Friday, September 2, 2011


czak today was at 8, as usual.... was already late cos my dad ask me to help my sis install the stupid printer drivers on my sis's comp. like wat's soooo hard abt downloading the driver from the website and installing it??? been asking my sis to install it herself for literally YEARS and she couldnt do it right.

than my dad come in at like czak b2... see me maple and of cos scold. than cos he bought a new router in the afternoon, he just unplugged the modem. cos he dont approve of me playing any sort of games anyway. sighz.

and yes, i could have gotten helmed today....

very sadded right now. wat to do?

in other unrelated news, i made a UA late last night.... yeah... that's all... no mood to say anything else now.

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