problem of having to commit to the same time slot every week... finding a batch shdnt be that much of a problem... as long as they are looking for attackers... wat's not to like abt a 18X hero with 21k BASE HP? (provided the macbook + xp system works out fine, anyone that keeps on dc-ing is not welcomed)

next up i'm gonna continue making and scrolling my reverse + flair. 1.5k sliver coins and 93 POTs collected. gonna hold on scrolling my current flair till i make a backup sword. the problem is that i have to buy another carabella - which is SUPER hard to find these days. gonna make a reverse shoe with spd and jump crystals too. current training spd/jump at skeles is 135% spd and 115% jump, short of 5spd and 8jump to max. gonna try making and scrolling my own top + bot too... with jump/spd crystals depending on how much stats i'm short of the max movement. hmm... all these are not gonna come cheap... top + bot scrolls arent cheap PLUS they are 30% scrolls... and how many reverse swords have i boomed already? might have to start trading to earn the funds... haiz.

okays... that's enough for now. i really shd go study for tmr's paper.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tons of new maple updates ahead!

Tons of new maple updates ahead… There’s the new pq n weapon set coming up in tmrs patch… New evan related events, balance patch coming soon… Gosh I hate how it’s all coming during my exams period! Arghs!!!

i must wait… wait… 7th of may - freedom day!!!

okays. a couple of days ago my lappy died. sent it for repair yest... god knows how long they are gonna take (and how much its gonna cost, warranty ended le)

i really hope there's no need to reformat, cos i didnt backup my data recently, so all my assignments, lecture notes, quiz excel cheat sheet that i made, maple SSes, warrior's calculator, aran quest info for HS etc will be gone if the lappy has to be reformated... lect notes i can re-dl again.... but everything else.... and gosh it took me so long to get the calculator where it was... i had ALL the damage range (max and min, swing and stab) for ALL crusader and hero skills calculated out, for every lvl of combo and AC, and for EVERY no. of orb... gosh that took me SOOOO long to do... esp the part where i had to correlate combo/ac lvl with the no. of orbs. i.e. if u ac lvl was 1, orbs 7 to 10 will show an error msg instead of some numbers. and gosh, all that copying of damage multipliers of every lvl or every skill too me very long too... T.T gosh why did my lappy had to have an error just 1 week before my exams... why why why???????????????????????????????????

Monday, April 5, 2010

Flairgrave completed!

Yes! Finished collecting my 4.5k coins and made my flairgrave last night. Wa105, 2 str. Slightly abv average and give me a higher range than my rk. No pics since I'm on my phone once again. Unfortunately my noob att means it's not possible for me to 100% 2hko skele with def up. W/o def up probably still can make it, havengo try yet, only whacked a few eruwaters yest. Quite nice to see them missing on me haha.... Went for flair in the end rather than the blue spear tho I love blue more and it's 500coins cheaper cos blind is more useful compare to slow.
Don't dare to scroll it tho... Too precious... Wait till I make another one 1st haha. Just that the coin collecting will take quite a while and buying a cheap dragon carabella is a huge headache.
Ok. Lecture has reaumed, tata

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Missing inaction

Lol. Long time no blog as usual. Got my sm to max lvl at last. N got an iPhone during the is show as my 21st bday pressie :) using it to blog now while on my way to sch haha. So can't upload any pics of my sm reaching lvl 120. Heh, abandoned my sm liao, w/o even trying the koc echo. Oh wells, the lvl 12 bless was all I'm after.
Sch is ending le, aka exams are coming hais. Means that my inactivity with all maple stuff will continue... Speaking of which, I've decided to spend like 37bucks a month to afk train my hero thru fishing... Like gain ard 1.3to 2% in two hours of fishing... Well at least my exp bar will move... else I'm gonna stay at 179 forever le. Gain only 1.5% or so per hour soloing at skele with spirit pedent.. and it'll only get worst zzZ. At least now by just afking I can lvl up in 60-70 days...
Okays. Can't think of much else to talk abt now. Haiz, wish me luck for my exams