Thursday, July 28, 2011

Are you alive MSEA?

I bet that's wat everyone is wondering eh? the SG server was down for like 30++ hours, i think it came up for a while, than it went down again... the latest info i know is this from FB/twitter...

Dear Maplers, Please be informed that SG Gateway has resumed its service at 2250hrs (GMT +8), 28th July 2011. - Maple Administrator

Now their game site is down lol. Forums was down for quite long today too...

They promised a bunch of goodies for the super duper extended server check...
1.2x EXP, 2x Drop, and 32x Lag Event coming up:

1. 2X EXP and 2X Drop Rate Events For SG Gateway (29th July 2011 to 7th August 2011)

Weekdays 2000hrs to 2200hrs (GMT +8)
Weekends 1500hrs to 1700hrs (GMT +8)
Free CS items:
1. The first character in the same Maple account in SG gateway that access the Cash Shop will be able to redeem the Hair Style Coupon (REG), Hair Color Coupon (REG), AP Reset Scroll , and Safety Charm (5).
2. You will be prompted a pop out in the Cash Shop to receive the item.
3. If you do not wish to use the character to receive the free cash item, you may choose to reject to receive it and use another character within the same account to access Cash Shop to redeem it again.
4. Character who have already received the Hair Style Coupon (REG) and Hair Color Coupon (REG) prior to the second downtime on 28th July 2011 will not be receiving it again. They will only receive AP Reset Scroll and Safety Charm (5).
5. Character will not be able to redeem the above cash items after 1000hrs (+8 GMT) 1st August 2011.

well that's the gist of the compensation they are giving anyways...  not sure if they've changed it again (originally they were giving the two hair coupons only, and the exp/drop event didn’t last so long). copied the stuff from wat i posted in FB earlier, since the website is down now...

edit: the gifts shd be for the sg gateway only, cos only the sg gateway had such a wonderful long downtime. website still not working + i didn’t log in the whole week so... ><

i'd prefer cash items to the extra lag event honestly. either way, i really hope the servers are getting upgraded as they claimed to be. AND i hope that something would be done to prevent the hacker from coming back but i guess that's just a far fetched dream. oh wells... haven mapled since i got the chairs... probably will go try logging in for the hair coupons and other stuff tmr. wonder where to use the free hair coupons and wonder wat hair my hero will end up with o.o... since i'm using the evan perm CS set, you CAN see my hair quite clearly so i hope watever i end up with isnt disgusting... gotta see if there's any info on hair styles anywhere in the forums.

dang... its been a while since i did work on HS... and still don't feel like doing anything now.... sighz.

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