Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So close yet so far...

yes... decided to call it a day even tho i'm just 2.5% from 199. everyone gng sleep liao... exp slowing to a crawl... might as well just take a break. i really hope the server stays up tmr... found a pt to train full day with, and we're even gonna invest pt bonus exp cards >< sians. stupid server check just now, else i'd certainly have lvled! end up i was stuck w/o a pt during 1.5x exp... towards the end finally managed to form a full pt, but HS makes a lot of diff yeah... plus half the time it was just a 3 man pt... zzzzzzzz

i'm expecting to be able to get something like 70-80% exp tmr if all goes well... unfortunately that means i'm putting my trickster on hold... wondering and doubting if i can gain enough TM lvls before the event ends... oh wells...

on top of that, i've got a test on monday to study for... and group presentationSSS to work on. haiz.

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