Thursday, September 29, 2011

All i need is...

Hero only managed to train till 46% on tues... yesterday break from maple... went trickster yesterday... did the nora big hunter quest like a total of 85 times, also did some drilling to complete some quests that give TM exp... managed to lvl from like TM lvl 107 all the way to 120! Now i've gotten the lvl to job change, need to get the ITEMS for job changed. drilled a while for scared water late last night than got sick of it... ended up buying scared water at 80k, alexandrite at 300k, and ticket of the valiant at 150k... sold 10 nora key cards at 100k each during the night which more than made up for the purchases :P couldnt find any adamantite for sale last night, hope i can get one tonight!

back to rushing hero today with the 1.5x coupons just out in cs... 55% now... hope i cant make it tonight!

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