Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Rawr... rushed ludi pq with flame for the cracked glasses the yest and the day before... but it boomed with pot scroll... both of out glasses boomed -.- wasted the time and effort haiz.

mech is coming out tmr... i'll probably make a mech tmr, late a night where there's hopefully fewer ppl around. or i might wait a few days before i make one... idk. hope there'll be a free slot given... else i'll have to... buy a char expansion slot? >< i want my mech with my hero for ease of sharing items... in future there's things like the bm legend and warrior resistance chars too... my hero acct is already reaching the max 15 chars... i guess those will really have to go with my NW or smthing... and i want a pala UA with SM... rawr... the max of 15 chars in 1 acct is NOT ENOUGH! i think i'm up to like... 11 chars in there already? RRAWRRRR which reminds me... i shd still go out tmr... needa get a bit of acash to buy the char expansion slot. i'll have to find stuff to xfer to another acct so that i can delete and remake a char or smthing... i already dumped all my skill books to another acct but my use inv is still full or scrolls! >< wanna make a flairgrave, pot scroll it, hammer 2x with the free gift i got in all the wrong accts, and than dump in 60%s... oh and i got 2 free cubes too... problem is the lack of dragon carabella in the market. yest did an owl search (the free items once again) and found none. later on a shop sprang up (thks flame for letting me know) selling at 200m... kinda steep... mts i saw one for 14.5k tho, tempted to get that >< oh wells. i'll restrain myself for a while longer and see how it goes. want a flairgrave mainly cos it is tradable. since my hero is reaching the end soon and i hope to train a pala next time... making another reverse for my hero seems... not very wise (plus, i dont have enough tp). sighz... why the freak are dragon spirits/scales such a rare drop item... u need 20 each to make the sword too at that!!!

okays... that's all for now... gonna... cont training my evan. in desperate need to get rid of all the dews my hero got from bossing lol. wat a nice way to motivate myself to train my evan. lol.

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