Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SSes and more

Oh yay... found this free application called Qumana that lets me blog from my mac... w/o having to use the troublesome blogger interface (with a photo uploader that... nvr works on firefox - my defualt and preferred browser). bad thing that i've noticed so far is that... when it allows me to insert tags, i can't see all the labels that i've already created on blogger :(

ok... wat's there to say... didn’t train much on hero... on mon only trained like 5% at LHC. went zak after that since there was, most amazingly no lag. luckily there was no hacker too... law managed to get his ACB (since he got the SOK from the event last time). i wanted ACB too but too bad it didn’t drop on the 2nd round. my pet managed to loot me a magic mastery tho... at 1st i wanted to throw it out cos i thought i had it on my evan already... thankfully i didn’t, cos what i had was flame wheel and not magic mastery! i'm kinda lazy to do the zak jq and got zak... so maybe i'll SOK that over next time too >< but 1st, i need to get my evan to 4th job f3

So on Mon night after the short LHC training i went bossing on my hero... scar/targa/krex/sg boss x2... for fun and for potions. Think the damage increase from the 2nd MoN i'm wearing helps A LOT. Didn’t exactly time, but i think the scar and targa run went much much faster. Actually i got the pendant expansion slot cos i got czak batch, but so far miss 3 weeks in a row already. 1st week internet tio cut halfway, 2nd week my dad bday, last week cmi cos of lag. Hope this week's run will go w/o a hitch... i do want my czak helm you know... ><

lvled my evan when hunting for paint yest... went from 114 to 116... just 4 more lvls to 4th job! was so blur lah... trained for over 1.5 hours than realised my int cape is still with my hero! train for 1 hour already than realised i didn’t use my SP... 9% increase in damage from dragon fury is A LOT of diff zzzz from like 50% 1hko to about 95% 1hko... guess it's been too long since i last leveled... i DID level like 2 or 3 weeks ago on my hero, but i only had to allocate AP (actually, i washed 3 points of ap too, with the free ap resets). My hero got too many SP sitting ard with nothing to do already...

missed the lvl up moment when i hit 116 :(

A curious thing happened yesterday... opps... i just happily uploaded the SS w/o editing... i hope he don't mind me posting his ign haha. i just lvled my evan when this guy who was passing by the map happened to see and grats me... after that he asked... well you can read the convo from the SS right? haha
its been so long since anyone last linked my hero to my forum username... no one ever asked for my evan or any other chars before IIRC. In fact, I only clearly remember being asked once on my hero, when i was lvl 14x or smthing and still training at duku. now that's a long long time ago... feels so nice to be recognised although the fact that i got stalkers is a bit scary haha. I mean, he even knew my hero just lvled o.o... Plus the only time I post my ign on forums is when I post an SS, and it's been a while since I last did that... Maybe he reads my blog too... If u're reading this, thks n u jy with ur hero too.

[ok... its not very convient to post pictures using Qumana... oh well, it still is a free program afterall... haiz... guess i'll stick to using blogger on chrome]

ah... lecture is over... guess i'll head home 1st and cont. the post later... gonna upload a bunch of SSes too :P been slacking off on the SS updates on my blog... its been so boring with just text and more text hehe... haven upload any SS to my FB in ages too.

Haven played trickster much, been on a bit in the afternoon to do some quests here and there... i think my dragon is now lvl 121 and TM lvl 99 or 100... smthing like that... still some way to go from 3rd job adv... oh well... one step at a time... ok... i'll go dig out some random maple SSes to post... i took a bit of SSes on trickster too, but i guess i'll put those on another post some other day.

Random SSes of me whacking in LHC with my BLs

 After the training we went for 2 rounds of zak...

 how to make ur robo animation stay forever - get stunned when you are using the robo skill!

 i love the animation of that mech skill, very elaborate and pretty.

Mech laser blast! 

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