Monday, July 18, 2011

Breaking News! MapleStory Thief Edition (iPhone app) is now free!

To all maplestory fans who own an iPhone:
Go Download the MapleStory Thief Edition on the iTunes store now! Its FREE now (usual price 5 USD! which is what i paid for ><) in conjunction with the release of the new MapleStory Cygnus Knights Edition, which is on offer at 99 cents USD.

I got the thief edition one quite some time back and finished the game as a hermit (and played halfway through as a bandit...). Its not exactly worth 5 dollars... but i was really craving for maplestory than and bought it nonetheless. Its free now so you should go get it right away... its FREE so there's really nothing to lose... except for the time spend playing the game i guess.

You can play as either a sin/hermit or dit/chief dit. The max lvl is 99 so there's no 4th job... storyline is not bad. could have been a bit longer, especially considering that it's usual price is 5USD... but the mob variety is actually not too bad. There's vic, there's a bit of orbis, there's a bit of el nath. Wat irked me the most during gameplay was 1) no auto save. 2) only FOUR miserable quick slots. No auto save... sucks to the max, you gotta keep remembering to save up manually, or else if you die, or accidentally quit the game etc... good luck XD! (you can revive in town if you die, but u lose some gold and exp... i normally try to get round that by saving often and starting the game from the previous save point instead... unless i forget to save up... which actually happened quite often ><)

Having only 4 quite slots is probably the most epic failure of the game. 1 slot for hp pots, 1 slot for mp pots, and you're left with 2 for skills only. There isnt a super huge variety of skills to pick from in the game, but still you end up being unable to use the less high damaging but still good skills... simply because you have no space.

Still, the game was quite satisfying for me, considering i love maple so much. You can hunt eq from mobs, or collect jewels to get the npc to make the eqs for you. You can buy scrolls from npcs to scroll your eqs... not too bad at all really.

I've purchased the cygnus knight edition already. not tried it out yet... hope they did not repeat the mistakes from last time ><

ok, that's all for now, cya!

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