Friday, August 19, 2011

Screenies in Facebook!

Finally decided to be hardworking and upload all the SSes i took in the past few weeks/months to FB. haven updated since the time i chionged bam to lvl 70... got tons of SSes to upload now...

originally wanted to wait till my mech reaches 4th job before uploading, but i guess that's not gonna happen any soon so i might as well just upload them...

Check out the SSes on my facebook acct here. Anyone and everyone should be able to see my photos XD. You dont have to add me as a friend to see them but i dont mind it if you do either :)

ok, since i'm uploading these  two to photobucket, i might as well post it here too, right?
using an external program to take SSes again since the SS taking is bugged... sighz, wonder when they'll fix that. i have no print screen button so no choice, gotta use external SS taking program haiz. mafan but wat to do?

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