Sunday, August 23, 2009


yeah, i'm cutting a lot of slack in maple. guess my hero wont be lvling up in age. sch work is pretty hectic, and i've just added in 2 new electives, meaning that i'll have to spd a lot more time in sch n studying. no much time left for maple. doesnt help that i'm training my NW - he reached lvl 52 yesterday and i plan to train my SM to 120 asap. meaning that my priorities in maple are on my NW n SM more rather than my hero.
bought a wa12 bwg for my hero, so my SM gets the wa9 wg... joy joy! now my NW pawns big time. aft much thought i guess i'll still get collecting the dreaded 150 coins for the chaos neck for my nw... as pathetic as 1wa may sound, it'll stil help with my damage ><

Monday, August 17, 2009


got my dear little SM to lvl 63 today, and i finally got the mcpq chaos neck as well. the stats are +1 to all and 1wa n ma. rather pathetic considering i took ages to get the 150 coins. still, the 1wa helps and makes this better than the magatia pq neck even, in terms of damage for non-mages. still, although the neck has 3 slots, i cant be upgraded with the mcpq1 marble... so yeah, whereas u can scroll the magatia pq neck with hp/mp, similar to the mcpq1 neck, u cant get hp/mp here.

and so i'm done with mcpq2 for my SM, next up is to finish the torturous 35 ludi pqs for my NW so that i can get the cracked glasses. thks jlf for helping me do so many! its not that i hate doing the pq, but its just that many a times, its hard to get into a good pt... like i've spent a night doing 4 failed pqs before... thus when i cld have finished at least 3pqs that day, i did none.... zzzzz waste of time really... as with mcpq2... so many cheats, ppl who run off half way n such... it really make the pq process torturous. so gald to have my SM in msia training now. no need to train SM only at a time when there's ppl online to mc and such. cant be bothered to go opq too >< there's a bug with getting the reward for opq anyway... plus, i've already got a good wa9 wg for my SM to wear... why bother with the bracelet when i know i wont wear it?

wanna try n rush my SM to lvl 7X so that i can farm in bye bye stn... no nid to bring my hero all the way there just to farm for a few hours... only to get the urge to hunt some POTs and travel off to TT again... only found a miserable 1 tp today... didnt find any during the 2-3pm 2x drop rate at all. such a disappointment ><

in the process of scrolling a scanda for my NW. passed 2 slots, failed 1. hope it doesnt go boom >< 20% chance to break... hope its low enough for me to get thru all 7 slots... yes, i'm a cheapskate n using the maple scrolls... wa38 now... hope i can pass... all the rest of the remaining slots? lol... at least pass 2 more lah.. wa44... cos my pathetic sm cant wear much else... not enough dex for anything else.... this is wat he'll be wearing for life unless i can get some dex eqs!

cant wait to get poison bomb on my NW... misting at skeles hehe! not for the faint hearted indeed ><. wonder how many times i'll die in the process of learning the misting technique. lols... oh wells. now i've got a better idea of how to train my NW tho, as in.. the sp allocation part haha.

hoping to get my wa 12 wg soon so that my sm can use the wa9 glove >< still short of quite some bit of funding tho, haiz.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

i'm stuck!

 managed to find 4 POTs during yesterday's 2-3pm 2x drop rate... hoping to be just as lucky today... currently at 20 POTs, less than halfway to making my 1H reverse still ><

been stuck at lvl 150 for quite along time now, and my SM is stuck at 62 cos i haven bothered to train him in a while.

my NW is stuck at doing ludi pq... cos i desperately want the cracked glasses, but i still have to do over 20 pqs to get the glasses. doesnt help that a lot of times the pq wasnt completed, thus wasting alot of time. if not for my desperate need of that 1 dex from the glasses, i'd have mcpqed all the way to way past lvl 50 already. zzzzz the gng is really VERY slow. for all my charcters >< need to get a couple more coins to get the chaos neck for my SM too. read in forums that the neck is only better than the mcpq neck by 1wa. dont think i'll waste the effort to get another neck and then cut it for my hero. yeah 1wa is a lot, but IF i can get a ht neck than even a clean one will be better than  the chaos neck already. most importantly... the exp at mcpq2 is SO SLOW. i'd rather do orbis pq, or just train myself ><

still wondering whether to go thru the pain of getting 150 coins for the neck for my NW... oh just realised my sin is eligable for mcpq2 too ><. the 1wa wld help my nw alot since he currently doesnt even have a wa glove >< oh wells ><

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3 time pieces found today!

just went for a round of dodo hunting. too bad, found a lot of dodo today. 1st one i found an i/l (nvr see lvl) was killing halfway... i went to ks him/her... and guess wat? i managed to get the drops haha... the i/l followed me ard for a few ccs, helping me down dodo faster - at 1st i tried rushing the boss over n over to him/her, but that person skill not bad, nvr die... aft a while i gave up, just kill boss normally since i 100% get the drops anways... then a BS came along... so 3 ppl ksing each other, with me rushing the dodo whale left n right whenever he is not is 'stance' mode... i still keep my drops then a few more chns of them helping me down fast... suddenly both gave up... no where to be found... then dodo dropped me a piece of time! 1st one i got from him... and a while later a fake 30! hehe... more than cover my pot cost liao. then until i almost done with all 20 ccs then meet a bow hunting dodo... this one i cant win >< lvl 180 BM... kill 1 dodo 2gether with him (drops his...) then... no more dodos to kill liao.... arh wells... not bad not bad, can cover pot cost by selling fake 30 i happy liao.

okays, i'm calling it a day now, nid wake up at 7am tmr ><

haha yeah, i kinda just copied n pasted my forum post over here.... a lot of times i just treat the hero's lounge as sorta like a blog... like reporting/recounting my maple experience in there (n aft that become lazy to blog here) haha... so i decided to copy n paste te relevant part of my post in here... might as well update my blog a bit more right? hehe

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


woohoo... went out with jlf today... and aft dinner we mapled for a while and guess wat? i got 2 time pieces killing random mobs while showing her ard time temple... all in the span of less than 30mins of hunting... plus i was showing her my pet abilities and such... haha! jlf really brought me a lot of good lk ^^ anyways that means i've fullfilled my personal min. 1 time piece a day guideline. still got that ard 10% per day guideline to fulfill but maybe i'll pass for the day... nidda wake up at 7am tmr! which is super early considering that for the last few weeks of the hols i've been sleeping aft 4am and waking up at ard 11:30-12+pm ><

yeah yeah, sch's in again. no more crazy lvling... no more buying of monthly 2x - at least till the next hols. i wanna get my gpa up to make sure its enough to get 1st class honors. no 1st class honors... no... i dunnoe... it just means i wld have wasted another 4 years of my life... wasting 2 years doing cr@p in jc was enough.........

Sunday, August 9, 2009

the hunt begins!

yes! the hunt begins... forgot to add in my earlier post that i soloed my 1st painus yesterday... the right pianus... that does dp so much or cast so much status effects... either i was extremely lucky or wat... i didnt get dp at all and i didnt get any status effects (ok i did get sealed once and that was it)... whereas this morning when i tried soloing again i keep getting dp n sealed. unless both pianus spawn yet i blur blur nvr see the other guy? dunnoe... cos i when i walk in the the right pianus appear. so maybe a while later the left side also spawn n i nvr see >< cos... i got dp tons of times and got sealed over 10 times... when i haven even reach a 3rd of the way thru! now that i think abt it... i guess both side spawned... but strange.... i didnt see any laser attacks or watsoever coming from the other side... oh wells... dunnoe.

so i've started hunting time pieces... dear jlf lvled up my NW to 31 already! yes! she's enjoying mcpqing with it now... so fast! now i'm worried abt the dex... cos i want a dexless sin, maybe converting to low dex later on to wear better wa eq... but i dont even have enough dex eq to wear a meba. infact, like my hero, i dont have any dex eq for my sin. i guess he'll just have to remain pure lk... >< but pure lk damage really is higher... i saw a lvl 29 NW doing 300-500 damage adding up both L7... when jlf says she usually does ard 700 damage. not bad lah i'd say. went to help her do the kill 200 evil eye quest to kill the puppeter. aft that just as i was abt to reach the portal at ellina to leafre, xiaolawlaw ask me to help him with rush quest... since i was still in vic (phew! else i'd waste 60k!) i galdly helped out. aft that went back to hunting time pieces... till now... so far, i got a total of 8 smiling cone hats and 9 time pieces... almost done with my smiling cone hats... but still far from completion of my 1H reverse >< oh well, hunt on!

just now linddy asked me if i was free on wedn to go ht... she got n extra ht neck that she reserved for me >< sadly i got sch n cant make it... plus i think my lappy will dc... nid to got some lan shop... not a prob except that i got sch which i dont wanna miss >< but it really shocked me that when she asked... i barely did anything to help her n yet she helped n promised to help me so much >< she's making me feel so bad again... not that i dont want a ht neck - i doubt i'd be able to get one myself short of buying one thru SOK - i doubt i'd be able to keep the commitment of gng for weekly ht, with my parents constantly ard n such, and with sch starting soon... and with my lappy running vista and currently facing a host of probs with maple... so unless i go a lan shop every week to ht... i wont even be able to Q up for MW20. and its just not possible for me to disappear at the same time everywk unless i bluff my parents say i got lesson... which i wont do ><

anyways... i'm quite aways from getting into a ht squad. now ppl are only taking in like 17X heros... and i'm just 150, with no plans to push lvling now that i'm hunting time pieces, planing to train my SM and NW, and now that sch is starting n i want to concentrate more on my studies so that i can get like... above 4.5gpa... and now i've stopped buying monthly 2x so lvling is really slow... had really hoped that i wld get mw20 from a gold box but no... they had to nerf the gold box drops and now mw20 prices have shot up again >< guess i can just add that 2sp i saved up into enrage... haiz.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

to make impossible reality, all you have to do is believe!

Yes! believe! believe that someday i can reach 4th job... someday i will have that cool cool maxed brandish and the cool cool pink orbs! now i have them all, and maxed stance too at that... and a whopping 15k base hp... hahaha! now i got a wa 18, 9 str maple shield too... cool? brought for 850m from this lvl 200 thief... didnt click on the guy to see his job... perfectshuang... but only see his red draco n thief medal.

and i got a 104wa rk too! haha, rk spd rocks! now i have an rk to use for training n bossing, although per hit wise it loses out a bit to my dsr, its dps wins by ALOT. from dsr switch to rk the total wa needed to be on par dps wise is 7 or 10 LESS than the dsr wa(checked but forgot)... and my dsr is only 115wa, 7 less than my shield+rk, not the mention the less str added. not completely abandon dsr liao, esp when i was hunting stuff for my quest specailist medal... yes! i finally got the medal that adds 2 to all stats, and 10 jump & avoid early this morning! you can really really feel the diff btw the spd... hehe, actually i started using 1H cos i brought a 7int red whip to make up my int gear to a total of 7X int now - yes! 7X int!!! well i upgraded my cape n got a 4int owl mask too :D and got 5 int from the overall from the agent m event thingy - was 3 to all stats, 4dex, 15hp, used a chaos scroll from the agent box thingy n got 5int, 5 str, 3dex, 45hp, 2lk... wat matters most is that now got 5 int.. lol... so yeah... i blur pok. at 149 98.XX% went to solo clock... my plan was to lvl 1st then solo clock... so no choice loh... from last bit of b1 hp i started wearing my int gear... together with the red whip + ms shield. lucky go the shield liao otherwise... >< the damage was very low lah, cant even kb clock b2, but the spd from the red whip really got me drooling - that's when i decided to by the rk i saw in fm the other day... now i'm <3ing it :)

9 more lvls till my SM can use the rk + shield combo too :) but i guess i'mma gonna be hunting time pieces and ignoring my SM for some time... again... hehe...

its quite hard to believe... that after.... 3++ years or even more of mapling, i've finally reach where i am now, standing tall n proud... nvr buying spam... still i did spend quite a bunch on acash >< including 2 monthly 2x exp card >< but i didnt buy spam or ringer okays... when i pt with ringer is other ppl in the pt have or my pt member already brought before i came... okays... time to go hunt time pieces :D

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


yes, my night walker in lvl 26 already, thks so much jlf! but then, cos i'm a pure lk/dexless with 25 base dex, i cant even wear a meba cos i dont have any dex eqs. LOL... so poor thing... luckily i got a maple claw for him to wear later on... but clean de... 20 wa only... LOLs. lucky i still have steelys... else end up pure luck but only normal damage in mcpq. if i upgrade my warrior's glove to say a wa 11 or 12 one... i think 12 one better lah, at least 3 wa more than my current... than i'll give the wa9 glove to my NW. sad thing is that its hard to xfer stuff btw diff accts, since its really troublesome to on my sis's lappy to xfer... n i'm NOT gonna use drop trade for such ex items... n its not always that i can find someone reliable to help my xfer online... else my NW still can have some pretty good items to wear. oh wells.

sliver mane in procession!

yupz! finally got my sliver mane! went ard questing today... tho in the process i did train a few % of exp..

brought a 17dex green neos last night/early this morn, as a 7int red whip... now i've got a 60int set le! also spt 48m for a 1dex 10 acc owl mask, i think the price is pretty worth it, and it also sloves all the acc probs for my koc, plus i already have enough acc to hit the last red mob at TT w/o a dex earring or any pots...

sian. saw a wa 18 ms in fm the other day, but while i was deciding to buy or not it disappeared ><

most likely gonna quest till tmr or wedn... gng out tmr afternoon... for buffet :D

the quests left are all the super troublesome ones... gah... i think i'm not gonna get that quest specialist medal ever >< see how lah... if the mcpq chaos neck is that good... than no nid this medal le mah... also see if that one is a medal or neck. in-game description says chaos neck, but the data from kms says is a medal... oh wells........... ><

Sunday, August 2, 2009

at last!

haha, aft 79 lvls i finally got my hog! yes a HOG! was walking to c regrets at TT and i really cldnt stand that slow poke walking spd anymore... since i know i'd be training at lot at TT (i really love the map layout there), and u have to WALK there and back (town scrolls dont work!)... i might as well get a hog + mane now that i'm reach enough to afford it... and now that i've got enough mesos not to feel that heart pain when buying it. maybe i'll get the basic hog for my SM too... than can get rid of the egg in my etc inv... my SM short of 5m to buy it... see how...

was informed by my guildmate that aft the last server check the gold box items suxs. a friend of his boxed 70 boxes, got a gene 30 in the 1st box, and the rest just npc-able items... guess it just strengthens my resolve NOT to open any more boxes. guess i wont be getting mw20 for a while yet, so i'll go back to adding enrage 1st when lvling. thankfully i already got enough $ to get my wa 18 shield (any higher is really just too expensive, it'll be ard 200++m per wa from there on). so now all i've gotta do is locate a seller, and farm that 40 more time pieces...

okays, reach leafre now, gotta buy the revitaliser thing to feed my hog n get it to lvl 3 so i can upgrade to a sliver mane, of cos i gotta hunt the npc items to upgrade too ><

alrights, till next time!