Monday, September 26, 2011

WTF is up with maple???

1st they give 'compensation' for all the down time by giving 1.5x exp, than they announce a server maintenance that eats up half of the 1.5x exp. gg lah. really crap...! i went on9, found that my bl was training with his friends and got last slot left so i joined them... we all got ready to chiong... i bought a 1.2x card and serveral of them bought 1.2x cards and even the pt exp bonus cards... train for like 1 hour than the notice pop up say got 3 hours of urgent server check. PRO. i was still thinking its 'safer' cos its weekday + they purposely give 1.5x exp slot... -.-'''

seriously if i wasnt that close to my goal, i wouldnt bother playing maple at all... managed to train till like 84% just now... so close yet so far zzzzzzzzz! if i can get a FULL day of lag free, crash free, maintenance free training, i'll be able to gain like 40-50% already....! sianz. back to trickster. everytime i maple, i regret doing so later on zzzzzzzzzz. but wat to do? i want my lvl 200 and be done with it.. the rest of the chars can rot as they are forever and ever...

anyway... made a mistake earlier on trickster... 3rd job is at lvl 130/120, not 140/120 as i wrote previously... f3. that means my main lvl is almost done liao... gng to hit lvl 129 already... so gotta rush hunter quests that give TM exp... wanna get my job change fast, gotta do it before 5th oct too to get the event rewards!

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