Friday, July 22, 2011

Mechie Mech!

So i decided to try and get the black belt on my mech. Have a wa7 (or smthing like that) witch belt in my evan, but i've not decided if it shd go to mech or my future UA pala. (and i dont even know if i'll be as enthusiatic in training the pala as compared to my mech!)... so decided to get the black belt in the mean time.... + the str is useful since i have like no str eq (basically i didnt prepare any eq for my mech) and i'm aiming for lvl 100 armours and the reverse gun. Rushed 3k points last night (1.5k points a day limit), and now left with 700 points to go after the clock strikes 12midnight later.... took me really really long to get those 3k points, esp after midnight and i was getting really sick and bored of the whole thing already... ><

base str 50 mech... quite high, but i dont care... pretty much pulled the stopper on funding my chars already... so i dont think my mech will have any decent eq ever. already have enough str to wear lvl 100 eqs, the only problem is that i DONT HAVE lvl 100 eqs that i want to wear anyway. now i'm happy with my spd bathrobe and shoe... thinking of using item maker to get those lvl 100 eq done and put in some spd and jump... gotta take a look at my total spd and jump etc though... now thks to the lvl 100 robot legs that add 8spd/jump, i've already hit 140% spd (darn the limit, i've more than that!) and 110% jump. heh, ever since i bought and wore the 11spd jump shoe on my crus for the 1st time, i'm obsessed with obtaining max spd and jump. managed to do it on my hero already, so now its my mech's turn. i'll probably have to do the quest spec tho haiz... that 10jump is god darn useful! and a MoN would help too, but my guild has everyone gone MIA now so guild runs MoN seems kinda impossible now. darn, the 5 spd and 5 jump! *drools* either way gonna wait till i hit 4th job todo the item maker quests and settle my eqs...

oh yeah, gotta thk loli for helping to scar/targ helm my wh, tho its still stuck at 77 only... and psy for helping my mech scar helm... 20 str helm! XD grrrr... evan damage si buay high... he took like 70% or less than the time my hero to to down scar! yeah, he's rich and scar's fire weak but still...! you cant deny the fact that hero definitely got the short end of the stick. (else explain the re-re-balancing patch in jump?) and yes, mech is even more over powered still... if i didnt get seal/darkness, 1 siege mode ALMOST kills franken (in mltc). it really makes my doubt if my hero can even do that -.-'''.

guess i've not mentioned it yet... after spending like 40k in mts for carabellas, i finally got a 121wa flairgrave - all 60%ed... used the two free hammers i got from the event last time. 3 liner so... okay lah... guess at least my pala will have something to wear. if i even train it into a pala... i bet there'll be tons of bandwagons next time haiz. maybe i'll make the pala when all that bandwagon craze is over or smthing... maybe... but than again, maybe not. the overall damage range is lower than my reverse, but dps wise, its a wee bit faster. took like 3 mins lesser to down b1 n b2 krex or smthing. not much, but still a lil bit faster. at least the 10% darkness and 5% seal (this one from pot stats, not sure if i'll re-cube tho) will be a bit of a help to activate chance attack when whacking at TT.

speaking of TT, i nid to hunt 12 more POTs to make a reverse gun.... gonna throw in 60%s so i really hope it'll turn out well. like a decent no.s of scroll passes... 5 out of 7 pass? :P well my flair was 5/7, and both the hammered slots went in! was quite surprised it turned out so well. previously hammered 3 times, two on gloves and 1 on shield, all failed.... used the vega's scroll on the shield one too -.-''' sighz.

ok, that's all for now. haven  been training mech for a few days cos i only did mltc. tho i DID gain over 110% exp yesterday from 7 hours (including bath time, watching videos etc) of MLTC last night. till next time!

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