Friday, September 25, 2009

And so hand in hand, we grow together...

finally with this lvl up i have enough to wash another 5ap of hp, and finally i've hit the 16k hp mark. calculated yesterday, will get ard 17.2k hp at lvl 160. off my 18k target lah... but still can get 18k during 16X. but only 17X then can get my 30k hp with hb.

anyways... sinces its also my bday today... (hence the title) gng out for dinner with my sis n mum tonight... gonna be a tiring day...

thks to all the forumites and hero loungers who wished me a happy bday... maplestarz, ahboy, flame, nebby, cow, hihiz... and several others who arent regular loungers...

the banner they made for me

edited on 4th Nov 2010: since the photobucket file was moved... i uploaded the pic in my own photobucket. just heard from law that it was supposed to be my siggy but i didnt use it... aiyo, they could have just told me... f3

Monday, September 21, 2009

Scar Re-Helmed!

Yes! i have managed to get back my scar helm! and no i didnt dc, nor did i die. i watched my hp bar really carefully this time haha...

was invited by my bl two days ago to his guild's scar session... i was the only one not from his guild there... lol... strange thing... the last time i was invited by my bl to scar it was also his guild's scar session and i was the only 'outsider' there. sadly that time vista was really buggy with maple and i dc-ed at b2... today i installed the vista service pack 1... either that or the vista dc bug was more or less fixed and i managed to survive the whole run. HOWEVER... at the start of the battle i went to toggle from windows mode to full screen mode, then immediately got  graphic problem liao... normally like that i will dc in say at most 10mins time... but amazingly today nvr dc... later got an SS u can see what i mean by graphic problem... once i see kena graphic problem i quickly toggle back to windows mode... didnt help >< the left middle to top of the screen was gone, i can see anything there le. open party, buddy/guild window... cant see a thing. open inv window at the end to check my scar helm stats also cant see a thing... only see the background nia. its like my windows have all become transparent. aft that the other survivor want donate some mesos i also cant see anything in the trade window. end up tikum tikum managed to guess and click the cancel trade button then tell him meet at kumpung while i restart maple...

so yeah, the story goes like this: (copy from my forum post)
went in to a 157 and 12X BS, a 137 hero, 142 DK, 130 BM... and that was all the attackers we have i think... yeah... 5 ppl plus me = 6 in a pt... got 3 vip also...

but then... once reach b3 not long later... cos so many ppl very crowded i cant see properly... then i rush wrong side... BM die... bs revive... aft a while... rush wrong side again -.- really didnt help that i got graphic problem... like the middle of the screen only can see boxes and not the actual thing... lucky nvr dc sia... last time like dat not long later dc liao. then aft that... 12X bs diu cos she kena crazy skull and walk wrong direction... then the other hero diu... >< all diu so sudden lah... then dk diu... no more hb liao... (thk god for my hp washing) left me n bs and like 60% or more left... all seems to go fine... then dunnoe wat happen bs also diu... >< left me and 2 vip... 1 vip dunnoe why diu earlier i also nvr notice. left more than 50% and a noob 152 hero with NOOB eq... zzz then i wanted quit liao... said something like lets go out... then one of the vip come down n suicide... the other one didnt mind waiting as long as i continue... so i whacked on... took ard... 1hr 30mins? used... 700 honsters and over 200-300 pizzas... didnt keep track of how much mp pots i had...

drops: just nice 2 helm... i dam unlucky, got the lousier one... 17,17,18,18... whereas the other guy got 19,18,18,18 >< lucky at least the spd is +11.... 1 str and 1 dex i still dont care that much.
1 brown moon gloves from 1 of the scar mob summon. no one take i go loot haha
concerto... lvl 100 pirate gun...
27 sunrise dew
31 milks
xbow att 60
wand ma 60
spear att 60
ear int 60
staff ma 60
shoe dex 60
berserk 20
holy shield 20
plus the scarlion boss foot of cos... and 1.5m that the vip guy kindly donated... its my friend guild scar run so vip no nid sponsor one... but still, drops more than good enough liao... WHEE. and i NVR DC!

the only ss i took during the battle... cos as u can see, my maple is in windows mode. switched to full screen at the start of the battle then kena those graphic problem u see at the <<< side of the screen... switch back also no use >< still i'm glad i didnt dc or diu... tho i got see my hp drop to 4k, 1k a few times... oh yeah with PG the max damage i was dealt ard 6.4k only... so still ok.

heh sorry for the long grandmother story... but really glad i can go bossing liao... dc problems over!

yupz, aft that went farm and try out at bye bye stn also... 13 eq in 17mins! drop rate at bye bye stn back to normal le! hehe... really happy today... the bossing life of a hero can being liao. FINALLY, i will be able to experience what it means to be a TRUE hero...

why this run is really impt to me... not only did i increase my bossing skills, i also take the scar run as a limus test as to whether i can go zak again. since i didnt dc at scar, i shdnt at zak either. right when i became 13X, 14X was the dc bug... and it took soo long to get fixed... turned down/failed so many scar runs that for a while i thought i wont get my scar helm ever again... guess things are finally going the right way for once!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

blah.... noob sword

yupyup, finieshed hunting my 1st set of 45 tp yesterday... but the result of using a stim, an adv dia, int power cry, and int black cry was a 110wa and 3 str sword.... zzzzzzz below average.... considering how i spent most of my $$$ on scrolls already.... i throw in a it boomed on the 1st slot... joy joy.... before that i cldnt resist n got a hammer to scroll my bwg.... failed the 60% sigh... on another note both my hero n SMed lvled yesterday... guess i'mm gonna focus more on my SM... nid him to be able to farm at bye bye station or other places... SIGHZ

gng for a 130 and abv 1H... not possible to get w/o spamming at 30% of that lousy sword i made, so i dont regret my decision to put in the 30%, just wish i had better luck when making the sword but oh wells...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Exploring Kaede Castle!

Loads of Screen Shots coming up! hang on tight! btw, if the screenies are too small, just right click n select view image... cos this stupid blog layout doesnt allow me to put any bigger pics... and imma lazy to find a custom made blog layout that has a bigger space for the posts part.

Basically, you enter the castle through this NPC from mushroom shrine, it doesnt cost anything to get transported from mushroom shrine to the castle, you have to pay 3k mesos to get the mushroom shrine thru the tour guide as usual though.

yup, palankeen is the npc u have to talk to. click on them and they will say the following:

okok, aft so much talk they tell you that its free to go and finally bring u there...

and that's how the town map of the castle looks like... there are several npcs hanging ard, 2 of them will give u a quest.

hunt 100 etc drop from the mid-tier ninjas

and here's the quest reward:

another quest:

a simple quest, just go in the next portal to the castle entrance and talk to the guy there.

you will be rewarded with a face acc 100% hp scroll:

aft which he presents you with a new quest - get 50 etc drop from the female ninja, the etc drops are looks like steelys, just that the metal part is blacker in color and it has a blue ribbon instead of a red ribbon.

give the items to the falcon trainer

you will get a 100% face avoid scroll for completing the quest

you will then be assigned yet another quest to hunt 50 ninja head scrolls (etc drop) from the head ninja (the one that looks like kakashi with 2 purple flames at the side) and a samurai knight etc drop (the lvl 120 samurai boss)

you will then be assigned yet another quest to hunt 50 ninja head scrolls (etc drop) from the head ninja (the one that looks like kakashi with 2 purple flames at the side) and a samurai knight etc drop (the lvl 120 samurai boss)
here's how the samurai knight armour piece looks like:

the head ninja scroll is in the 2nd square from the top, 1st from the left (below the pieces of time).

complete the quest by talking to anzime:

you will be rewarded with a scroll for eye eq for acc

She will then give you another quest to defeat tonosama/the emperor.

no idea abt the rewards, my super noob character is evidently in no shape to defeat that toad boss ><

Now for the actual exploring part...

thats the castle entrance, weak lvl 25 mobs here. the hole in the window brings you into the castle.

there, you can see the name: the lvl 25 low tier ninjas

some more pics of the castle entrance and the npcs there:

once again, back at the entrance to the castle:

1st castle hallway - only low tier ninjas here. this is the map you will be at once you enter from the outside of the castle. Note that all the maps in the castle have the same name... so its kinda irritating and easy to get lost.

me killing another ninja...

OKOK! here's the portal that gets you to the next map!

2nd castle hallway: aft entering the portal, you are brought here.

in this map you will find a new mob - the lvl 30 spear knight

you can also see that in a trap on the floor just to the left of where i'm standing. if you walk over the trap, you will be teleported to another map IMMEDIATELY, no need to press up or anything... not sure where this trap leads to though.

To go to the next map:

basically, there a hole in the wall where i'm standing, my pet and mane kinda blocking the view tho ><

3rd castle hallway: getting in... you will see red haired, mid-tier ninjas

there are ALOT of hidden portals and traps in the whole place, some of the paintings (like the one i'm standing in front of) teleports you either ard the room or to some other map. i have not tried out or found out all the traps/maps, and others i've tried and forgotten, i only know the way to the jump quest map...

To the next map:

basically, the trap teleports u to the next map

4th castle hallway- you will end up here... 1st time i reached here, i had absolutely no idea how i got there... i didnt notice the trap in the floor till much later on

still in the same hallway...

that's the name of the mob, and its the one u're supposed to hunt 50 etc n give to the falcon trainer

low leveled players be warned! those innocent looking female ninjas can do over 600 magic damage! they deal much lesser touch damage though, only 60 or so to my char (but depends on ur WD!)

To get to next map:
There is a hole at the top right hand side of the map

5th castle hallway you end up here....

see those white hair guys? they are lvl 80 high tier ninjas

To the next map - there is a trap on the floor on the right hand side:

6th castle hallwayupon entering the hole, you are brought to this place with more white hair ninjas and a variety of other weak ninjas

Low leveled chars be careful! these lvl 80 high tier ninjas deal 800+ touch damage (500+ with PG, depending on ur WD also)

To the next map:
Enter the next map thru the hole at the top left hand hand of the map, careful of the trap on the floor while walking there...

7th castle hallway
finally you get to see those head ninjas! they are lvl 100 with attacks up to 2.5k so be careful! my lvl 18X BS pt mate died from his attack cos i believe he nvr on mg and didnt expect the damage dealt to be so high...

There are two ways to reach the next map, the 1st is from yet another hole, this time in the window.

the 2nd way is by simply entering the hole you are at when u 1st enter this hall.

8th castle hallway When you go thru the hole in the window...

When you enter thru the hole on the top of the map...

basically both leads you to the same place.

To reach the next map, go thru the hole in the wall:

9th castle hallway and you will end up in the final map before the jump quest, this is also where the samurai knight spawns

and so i cc-ed from chl 6 to chl 20, went back to cc1... then finally at cc3...

To get to the jump quest, go to the portal on the EXTREME top right of the map - the portal may be blocked if u put ur quest alarm or watever not there.

basically its top the RIGHT of where my char is standing in the pic below, where the two eyes are looking at you

Jump quest!
You have to complete this jump quest to reach a series of 3 portals, where u have to pick to correct portal to go up (like those orbis pq thing) and then eventually you will reach the map with the lvl 180 emperor and toad/frog boss, who deals 13k magic and 17k touch damage or smthing like that... i've not gotta past the jump quest nor do i intend to go fight the boss so yeah...

here's the beginning of the jump quest:

and at the middle... and the furthest i got to before giving up:

you have to redo the jump quest each time u want go fight the boss... so... enjoy ><

The merchant
in most maps, there is a hole in the wall in a location similar to how to get from the 2nd hallway to the 3rd hallway that will bring you to the merchant aka pot shop. upon exiting the pot shop, you will end up in the 2nd hallway, at the hole in the wall place, just press up to get to the 3rd hallway. some maps the merchant is access from other holes/places though, but like i said, i've not mapped out all the links between maps >< this place is really ONE BIG MAZE!

The Samurai Boss Fight!
1st let me say that my char is very noob, and with all that vista dc bugs i have as good as zero bossing experience... prior to this the hardest boss i soloed... was papulatus >< (and i died once there... wow ><)
there's the boss...

battle engaged!

cornered the samurai...

a 155 dk came halfway thru the battle but i didnt want pt him... >< wanted to solo and see how long i'd take and how many pots i'd use... he very nicely cc-ed and didnt even hit my boss once thkfully. in this pic u can see teh boss using his sword slash attack, which hits me from 2.4k to 2.6k damage.

shortly aft he cc-ed... i died >< not sure if its cos my pet didnt pot n i didnt notice in time, or cos i set my pet to use the hp pot at 55% of my hp which is only 8.75k hp - lesser than the boss max lighting damage of 9.2k and i didnt notice my hp fall below 9.2k...
did take any SS of my ghost hanging there lah... hurriedly revived (ouch, 10% gone!) and rushed back to the boss fight map

i guess no one came and whack the boss in my absence...
and i pressed n held my brandish button... >< (and occasionally move a bit cos reach XXX no. of hits and the game wont let me continue hitting)

abt... i dunnoe, 25-30% left?


changed standing position... still cant avoid his sword slash damage tho...

last bit of hp left!

Bossed downed, and dropped me... erm wat? an etc drop (the samurai knight armour piece for the quest, see above) and 4.8k mesos... WOW ><

before: 1720 honsters, 1241 supreme pizzas
started battle at 2:02pm
after: 1261 honsters, 1126 supreme pizzas
ended battle at 2:38pm

total time taken: 36mins (including time taken to walk back from town)

total pot usage: 459 honsters, 115 supreme pizzas.

drops: 1 samurai knight armour piece, and 4.8k mesos. nothing else ><
cost: 2.869m in honsters n supreme pizzas.
wasted a net of 7% exp... ><

the boss has only 2 attacks a lighting attack in which he will raise his sword into the sky and summon an AoE lighting attack which hits me for 8.6k to 9.2k damage, and a sword slash that hits an area in front of him (range similar to SM's soul blade) for 2.4-2.6k damage. touch damage ard 8k+ (with pg)

and that marks the end of my adventure today and yesterday in kaede castle!