Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Adventurers of the Thick Skinned Paladin

Was quite a bad day yesterday and today.
Last night started off with ark. Normal ark…
For reasons unknown, my maple had the graphic glitch when there was a pop up from yoono… offed the notifications in the middle of battle but yeah…
This week i died two times in that… around 10min run ><
1st time was damage reflect… totally unexpected and really really hard to avoid from my experience with koc ark. Its like i'd see the reflect sign but then since i'm holding down the attack button its too late and i'd have already died...
2nd time was cos i was stuck in the 'jail' place for really long as the graphic glitch occurred during the jail… and just my luck, the moment i stepped out of jail into the middle of action the boss used his instant death skill…..zzzzzzzzzzz since i was stuck in the jail map for so long, divine shield was long gone and of cos i died. sighs. exp went from 6+% back down to 4+%...
MapleStory 2012 08 17 22 18 38 05
MapleStory 2012 08 17 22 21 50 89
Then we went to czak after midnight to helm 3 of my guildies/alliance mates.
Getting into czak was…… a bitch… 1st time round mich clicked the wrong stuff and missed… 2nd time in another cc and no luck either… 3rd time mich mega-ed and we knew when they were coming out but…. a pt already inside beat us to it. Again! All in all waited like really really long T.T Finally norm managed to get us in…
ah yes… the megas by mich and bunny! Grats mich on getting ur 1st lvl 200 char :)

1st round was pretty uneventful… 6 man pt in czak… well not that uneventful… right at the start of czak i suddenly realised that for all the time i spent waiting outside the door (actually i was playing swords n potions), i didn’t realise that i had no all cure pots with me zzzzz. I remembered to check for eye of fire this time, but forgot the ACP…. -.-''' since you don't need acp for ark runs i didn’t bring it earlier with me zzzz. Normy traded me 60… thankfully he didn’t trade me 50 or something cos…….. 2 helms dropped and i managed to loot the milks too… 6x milks :)

2nd round. Nightmare started right at the beginning when normy the pro evan with soul stone (aka free wheels) dced…. like right at the start! Right after mich echoed and before we even down a single arm…..
All was still ok albeit slower till like… b2… when law got pot lock and died. Some where in between Aoi also died… then mich and ryo also died, but had wheels… in b3 mich died like… idk how many times… each time SD and 1,1 she got hit by mobs and tombed T.T…. then at about… b3 40%? During the round of SD and 1,1 the other two survivors mich + ryoryo also died… and mich used up her last wheel……… and there left me! The 'pro' pala with the 'pro-est' damage in the world….
MapleStory 2012 08 18 02 09 27 75
I wonder for a while if i shd just not waste time and get out…
But then i looked at my pots...
and realised i was using free untradable PE from events and drpq box, and free mp pots from the silent crusade quest. AND i didn’t have anything better to do...
of more concern however, was whether my luck will continue to hold during the seduce and whether the 32 acps will see me through...
But still, i was reluctant to just leave the map like this when i was sure i can down it… with so much time left on the clock after all - as long as the cap could last...
i only used 28 pot for like 1 and a half czak… but with my noob damage…

so i whacked and whacked… and survived SD after SD… even pot locks and 1,1s… most harrowing is when you can SDed and then two 1,1s in a row… that leaves me with a mere 800++ hp! If he lightning zaps or if a pillar falls on me I'd probably be done for… the pillar hits me like… 800++ damage and the lightning is like 1k+++ damage… -.-''' Even one 1,1 and a lightning leaves me with over 3k hp… still enough to survive like 2 attacks….
Lucky for me when i got the double 1,1 tho, mobs were surrounding me and protecting me - by dealing 1 damage to me per hit and giving me free invincibility… phew!
Ah yes… i realised that sanc no longer goes through super WD up like last time. Sad. And not only does it deal 1700% damage to bosses, but it seems that the 1700% damage applies to boss summons as well… i see numbers instead of the usual yellow bars when i sanc the zak summons. Opps i mean czak. Still, its a really useful skill in helping me keep the number of summons slightly in check.
MapleStory 2012 08 18 02 17 10 17MapleStory 2012 08 18 02 29 08 76
see my noob noob damage… and my acp supply running lower and lower...
MapleStory 2012 08 18 02 34 42 14MapleStory 2012 08 18 02 39 20 96MapleStory 2012 08 18 02 41 29 34MapleStory 2012 08 18 02 43 45 12
@ally chat - hahaha nope I'm not dead yet hahaha… czak died before i died :P
MapleStory 2012 08 18 02 44 17 23
the really sad thing tho…… was that it didn’t drop a single helmzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!
MapleStory 2012 08 18 02 44 28 92
after all the effort i took to solo the last bit… i only got 47 elixirs for my efforts...
MapleStory 2012 08 18 02 44 31 01
that was like 40mins of work ya know!!!!!!!!!! and yes. 2 acp left… JUST barely made it...
MapleStory 2012 08 18 02 45 55 15MapleStory 2012 08 18 02 47 32 06
and a final photo taking session with the background quality set back to high… its still a huge achievement for a noob like me after all - but one i don't wish to have to repeat.
MapleStory 2012 08 18 02 48 40 37
Hp pots wise… i still used very little… 123 PEs thereabout for ark, and 2 rounds of czak! Well but the pot usage in ark is really low for me, since we have all the pro attackers and they down so fast… czak tho i wasted quite a few PEs… i see the 1,1 animation flash and pressed pot, but my pet didn’t fail me this time and potted as well so… wasted. Oh wells… i do need to use up my untradable PEs else i won't have use slot for pqing :X

Okays… way almost 4am… high time to sleep nite nite!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Megu Pets 2nd Anniversary!

Its megu pets' 2nd anniversary, and they are having a bunch of events to celebrate the event!

For one you can vote for your favourite megu once a day. You can also tweet your pet + the background... for the 1st time ever. Frankly speaking i dont know why they dont allow that all the time but... yeah.

Here's my newly decorated house
Previously it looked like this...
You can also tweet a pic of ur pet looking all happy and standing on a bday cake like this...

KoC Ark Down!

Yes. We finally did it last night with 4 SMs.... sad that i screwed up my sp allocation and dont have magic crash... that was really helpful tho in preventing reflect and giving us more time to down - we only downed the boss with 5 mins to spare. Quite a huge pot waster... i used like 15x milks while my GM used like 300 milks o.o. Dont ask me why there's such a huge pot usage difference... same job, same lvl, same boss, different pot usage :X

And yeah, we all died like countless number of times. I go more lucky in the sense that i tend to have potted before i got SD, so only died once in the entire run due to SD... rest of the deaths were due to 1,1s and snake poison attack, instant death, reflect... and a ton of other ways that i dont even know what's happening before i just tombed. I made a mistake of dying twice in a row due to reflect twice tho f3. 1st time reflect all didnt see and died, re-enter and i enthusiastically immediately cont attacking... and died again cos reflect is still up f3. Oh and panic is super useful. The boss does miss a bunch of attacks, esp during SD quite a lot of times the touch damage misses, saving u from death... well not that it costs anything to die tho but...

Its quite irritating if you die really really often and have to keep re-buffing, and charging up the 10 orbs.... in the case of SD its like you either die early and get back in and whack the boss, or you hope to survive the SD so that you dont have to recharge ur orbs... quite irritating when you die just before the SD ends...

Same for the jamming ur left and right arrow keys thing... i keep wondering if its faster to just die and come in, or the jam ur arrow keys... thing is that perhaps you have to take into acct the orb recharge time too... oh wells, not THAT much of a diff anyway. Note that you can pot even when you are 'stuck'.

 When u get turned into a snake move outta the way... u take 500 damage per tick, but ur teammates in the poison takes 5k

 i think SM has like the highest damage w/o funding...
 managed to get up to 10.4k damage and that's like... the limit of my eqs... with koc echo it adds 200 more... very helpful f3

Urgent Server Check on 13th August 2012

Urgent Server Check happening now till 3:30pm.

Oh wells... i wasnt planning on mapling today anyway... but...

Those of you who still have unchanged legend coins please take note! The npc will be available at the event map for a week after today's patch. I strongly recommend you to change it ASAP. Like once the server is up... dont miss it again!

Urgent SC announcement link

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paladin - the Cheater of Death...


So I've finished the silent crusade quest on my paladin! Yes… after hours of flying back and forth…. finally finished it and went for an arkarium run with my guild yesterday night.

The day before i tried the KoC ark with my guild mates and we gave up cos of dcs… plus lack of damage. Ark on SM and ark on pala was so much different… cos we have like 10 man ark expedition, vs 3 lone SMs with noob eq whacking ark.

I purposely lvldd up my pala to 178 just to fight ark ok! Cos its like the ultimate die fest… but as i was soon to discover…. not so for palas, the ultimate cheater of death :)

Ok… here's a long string of SSes...

MapleStory 2012 08 08 16 26 08 39

1st up is my visit to the 'new' theme dungeon, lion heart castle… not that there's much change tho, the mobs are still the same… its just that you have to redo the quest to get into the castle. And yes, warriors finally get a movement skill… you can see me using slipstream in the SS.

MapleStory 2012 08 08 16 26 17 73

The new stack aura of BAMs is really pretty IMO. Slowly pulsating and changing colors...

MapleStory 2012 08 08 22 49 56 53

Oh… getting the SP reset on my pala.

MapleStory 2012 08 08 22 50 00 43MapleStory 2012 08 08 22 51 11 20MapleStory 2012 08 08 22 51 19 07

click fest…. -.-''


MapleStory 2012 08 08 23 38 27 92

Ah this is the miwok event… kill the mobs, pick up the drops...

MapleStory 2012 08 08 23 39 03 60

sometimes cages will appear and you either have to use normal attack to break the cage, OR you need a key from the mobs in ur inv before you can click and open the cage… so you'll see ppl saying things like 'key mid' or 'key bot'… and yes, this is a COOPERATIVE event. ALL miwok boys rescued count towards everyone's total. So don't bitch about ppl KSing or looting your drop -.-'''

MapleStory 2012 08 09 00 08 43 99

there's the cage which needs a key to open


MapleStory 2012 08 09 00 10 10 74

and this one you have to use normal attack to open. 

opening cages gives more miwok boy drops of cos.

Rewards of the event include exp and a sliver/gold/diamond sack… sack gives chair, scrolls and other stuff… yes it gives a tradable chief chair! I WANT! That's so much more attractive then the belts with expiry they put on the patch notes -.-'''

MapleStory 2012 08 09 00 44 49 73

Oh… the alliance of the forces… where after a bit of chain quest you get your will of alliance skill that adds 5wa 5ma and 5 to all stats (for most jobs anyway, aran and evan get special treatment, 10wa and 10ma respectively)

MapleStory 2012 08 09 01 00 26 62

Part of the silent crusade quest that sends me fighting mobs in mystic gates all over the world -.-'''

MapleStory 2012 08 09 01 04 53 23MapleStory 2012 08 09 01 46 08 35

inside the mystic gates are basically area bosses (or some new boss) with like different colour...

MapleStory 2012 08 09 01 49 16 42MapleStory 2012 08 09 02 16 21 98MapleStory 2012 08 09 02 48 54 29MapleStory 2012 08 09 03 04 10 31

yes they make you travel like ALL over… -.-'''

MapleStory 2012 08 09 03 04 45 64MapleStory 2012 08 09 03 05 02 28

You get a bunch of pots, some rings, and some medals for you efforts along the way… and crusade coins too… the pots are just.. space wasters on my pala - in fact i had to throw out a stack of 1k hp pots cos my inv ran out of space (yes they are untradable)… the rings… useless for me… the best ring (platinum) gives only 1wa… any of my legend/lirin ring etc gives 3wa at least :X the last medal is good tho, 5 to all stats and 1wa, 10 speed. gives me SLIGHTLY high range then my 2wa successor medal. Oh this one has +2 battle mode att too… for all the other chars that isn't a UA, this medal is a must have.

MapleStory 2012 08 09 03 05 15 06MapleStory 2012 08 09 03 15 31 40MapleStory 2012 08 09 03 15 32 71MapleStory 2012 08 09 03 19 49 07

oh yes… sanc has been changed. On mobs/boss with more then hp then max damage, 1700% damage is dealt instead and the damage dealt is shown zzzzzz. No change on normal mobs tho...

MapleStory 2012 08 09 03 21 08 90MapleStory 2012 08 09 03 21 13 57

see my noob sanc damage again...

MapleStory 2012 08 09 15 51 17 15MapleStory 2012 08 09 15 53 15 07

you can only enter the mystic gate 15 times a day. thankfully you can finish up the entire silent crusade quest in 1 day (less then 15 mystic gate entries)

MapleStory 2012 08 09 15 53 29 89

Oh yes… about the crusade coins rewards… IMO the coins are really useless. the eq that you can change for aint really good… if you want them to be good, you gotta scroll them (using more coins) with 20% scrolls… and even if all of it passes the eq is only decent… and the pass rate of 20% scrolls??? kinda hard to get it to pass on all 3 slots yeah?

MapleStory 2012 08 09 15 54 00 14MapleStory 2012 08 09 15 54 01 85MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 14 14 45MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 21 36 57MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 21 47 10MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 22 08 85

At the end of the quest, you head to time temple… 

MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 23 25 24

and get sent over to past leafre! basically… a place with this pastel colour/papery background effect… like what you see at the start of mercedes creation.

MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 26 14 03

there's a bunch of corrupted mobs in there...

MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 26 54 82

you get to meet aran and evan after their black mage battle… so its kinda interesting after you've gone thru the story of all those characters years ago...

MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 36 17 70MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 39 12 57MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 41 24 45

then you fly from the past leafre to time temple… and instead of the usual red dragon, you get turn into a totally awesome and kickass black, fierce dragon!

MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 41 35 67MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 41 49 45MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 42 01 15MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 42 28 98MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 43 43 74MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 43 55 20MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 44 22 18

and u fight a totally noob, fake arkarium

MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 44 34 67MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 45 10 68

he hits me 1 damage… nope, not an indication of how strong the real arkarium is at all, don't be fooled.

MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 47 15 34MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 47 40 99MapleStory 2012 08 09 16 48 40 53

after killing some corrupted TT mobs, you are finally ready to go meet the REAL arkarium!



Ah yes… i did the noble mind quest on my KoC too… here goes… i messed up with the sp allocation and used them all b4 i got my magic crash tho -.-''' so yeah… after that i got lazy and couldn’t be bothered to go get magic crash so yeah… oh wells, with the change to have mobs immune to magic crash 1 min after the last crash and with all our guild's koc being SMs, i guess it really doesn’t matter...

MapleStory 2012 08 09 17 02 40 43

not so much SP to click on SM

MapleStory 2012 08 09 18 16 22 84

you go to reeve and have to catch mobs...

MapleStory 2012 08 09 18 19 05 48

very very painful… like 1.5k to 2k damage each time! guess in part I'm too used to warriors NOT needing to pot after every hit… not with my hero's 35k hp, not with pala, the ultimate tanker… heck even with evan i've got mg and i don't have to pot after every hit f3

MapleStory 2012 08 09 18 19 12 65MapleStory 2012 08 09 18 19 15 96MapleStory 2012 08 09 23 37 21 42

opps… wat's this SS doing here? /heh. yeah… i lvled up my pala just for the sake of going ark!

MapleStory 2012 08 10 02 10 33 96

The koc ark quest is much easier then the silent crusade quest… here's our attempt at the KoC ark… when there's the arrow thing you have to jam ur left and right arrow keys asap till the bar reaches the < side to free urself. If the bar reachers the soul on the > side, you die.

MapleStory 2012 08 10 02 10 34 18You also can get turned into a snake… if you get turn, please move away from your party mates else they will take 5k damage from the snake's AoE poison attack per tick… i think that was probably the no. 1 cause of death during our trial run. Next would probably be SD, damage reflect and then the full screen instant death skill.



Ok… some SSes of my WH getting the sp reset scroll and white snow mount… I'm not sure if i want to use the coupon now tho, 50% stance is good but 120% speed is…. -.-''' i took quite a bit of effort to get my jaira you know! and it has a whooping 180% speed dude!!!!!!!

MapleStory 2012 08 10 15 57 10 82MapleStory 2012 08 10 15 57 16 07MapleStory 2012 08 10 15 57 34 92MapleStory 2012 08 10 16 03 10 12MapleStory 2012 08 10 16 23 23 62

Now you know that orchid is the one behind black wings… and yup, got my will of alliance skill on wh too now.




opps. i've only got 2 SSes on my ark fight...

MapleStory 2012 08 10 22 04 57 23

1st is when i got warped to some unknown place and i have to kill my shadow… which took me a while since my damage is so noob

MapleStory 2012 08 10 22 08 20 99

almost done on the ark fight! we got pro ppl in the batch so it was really fast… took less then 10 mins to down.


Well… i didn’t cheat death all the way alright… i still died once cos guard wasn’t on when the instant death effect came. But i died only once! Compared to mich who died like 10 times /heh… once at the end when i was the only one left in the map (all died cos of the instant death), i block two back to back instant death with guard… quite heng lol. <3 the 10 counter guards change… up from 5 counters. REALLY REALLY HELPFUL. i didn’t have time to see how much touch damage i got from ark, but it wasn’t much. the lowest i saw my hp dip to was 8k hp… and my achilles is only at lvl 31. Used and total of 9 guild PE pots… which is really not much. well that it was a 10min run helped a lot… i might have died 1 or 2 more times if the run lasted like almost the full 30 minutes...

still… i think guard is the best skill pala has ever gotten… its a nice feeling when everyone has died and left the map, but u're the only one left hitting the boss… makes u feel unique. or like during mass seduce in czak, you're the only one not seduced and is whacking the boss… but of cos since my damage aint very pretty, my main job at ark is to threaten over and over. oh regarding the touch damage… yuura says it hits her mage 14k, and mich says her mech gets 19k. With threaten on… ouch :X


makes to sad to think that my hero died twice in czak but my pala only died once in ark… -.-''' I'd be joining the die fest like nobody's business if i go ark on my hero tho… /heh good thing is that ark is like von leon where we can re-enter boss map w/o having to use wheels after you die - so keep all your wheels in the cash shop. 1% exp gone per death tho… my pala got a net loss of 0.4% yesterday tho, cos killing the boss yielded a pretty decent amount of exp.

Dropped a dominator pendant recipe and a time rock too… can't wait for the items to get sold hehehe… i want my pay! XD

whee i shall stop here… what a super long  post ><