Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to school!

Ok, schs in again, and it sucks to have 8:30 classes everyday. Hate the morning squeeze gosh.

Back from china on sun just after midnight. Still have not uploaded the pics to my comp yet :x got alot of sorting out to do... :x like 10gb worth of photos hurrah!

Yesh, Taiwan trip pics my dad save to external hard disk le, but I've not even seen them, my comp don't have enough space for all the pics... 1 trip 10++ gb. Taiwan trip my dad bring his nikon and that's probably another 10gb :x

Got all the classes I opped for this sem, guess they give priority to year 3 n 4s I guess.

My friend whom i stayed with for the past 2+ wks will be staying over at my hse till she manages to get hostel or accommodation else where. Thks to the yog I think alot of foreign students are facing accommodation problems. Heard alot of ppl can't get hostel rooms. Heh, kinda looking forward to it, 1st time a classmate ish staying over at my hse! She ain't here yet tho, got some stuffs to settle in cn and she obviously doesn't mind skipping the start of sch :p

Ok, that's all for now!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Random pics n such

Not been writing since there was no wifi. N cos I lazy, n those days in shanghai world expo were really crazy. So I guess I'll just talk abt some random stuff, with the random very few pics I took on my phone. Didn't take a single pic on my phone at world expo sorry... Too crowded, too hot... Too much queue cutting, squeezing etc... Things might be in a completely random order so just deal with it. N as usual tilt ur head for sideways pics cos I can't figure out how to rotate em here. N I guess I'll have to split this into a million n one entries else this app will keep crashing.

Arghs, somehow the posting failed n only part of my post was posted, n only on one bog. Sheesh!

My friends hse... The other room...

Oh wow the pics are rotated the right way when I edit the post... Bravo... -.-'''

Ha yin I rem that time u kept considering but in the end didn't buy this type of fan right? :)

Sian. Don't feel like blogging now anymore... Shall cont later or tmr...

Erm ya, just pics of tea. Took it when I went to 磁器口. Erm, not sure if I posted that already.

Some traditional food from there, name as in pic. Quite plain n hard, only ate like 1 mouth cos I was super full already. Ate 鸭血汤 before that. Super nice but it's 麻辣.
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Friday, August 13, 2010

1 more pic...

Left this out earlier on, n since posting to two blogs just making a new post is easier... Ate 麻辣抄手 just now, n brought this sauce

Tried the 素酸辣粉 as well as 臭豆腐. The smelly bean curd they made is weird tho, dunnoe wats with that shop, my friend says it's not like that else where too... They dipped the toufu in breadcrumbs n deep fry, making it taste more like deep fried chicken bits, barely any toufu taste.
Oh and cute watermelons they have here. It's quite small n they eat it like this.

The skin is really thin... Ok, really time to sleep now!
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CQ trip day 1 n 2 cont

Think I wrote too long or smthing, the app kept crashing on me. So I'll cont from where I left off. Hmphs like 5 time retyping the bloody same thing already.

Yup so that's the expo ticket. 100 bucks each time 3 since we spending 3 days there. Tilt ur head n bare with it cos I can't change the pic orientation on my hp using this app.

Some pics of my friends rm. A little messy... Took the pics w/o her knowing while she was taking a bath... Sssshhhh! Don't tell her hor!

Her table, can see some of my stuff there too, like my trademark water bottle.

My bed! A mattress on top of two wooden planks on the floor, it's quite comfy tho

My friends bed. The mattress I'm using is taken from a bed in another room. The room faces another side of the hse n is really hot in summer so she decided to bring the mattress over instead. Really very thoughtful of her.

Thus far it's been quite good. Nothing big that I'm not accustomed with or anything. So far she hasn't brought me to try too spicy foods yet. mind the word yet.. :s. The weather is freaking hot but there's nth u can do abt it... They all knock when going into rooms tho, like when she or her mum comes into her rm, they knock b4 entering, smthing I'm still not very used to yet.

That's abt all for now, getting tired n typing on my phone takes extremely long, been at it for like 1.5 hrs already, plus the crashing n posting which took a while. Kk, signing off now tata!

Btw yin, pics of her hse as u rm pics probably tmr bah...
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Chongqing trip!!! - day 1 n 2

Happiness! My friends hse got wifi n together with this blogpress app I can blog n post pics I took on my iToy! Didn't take much pics thus far tho, n all he scenery pics I only took with my camera. So only have pics of the stuff I bought today!

Arrived here ard noon yesterday. My friend n her dad n her uncle who was driving were at the airport to fetch me. We went for lunch on the way back to her hse. Ate 老鸭汤 with radish. The radish is diff from the ones in sg. These ones are slightly sour n gave the soup a lovely sour tinge that made it super nice! They eat it with green chili as a sauce, but since I don't take spicy food well I didn't take much of the sauce. It isn't too terribly spicy tho. We ordered some veggies to add to the soup, sort of like hotpot style. There was thinly sliced cucumber too! Nvr knew it can go into the hot pot, I'll definitely want to try it at home - need some good cutting skills tho.

After that we rested in her home till after dinner. Dinner was cooked by her mum. Porridge or wat they call 稀饭 (we normally just say 粥 in sg) was serve with tomatoes, bitter gourd, some veggie dish, meat slices with 咸菜长豆, and a 麻辣 dish with slices of tripe, pork telon, beef... Quite a lot of stuff in there, can't rem wat else, but it was super good, and not really that spicy.

Went to walk ard the neighborhood after dinner. Not that hot aft the sun sets. It's really super hot here. Like way hotter than sg. Even stuff like the soup n shampoo are lukewarm. Feels like ur constantly in an oven. Thk god for air cons! Dunnoe how I'm gonna survive when I visit the expo - long queues and all outdoors in the burning weather! I will die!!!! Anyway I got a china sim card, and after that we went to the supermart n bought like breakfast for today.

Woke up at 9 this morn n had breakfast. Ate the stuff we got yest, some local 糕点, n had yogurt drink too. Think they eat a lot of yogurts n yogurts drink here, alot of it in their supermart. Their supermart also sells cooked food like duck feet, pork slices, fried preserved veggies with meat... All sorts of stuff!

Went to the city area today. Took mrt there n visited several shopping malls n a bookshop, the largest in CQ. The bookshop is like 6 stories high. Got the following items there...

Japanese textbook! My friend has it too n she says it's good. Our sch course teaches sososo slow. No wonder my teacher last seem had such a great time laughing at us. This ones the most beginner lvl textbook, and has book 1 n 2. Both for only rmb64. N comes with cd too!

Yup! A DVD abt expo! 8 hours long on 4 DVDs, this one is more ex, rmb100.

My friend kept asking me to buy clothes, shoes, assesories etc. Trying really really hard to change my tomboy look... Took the abv pic in a changing room - she made me try a shirt but me being the fat pig that I am... The shirt was uber fitting n show off my tummy real well, smthing I have no intention to do...

She made me try a dress too... Seriously!!! A dress that shows off ur shoulder too at that! No way I'm gonna buy that thing! The last time I wore a dress is in jc 1... That is if u count rg pinafore as a dress. Besides that... Maybe in kindergarden or lower primary??? Getting me to buy a dress failed... Than she spotted the bear as shown in the pic abv in the same shop. I tot it was a pencil case, but turns out o be a recycling bag. Asked me if I wanted to buy it cos it's so cute, I find it ok I guess... But just that I took the blue bear instead of the pink one she showed me... If there wasn't a blue version I might not have gotten it... N if cos it's on offer too.. Usual price 99bucks, a whooping 20sgd can u believe that???!!?!?!? Thankfully 有打三折 which means 70% off in case u r wondering. 6 bucks... Still kinda ex but oh wells...

Went to an accessories street. Quite a huge area n loads of shops, didn't really buy anything... N well the necklace abv, my friend ask me if I liked it, I didn't want to keep saying no so I just smiled, than bravo... She haggled with the shopkeeper, succeeded n got it at 15rmb for me... Yes she paid, not me... Gotta treat her to a nice meal when we go shanghai n aft she come back sg. She's been paying for all sort of small stuff n makes me feel so bad n pathetic.

A keychain I got for me dad. 15bucks too n I paid this time.

A fan... Didn't bring one from sg so we decided to get a battery operated one so we can use at the expo. She got a strawberry pink one. 10bucks

Printed leaf vein bookmarks! 10bucks each.

Mint leaves n a mint drink. Just need to soak the mint leaves in cold water will do, can just add them to ur water bottle before u go out. Tastes quite good, tries it today. Haven tried the drink yet,
bringing it out tmr.

A snack that I got today, it's sesame, peanuts n macadamia nuts fried with dried chili. The stuff fillings into the dried chili. The on I tried is the less spicy one, n it really ain't very spicy. It's very crispy, and tastes quite good really.

That's abt all the stuff I bought today. Some other pics... 1st up is the expo passport. My friend ordered on9 n it got delivered today.

That's the cover.

The first page... N below ish the last

The passport cost 30rmb, but add in another 10 for the shipping.

Yup that's the expo ticket! 100 bucks each times 3 since we decided to spend 3 days there. Can't change pic orientation on my iToy so just tilt ur head n bare with it yeah?

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Goals, Holiday, and a Landmark Announcement

Well... with that latest patch with a ton of stuff to do and only one month... its really tough for me... the one who is going on a holiday to visit my friend in China (as well as the world expo!) from the 11th to 29th of aug. plus sch starts on the 30th of aug... i barely have any time to get my ringer chars, get the ravana helm which i soo soo sooooo adore for the darling spd and jump... with that helm i'll hit max spd and jump on my hero! no need to item make a pants and shirt with amethyst or aquamarine. aint that great? of cos... when the potential scrolls come things will all change... but i'll leave that talk for another day.

yes. holiday in china, the 2nd of this holidays for me... extremely nice and long holidays alright... thks to the YOG with my sch used as the athletics village. but the next two sem we are gonna suffer tho... exams till like 23 dec next sem.... right before xmas. really ewwwwwwwww! (medicine students are always an exception... so dont compare it with them) and of cos our hols for the next two sems will be sssssssshhhhhhort! anyway... trip to china... it'll be my 1st overseas trip w/o my family... and the longest yet... 18 days! i'll be going to chongqing where my friend is from, than we'll be taking a boat to yichang, visiting the three gorges dam (hope i dont get seasick! really!), than we'll take a bus from yichang to wuhan, stay there 1 night, than take a plane to shanghai and tour the world (expo), than fly back to chongqing for a few more days, before i have to come home. really excited honestly.... but sadly stupid AS has to come out with the golden temple and explorer rebalance + crit rings during the same time, and give us only a freaking short 1 month to get em all. no good for me really.

worst still since i'm working on HS, there's a lot of stuff from the new patch to add in. skill changes, quests, etc items, mobs... the whole lot... even worst still, we managed to get hold on monster book extraction data... and that's quite a ton of work to be done there... esp considering there are just two of us, the original two admins aka site creators aside. (and yeah i'll be away, that leave one poor lonely guy who still have O lvls to study for) and why do i say original two admins... i'll tell you in a while... 1st wanna talk abt my goals (and how far i've come)

wanted to get a ring for 3 of my chars - hero, evan and aran. decided on getting the crit ring for all three... heard more changes to the rings have been made... might not be the 'best' choice anymore, idk, in anycase, i've already gotten rings for all 3 chars (hurrah! in such a short period of time eh?), and my 4th ringer char is lvl 32 now... planning to keep that ring in storage for my dual blade to come... after which i'm hoping to delete the f/p, and make a sin - a proper char... not another ring mule. my 2nd char is a sin, and i do love playing it... but thks to me adding way too much dex (sounds like my hero eh, but this ones way worst), i eventually abandoned it. so yeah, tot i'd take this opportunity to remake one... considered remaking one for quite a while already... but hp concerns, very ex eqs... hard to get TT etc... all those put me off... but with SOK... potential scrolls to come, new formulas for like everything, and drastically reduced exp to next lvl... probably a good time to give it another goal - and pure luk is supposed to be cheap... in any case i've already got a decent wa scanda ready from my NW. anyway the most impt thing of getting 3 crit rings is done... so all's good... my other goal tho...

ravana helm for my chars... went in three times with hero (twice) and nw the other day. NOT A SINGLE BLOODY HELM DROPPED. really sadded i tell ya. i used 2x buff with hero too. NOT A SINGLE BLOODY HELM!
1st round - 1h axe att 60%
2nd round - 2h bw att 60
3rd round - 1 POT

and of cos the usual pots for all the rounds... so 15 sunbursts wasted... and worst still cos i was so blur and kan chiong... i forgot to on buff before i go in boss fight. than during boss fight i too nervous and end up use the 2x exp buff 1st instead of 2x drop... luckily my friend spotted it but... waste of rep and worst still no helm dropped...

highest damage of boss is ard 1.7k, but have 1/1. think my NW got hit right after 1/1 (didnt pot fast enough) and tomb.
the boss cast 1/1 and a darkness skill that makes u see as good as nothing. not even the boss hp bar.
the boss cant be rushed - its stuck on the ground, but his attacks pretty much hits the entire map...

and now for the SSes... tons of them coming up

you have been warned, loads of SSes coming up, yes.

yup, so that's all abt the part on my goals... since i'm at SS posting, might as well post the SSes i took on my f/p - the pq/boss fight with astaroth!

ok... so that's all the SSes i have to show for now... onto the last thing i want to talk about today... the landmark announcement...

here it is...
New HS.MapleSEA Database Admins

Posted by Saigo on 8th August 2010

As both JonLoh and I have been incredibly busy with our personal lives, we've decided to hand over the management of the HS.MapleSEA database to both darkiller and Icemager, two loyal Database Moderators who have been with us since the inception of our dynamic database from a static one.

While the both of us will still manage the back-end of the database, for the most part, the reigns of the HS.MapleSEA database are hereby passed on to both darkiller and Icemager, who will now lead the team of HS.MapleSEA Database Moderators and other major updates of the database.

HS.MapleGlobal's administrative structure remains unchanged.

yes, that's me... one of the new admins of HS-SEA. which is why i say in terms of maple stuff, my trip is ill timed (well once i'm on my way to changi airport i'll say all these maple stuff are ill timed). actually i just asked for a proper title, like co-head of hs-sea mods with icemager so that its easier for us to do things (ppl dont respect you when u are nothin')... he went to chat with saigo/jon... and than he come ard on msn telling me to go read the announcement... i was really really surprised, shocked... that things moved so fast (like i just went for dinner or smthing?) and most of all i was really touched... like how i felt when i saw the entire of my nett's pyramid guide put up on the site - they didnt even change a single word (only dropped out the bottom bar with all the char info, and blocked out my ign). i guess its cos... its so much power and responsibility.. trust that they've given to both of us that made me felt that way. we've got a lot of work to do to shape up hs-sea... bring it back to its former glory... but for a start, a HS page has been started on facebook... nothing much there for now still, dunnoe wat ice will do to it, but i dont have admin rights over that page (at least not yet) and i dont have time to bother abt it till after my trip so yeah...

alright, so its time to sleep... till next time...!