Sunday, September 25, 2011

Maple - Crashed!

Found on their facebook page

Dear Maplers, We have been informed of the service disruption to both our official website and SG Gateway. Relevant department are working on resuming both services as soon as possible. We would like to apologize for the unexpected downtime and hope to seek your kind understanding on this matter. Thank you.
Indeed... even the maple forums are down since this morning. I didnt train yest either, heard there were loads of server crashes. There was once when all the sg gateway crashed except for aquila... that didnt last long tho, aquila crashed later on... basically maple is getting unplayable. So much so for me wanting to hit lvl 200 during my sch hols lol... now i'm still quite far away from 199 -.-'''

Nevermind... been having some fun in trickster... shamelessly spent some cash (paid thru paypal) and got myself a 90 day adventurer cape... which i comped with HP... something desperately needed by a 1441 dragon... now i have a neat 7.7k hp XD

Currently at lvl 126/104... wanna hit 3rd job before 5th Oct so i can get the rewards...! 14/16 more lvls to go! gotta prepare all the job change items too... cant wait to hit lvl 170... promised myself the myshop eq set so yeah... motivation for me to reach that lvl i guess! cant wait to max out my dark barrier too, that would help tons with my survivability... ah and i guess i'll be going for gravity crash right after dark barrier... its really a pain to have to kill the mobs slowly one by one... since i'm not into pvp, i think gravity crash would work great to help me take care of those pesky mobs. heck, now i'm even wishing that i had skills like mana ring, or mana storm. gotta lvl more... drill and drill... loads of drilling to do for the quests...!

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