Monday, September 12, 2011

The end is near... for MSEA

2012 wont be the end of the world, but it will be the end of MapleSEA
Yes, i think MSEA is really gonna die soon. Heard from my fellow loungers that some hackers have posted in some forum that they wanna work together to bring down the whole MSEA. Well i'm not sure if they are serious... but the hacker situation in msea has certainly gotten from bad to worst to hopeless.

1st we have those botting (mostly) evan hackers, than there's those who hack themselves into boss maps and loot all the drops... than there are those hackers who use DC hack to dc player going into/past their map... and now, hackers are using some kind of erm... hack to fill up the fm stores of legit players so that others cannot enter their shop to buy stuff, forcing players to buy from hacker shops...

Pretty much the entire general discussion is filled with talk about hackers and hacker only. Haven played maple in more than a week, and wont be playing except for my czak runs till maple either dies, or the hackers are removed. i think the former is more likely to happen tho...

Check out how many urgent server maintenance there have been in the past two weeks... 12 in the month of sept so far... win!

will definitely not do any guide writing for maple till the situation gets better... not gonna log on at least till there isnt like a server crash a day... not sure how long i'll stay away from maple... but for now, trickster is occupying my attention just fine.

tried trickster yesterday, very fun! still lagged during certain times in the evening, but in the afternoon it was soooo much smoother. i'm thinking its thks to the new router... either way, i'm back to play trickster! esp now that i can top up cash for trickster using cherry credits IF i ever choose to. So far i've not spent a single cent on trickster. At least hacks and hackers are not abound in trickster... i did see a mega advertising trickster currency selling tho :( but definitely not like maple where you see botters spamming the same lines over and over again. Apart from that one mega i didn’t see any other galder selling advertisements though. No KS wars (there's PVP tho, but that's a totally different thing!), no vulgarities... interesting quests and storyline, LOADS of events (like there's some event going on throughout the entire year), unique drilling system, compounding, refining systems... too much to name. i really enjoy the game... guess i stopped to maple last time, and than just didn’t play back anymore. so far i've only got 1 char. well i did try out almost all the other jbos and trained each of them to like lvl 15 or smthing, but that's pretty much it.

Playing a 1441 dark dragon on trickster. Going to be a pure dark lord next time. Hybrid grants you a ton of skills, but i think i'll stick to being my dark lord. i can always continue with the sheep and light dragon-to-be i made last time if i wanna play with the other skills :P. picked dark dragon for the power, and indeed mana arrow + arrow rush is a wonderfully overpowering combination. the downsides of playing 1441 (pure MA of cos) is obvious tho. My HP sucks to the core. got a chocolate shield from event last time with 4 slots, which i comped with HP... now i'm running around with like 5k hp during training. Got a halloween hat with some hp comped in it too, but during training i'd rather wear my witch hat with some MA. i bet all my gears are super outdated now, since the last time i played was YEARS ago... just checked the forums, like the last time i was active there was in 2008... o.o there's been loads of changes now, new quests and all... which is good. 1441 build is like a glass cannon powerhouse, so you have to train using the kiting method. its not that hard since i pretty much 1hko everything.... BUT i still get killed quite often, esp when i just started playing back trickster.  i keep pressing the number keys instead of F1, F2 etc, which changes my quickslot selection and i end up dying since i can't cure myself in time. than theres the lag. once there's lag AND one or 2 mobs hitting at me, the chances of me dying becomes really really high. dying isnt a big deal tho, i don't think you lose any exp. its just irritating when you die when doing the hunter quests... you'll have to start all over. 

trained up my dragon some bit last night, gained 3 levels to hit 116 and gained 2 TM lvls to hit 89. my TM lvl is still a long way off to the 110 needed for the 3rd job change... think there's this daily quest from the star gazer than i can do to get a neat bunch of TM exp... i'm wondering what to do next tho, so many quests to do and all.

okays, enough for now, class is gonna end... till next time :P

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