Friday, July 15, 2011

Attendance Taking Event Round 3

Reminder to all: Attendance Taking event (yes, its just a repeat of the earlier one) starts TODAY. yes NOW. gogo get your cakes NOW. at the end of 10 days you 'll get to pick either the crystal chair or the bday cake chair. speak to maple admin than grendal the really old  in ellinia everyday for 10 days to get the final chair.

lazy to upload my own SSes so bleh. mech needs 3 more lvls to hit 70... wonder if i can do it later... or maybe i'll head off to bed 1st. gonna try and get mech to 4th job asap. which would make it my second char to hit 4th job if the plan succeeds. yes... 2nd char only. how pathetic. (i wouldnt count my 120 SM, since KoCs dont have a 4th job) even flame's evan has hit 4th job long ago while mine is still stuck at lvl 114. and now i've stocked up soooo many dews for my evan to use... like almost 2k dews. abt 1k of each type -.-''' at the rate i'm going i'm nvr gonna finish it.

same goes for HS... i haven done any properly updating in days... ever since before saigo went on holiday. back packing in japan like OMG! can u like pack me in ur suit case with u lol. speaking of which... none of the other hs-sea mods are alive. chaos is here in gms so saigo's gonna focus on the gms database after this... sighz. which means i'm on my own now... which is fine considering that apart from some skill changes i really cant say that i've helped much. only thing was that i didnt disappear like the rest did. simply missing in action. okays. i made myself a promise to finish up the boss WA/MA and WD/MD changes before saigo's back from his backpacking. trouble is, i forgot when he'll be back... so i guess i'd better get creaking REAL soon ><

okays... shall attempt to get my 3 lvls so that i can play with the 3rd job skills.

oh yes... before i go... another reminder: there's the gaga hot time event thingy this sat. the boxes will be given out at 2pm sharp (you mustnt be in cash shop/mts or on any form of transportation). log in earlier to prevent cases of not being able to log in and... pray that you wont dc :P

k... off to train my mech!

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