Sunday, September 18, 2011

The end is near...?

Trained a whopping 40.5% at LKC today... full pt with HS... for like.... 11-12 hours with loads of slow/slacking periods in between... and oh yes.... i bought the 1 day 1.2x exp card...

gonna train again tmr, and i'll buy the card again (unless there's stuff like epic lag or smthing). Now at 52%... quite amazing that i DID manage to reach my target. At like 5 or 6pm i was still at 35% or so... and i was thinking i wouldnt be able to hit my target already.... still, managed to make it before the network maintenance. hope there'll be less lag tmr... while its trainable on my hero, there were still some times when the screen froze for extended periods of times... the most dangerous one was when i 'woke up' from to lag to my my hp at a mere 3k... that's like 90% of my hp gone... if it was other mobs, or in boss, i'd probably tomb already. thankfully the blood reindeer do like... 8XX to 9XX touch damage to me only, and thankfully i didnt tomb. i'd soooo totally kill myself if i tomb... i'll probably make me stop training there and than... kept my charms for czak last night and didnt take them out.... till the near death incident that is. 10% is like... 5+ hours of training gosh!

wonder if i can repeat the 40% exp gained thing tmr... than i'll hit a whopping 90% exp..!

since now i'm focusing on training my hero, i dont really have time for trickster. still logged in to do the daily tm quest for like 17% TM exp... and drilled a bit... wanna get to TM lvl 95 asap so i can get dark lance! 160% TM exp to go...! wonder when i'll get that done tho... since i want to get hero to 200 asap... get the training over and done with ya know... after that i'll probably play trickster more than maple... till professions are out perhaps? trickster really has so much more to offer in terms of content to me... so many quests... plus i'm still a nub at lvl 118... haven even reached the 3rd job yet... i promised myself i'll get some MyShop eq for my dragon when it hits 170... or watever the lvl requirement of the highest lvled eq in MyShop is... that'll take me a long time lol... there's those advanced pets stuff and... i think those pets can use skills and attack mobs with you or smthing? the bad thing abt trickster is that there's too much content, and not enough info available in the wikis... or shd i say... the info in the wikis isnt complete....

okays... imma tired... gonna sleep liao, nite nite!

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