Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hot Time event!

wasnt in the mood to maple today, esp cos its the weekend and things were lagging ever so badly as always. still, i had to go online for the attendance taking and hot time event.

didnt get anything special from the hot time event as usual... just the sp and ap reset. thankfully, i took a closer look at the sp reset and noticed the orange 'inter-account transactions available' words. COOL! now i can reset out the 8 sp i put into double stab and dump them into nimble body instead on my dual blade.... which was what i did.

had a fun time reading fanfics today... wonder what i'm gonna do tmr tho... since i have no mood to play on weekends now that the lag is ridiculous... nothing more to say for now... oh, did i mention that my mech finally hit 3rd job? had fun fooling ard with their 3rd job skills... ok, that's a short update from me for now. till next time.

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