Thursday, September 8, 2011

hackers hackers everywhere

even cwkpq is not spared...

really not gonna maple for the time being already. crashes, roll backs, and daily 'urgent' maintenances...  just saw a twitter msg pop up saying that A world maintenance got extended till 12pm. i think there was already two downtime yesterday...? like watever lah. seriously no point playing maple now. i haven played since sun and i'm not regreting anything.

wanna go try playing trickster again someday... but i always end up not having enough time to on xp lol. oh wells. nothing else to say but the hacker situation getting really hopeless.

oh yeah... HS... haven updated anything since the weekend. gotta thank saigo for dragging his bro in to help us... makes me feel so guilty each time haiz... maybe i'll go add in a few mobs before i start my research for sch work.

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