Friday, July 1, 2011

No mood to maple...

tried to train my BAM a bit last night, but it was SUPER LAGGY!

i'm still going to have to rush 12 lvls on my bam before mech comes out... which doesn’t leave me with much time at all but... ah wells.

gng out with my family to the asian civilisation museum later, so don't feel like gng on maple now. instead i've updated my other blog with like tons of post so far today... see my twitter feed for the links...

no mood to train hero either. training is still as slow as ever, and like someone has been cleaning out my toads (see previous post)... haven had the mood to even go scar/targa even tho my char is still parked at kumpung. probably cos sch started and there is hardly anyone on9 in guild... no one coming with me to boss and piggyback on the free helms... :( i solo mostly cos of the scroll drops. and i can get a whee bit of exp... every little bit helps after all.

here's some math for... fun laughter and joy. sure, exp is reduced by a lot, but there's no more coring and... for non-hardcore/motivated players like me, it's still gonna take eternity to lvl. i just hope i can lvl up before the free ap reset i got from some thank you mapler event a while back expires. so that i can wash 1 ap to hp... just for the sake of doing so after the big bang patch.

To lvl 198
from my last SS of my hero, i'm at...


ok... total exp needed from 197 to 198 is... 983,538,205... so i'll need 524,940,368 more exp.

so that means i'll need to kill (all soloing)...
73946 Chief Oblivion Guardian aka Chief Guardian of Oblivion before big bang
261 Scarlion/Targa boss from b1 to b3 (if i go kill the bosses every single day, 4 or them each day, that'll take 66 days, only that i don't go whack em everyday ><)
157 Krexels, b1 + b2. that means 79 days if i go twice every day.
30 Toads, b1 + b2. now u know why i was so despo to look for toads, and why the toads were all cleared out -.-'''

i could try all the NT bosses, as i wanted to the other day... but i couldn’t find enough ppl to help me bot... darn.

guess i'll have to stick with scar and krexels, with the occasional training and hunting at time temple. maybe attempt to find toad when i'm free...

too lazy to count how many i'll have to kill to reach 200. maybe next time.

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