Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chaos Patches dates out

Well i'm not 100% sure if the dates are correct, but i believe it to be 99% true...

19 October 2011: Return of the Hero
Yet more skill rebalancing. Skill changes are mostly for the legends, dual blades, and resistance though... not much changes for adventurers

9 November 2011: Technological Age & Super Fight 
Professions, and PVP...

23rd November 2011: Ice Knight 
Another PVP mode, ice knight

not gonna be writing guides on professions... that's wayyyy too much work plus there are already many nice guides out there. not too decided on which two professions my hero shd get... oh wells... let's see how the hacker and server stability issue goes 1st.

Quite happy playing trickster now, just lvled up my main and TM lvl twice to 118/91. 4 more TM lvls till i can get dark lance! Just managed to kill Don Giuvanni... been stuck at that man's tears quest for super long... still died a few times before i managed to succeed... the hell fire + wicked flames combo is really amazing... the fight would have taken WAYYYY longer w/o those skills. ok... 2 more mins till its night time and i can proceed on with the next episode 2 quest. After that i'm gonna head back to ghost blue to finish my ghost blue key quest/other quests 1st tho... 2 more ghost blue stickers to go...!

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