Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New AS Forum Look

The AS forum mods went tinkering with the forum features.. and we got some changes to the forums which made the lounge abuzz with activity for quite a while...

New features/look and bugs?:
- The avatar and username etc are all one the left of the post in a neat column rather than on top of the post... basically it now follows the standard look on most forums.
- User titles are now available/back. The mods had some trouble deciding which rank 24k posts or more users should belong to though.. more on that later.
- Custom user titles got removed for some users... (like me T.T) but it stays for some other ppl. Can't find the option to change the custom user title in User CP... seems like it has been removed
- You can now add other forumites as friends
- You can now change the color options on your public profile
- You can now leave visitor messages on other ppl's profiles
- PM function is finally available. However you get a misery inbox space of TEN messages ONLY.
- There's this thing called social groups, which allows you to add forumites to a group you make just like in facebook. The group can be public, invite only, or moderated (i'm guessing this means ppl can request enter the group?). The only group feature that is working now is the discussion board though... there seems to be features like photo, but it says i don't have the authority to access it... so i guess its not on. Made a group for the lounge but its pretty much redundant.
- Your total posts is now displayed below your avatar.
- You can once again see the WP of other forumites. sighz... my stupid 0 out of 5. T.T
- Rep system is back, though right now it doesn’t do anything (except for letting users with 10 rep have a green box below their avatar)
- Stickied threads are now Maroon and in Italics

Well the mods were playing around with the forum features and stuff.. the Stickied threads changed from blue and FLASHING (at least its flashing when you view from firefox, its doesn’t flash when you view from chrome and safari tho), to bright red, to finally Maroon. The flashing one was really horrible... very distracting.... red was better than the flashing text, but a bit too bright. i guess the mod was reading users' comments and stuff, cos as we complained, he changed.

User titles too... for those with lower post counts it didn’t change... but for me with 24k post counts... it changed like this: Forum Wizard --> Forum Archer (stay at archer for quite a while than suddenly...) --> Forum Rogue (than in less than 5 minutes) --> Forum Spearman (stayed for just a few minutes at most too, than back to...) --> Forum Wizard.

Still hoping to be called Forum Hero or Forum Warrior. So far after he finally settled on wizard it hasn’t changed tho. Noticed the rest of the titles are still around, but for users with lesser number of posts. Saw someone with 29k posts and the same rank as me... so Forum Wizard is probably the last rank available? Unless there's a new rank at 30k posts? i don't know... not gonna hit 30k posts anytime soon so yeah...

two screen grabs of my (changing) forum title...

i'm quite sad that my custom title is GONE... it just says 'Regular Member' now... sighz... so boring...! give us back the option to change the user title pls!

heh... i guess the forums will not be migrating anymore eh...? which is good i guess... i do want to keep my 24k posts record :P

EDIT: new rank! i'm now a Forum Priest. Now where's Forum Hero? thought they were done with playing with the ranks yest but guess i was wrong
EDIT again: ok... seems like Forum Inquisitor is the highest rank... wonder how many posts you need to get that rank... 30k posts? 50k posts? o.o

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