Saturday, September 17, 2011

Welcome to the World of Lag

Epic lag in maple today.... czak was a big failure... use pot? lag. use skill? lag. Haven even scratch czak arms and ppl were tombing because of the lag... gave up shortly after we started.

I only learnt afterwards that there was 1.5x drop/exp... no wonder the lag was sooooo bad... but still, the lag didnt go away after the 1.5x event at 10pm so... yeah server fail.

Went training at LKC instead since czak cmi... gained a total of 10% in ard... 4 hours? not too bad, but than again there's like 1 hour of 1.5x... and of cos that's with a full pt plus HS. gonna try and rush hero to lvl 200 asap... jp promise i'll have his 20 megas if i make it (before they expire) on the 4th of Oct lol... i think that'll be a bit hard but... still gonna try and train the whole day tmr... might buy a 1.2x exp coupon and try to gain 40% exp tmr... not sure if i can do it or not but yeah.... gonna try.

Saw a noob bandwagon pala showing off his pathetic char handling skills with a video on youtube... so as i was hunting blue paint for the 'Picture of a Popular Monster' event quest, i struck upon the idea of making a video in mockery of those pathetic bandwagers. While i personally feel that there is nothing wrong with creating a UA pala... most of the ppl creating UA pala simply made it cos they heard it's powerful... they dont know shit about the job or their skills, then they go around PRETENDING they are a pro. -.-''' i'd vomit blood if ppl go mass bandwagoning UA heros too.

Was training my mech the other day and i really really craved training my hero... guess 1st impressions of the game stays... still prefer a warrior char somehow... demon slayer's coming in the future... but somehow i think mine will still end up stuck ard lvl 100 or 110... not sure if my plan to switch to pala after my hero 'ends' his story will work - they are still many fundamental difference between hero and pala, but hopefully it'll suit me better than my mech. i'll definitely miss my monster magnet for sure.

mech is fun alright, but i really dislike having to summon all that stuff... buffs i'm ok with it... but having to constantly summon the mosquito buzzer, the door, or the robot to make mob moves faster is really really tiring... really puts me off training the char... (or i dont use them at all when training... which happens most of the time simply cos i forget...)

ok, enough crap, here's the video.. its just random snippets of me hunting for blue paint. and since i'm just randomly hunting for some quest items, my char handling is as sloppy as sloppiness can be, and i'm sliding abt + lagging anyway. YES. its freaking LAGGING in the middle of the night. Hurrah for maple! i totally didnt know wat i was doing at LKC earlier on... the mobs that i rushed would bounce right back and stuff. Hurrah for lag!

truth to be told... i just haphazardly put the video together... still haven watched it in its entirety lol...

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