Friday, September 23, 2011

Maple Pro!

1st, there was urgent server maintenance two days in a row, back to back... than there was server crash and rb...

Apparently the server crashed this morning, 9 mins after the maintenance ended. pro... my friend valuable scrolls cos he was transferring stuff when the server crashed.

Czak just now was even worst than last week. For me i didnt really lag, but a lot of ppl were dc-ing... PLUS there were some batch members that mia zzzzzzzzz tried two times and gosh... it was just... pathetic. like there were so few ppl left at the end of our 2nd attempt... ppl died and wheel or just out right dc-ed till even bs also tio SD. that we even managed to down one arm was quite a feat in itself. i really must thank my thick hp, else i would have died no doubt...

after that sianz... deicded to go lhc train a bit... than what happened? DC! server crash? maybe 20mins pass liao, still cant log in. heck, even the forums are down... trained till 68.60% just now... sian... dunnoe will tio rb till where. worst is that i just transferred my wa glove and shield (and two ancient rings) from my UA to my hero. though just now did relog once before czak... if rb and somehow my items gone than... seriously no need to play liao... zzzzzzzz

at the rate things are going... i really dont know how i'm gonna reach 200... sianz. jp wanted to train at 4+ tmr... was hoping to hit 199 tmr de... starting from tmr they giving out some crap 1.5x exp event somemore... i think that'll make the lag, crashes and rb even worst zzzzzzzz! i was still hoping to train to 200 next week since its my holiday... zzzzzzzz! epic sianz.

forums are up, but maple still cant in... zzzzzzzzzz! pls let my items be there!

EDIT: heng, no roll back... just server crash only... server restart from 1-3am... managed to train a bit just now... hope that tmr i can lvl up!

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