Monday, September 26, 2011

Rep Points n Power

Went on maple for the sole purpose of the paint event and ani raid... finished hunting paint for the rest of the event on hero and sm... already done so on evan and UA so no more hunting till the event ends! still have not made up my mine on which char(s) to next... already got one for my UA and that's all...

Anyway... AS forums enabled the rep points and rep power options... here's how they work. Rep points is something like fame in maple... just an indication of how popular you are... You are up someone's rep by clicking on the weighing scale on the bottom left hand side of their post and selecting the 'I approve' option. You can only give out reps 3 times a day, and you have to give some no. of ppl rep before going back to give rep to the same person. Still no idea how much that number is.

Rep Power comes into play when you increase the rep of other's. How much their rep increases by depends on your rep power. If you have 4 rep power, their rep will increase by 4 correspondingly.

vBulletin lets the admin set how rep power is counted etc... previously i had 30 rep, but than they changed the rules and now i have only 7 rep... here's how rep power and rep points work. Info posted by mod Enstryne in this thread:

Rep Power:
Default New Member Rep Power = 1
Default New Member Rep Points = 50
Every 365 Days (After Joined Date) = +1 Rep Power
Every 1000 Rep Points = +1 Rep Power
Every 10000 Posts = +1 Rep Power

Rep Points and the green blocks
Disabled = Black Rep Block
~0 = Grey Rep Block
1~99 = 1 Rep Block
100~199 = 2 Rep Block

And so on until 1500~ = 11 Rep Block (God Mode)

Mods can change their rep and the rep of others at will so... yeah...

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